Barry Denenberg: When Will This Cruel War Be Over? The Civil War Diary of Emma Simpson Dear America

Hor did describe the cruel circumstances extremely well I did not know how cruel the Yankee soldiers were They are not the perfect heroes we think they were They could be very cruel to southern civiliansmost of whom were womentheir husbands being off at war They burned stole and destroyed for know reason It is a good book about the war especially because the author gives her sources and facts in the back of the book Great for school researchBy Ella12 Now with regard to my rather negative general reaction to Barry Denenberg s When Will This Cruel War Be Over The Civil War Diary of Emma Simpson while I am NOT at all an expert on the US Civil War I do in fact know that it was definitely both highly illegal and also incredibly dangerous for plantation owners to in any manner attempt to educate their slaves So es the scenes in When Will This Cruel War Be Over The Civil War Diary of Emma Simpson where Emma Simpson s mother is giving weekly lessons to her so called little scholars to the family s slaves well this is simply not historically accurate and at best rather woefully unrealistic and is therefore and in my humble opinion also uite a major falsehood that really should not be fed to children for it gives or at least it might well give a mistaken and false portrait of America s past And indeed one does have to wonder why author Barry Denenberg seemingly wants in When Will This Cruel War Be Ov The Good The entire focus of the Dear America series is to give a real life portrait of everyday life in days gone by and this book does that fairly well It s also great to see that Christian faith and a love for literature are portrayed in a positive light the former of which is a bit surprising for a secular book The historical information at the back was a nice touchThe Bad The formatting of this book was terrible the constant headings were both annoying and a waste of space Some of the diary entries were rather short one merely said My watch is broken It seems that the author andor publisher were desperate to fill space which makes this one kind of a rip offContent Concerns Sex None 55 Nudity None 55 Language None 55 Violence Injuries and fatalities from war are described and referenced 45 Drugs None 55 FrighteningIntense Scenes Emotional intensity as the protagonist loses multiple family members one of whom was a Things for the Surgeon young child The main topic the Civil War is rather depressing as well 35Conclusion Dear America may be a great historical fiction series for kids but I did not enjoy this entry all that much Though it had its good points it would have been much better without all the filler I want my pages to be filled with story not wasted space Ifou re new to this series I would not suggest starting with this oneScore 25 I read the entire book in one day I happened to pick it up off a pile at the library that they were sending for recycling I thought it was excellent It was interesting getting the view of a The Carpenters young girl during the civil war And how the woman had to be alone and constantly worried on how they were going to fend for themselves and had their home taken over by soldiers struggling to get enough food etc And that thisoung girl met a man once and wrote to him the entire war and ended up marrying him That is amazing a very sad story about what happened during the war to emma so much death in her family broke my heart and made me cry The book begins in 1863 the third Los Hijos del Orden year of the Civil War Emma s only brother Cole comes home in a pine coffin All students of this war know disease killed than bullets and this is one example Cole was wounded but died from pneumonia By 1863 all know this war is not an adventure It is beginning to cause hardship in the South All the husbands and sons are fighting and wives are running the plantations and dealing with the food shortages as best they can Emma s Journal records the diseases and deaths with great sorrow She buries her niece then her own mother Sherman begins his torch path to the sea Her home is taken over for Union Headuarters This is one of those things that seem awful at first but becomes a blessing in disuise While neighboring homes are torched hers is notThe neatest part of the book is the Epilogue Emma s great great granddaughter Emma Clark Broughton lives in NYC and is a journalis. 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Vealed that no Rachel was just insane That s why she professed relatively sensible concerns about 19th century marriage insanity I honestly cannot tell if the author is a misogynist or just boring and unimaginativeI would not recommend this novel to anyone Apart from the pro slavery racism and paternalistic attitudes apart from the anti feminism and slavishly romantic main character apart from the painful boredom of a oung woman who never does anything with her life except mope around waiting for a boy she met once to ride up and rescue her the entire affair was so boring from beginning to end that even Emma seems to realize how deathly dull her life is many pages of her diary have a mere single sentence as an entry In closing I will leave To Rabbittown you with these riveting examples of the evocative writing in this diary with each entry produced in its entiretyWednesday January 13 1864 I never realized how happy I was until this war besieged our land Tuesday February 16 1864 There are many reports of smallpox in the areaTuesday February 23 1864 Mother remained in bed all day Wednesday March 23 1864 Mother is still feeling poorly Monday April 18 1864 Mother died today Tuesday May 10 1864 We received word of the death of Lieutenant Walker Tuesday May 24 1864 Cousin Rachel and I talked in my room again this evening Saturday July 9 1864 My watch is brokenSunday July 24 1864 The weather is uite warm today Saturday December 3 1864 We wait in breathless anticipation for news Sunday December 11 1864 How long O Lord how longThursday December 22 1864 I am growing thin and feeling weak I can no longer even weep Ana Mardoll As far as Dear America books go this one was pretty heartbreaking It does a descent job of showing the desolation of the South towards the end of the Civil War and the effects are lasting leading to a less than happy ending This book does show that when it comes to war of any sort there is no good side or bad side with atrocities committed on both sides Emma also shows that she is a product of her environment with her opinions on abolitionists Overall this one was pretty sobering and left me feeling a bit crushed but it was historically accurate and offered a different perspective from the typical civil war story This book was about a war who leaves her home He tries to remember things before he left to war He then starts feeling old due to how long this war has been on for showing that he was aoung soldier He even sometimes has trouble trouble remembering things form the past that hes been through I would recommend this book to middle aged kids because it talks about a persons life in war which can be hard for Commentaries and Cases on the Law of Business Organization, 2009-2010 Statutory Supplement younger kids to understand I absolutely love this series as each book featured in it takes the reader back into a different time in our country s history It s both an exciting and educational read Though I m out of the targeted age range for these books I find them to be just as engaging as I would if I was reading these as aoung reader Barry Denenberg does a brilliant job at giving the reader an inside view of the life of a Stygiophilia young girl living through the Civil WarEmma Simpson has grown up in the south in a rather comfortable life style but tragedy soon strikes her family and all but robs her life of all that she holds dear This braveoung teen holds true to her faith firm in her love and finds solace in reading Jane Eyre Emma s lost her brother to the war her father is off fighting in the war she s lost many she s known around her to war disease and poor heath including her mother Barry does an amazing job at showing the toll this war took on the lives of those who lived through it fought during it and survived it It doesn t matter if The Moth Diaries you were from the North or the South this was a war that effected everyone and Emma s story is one of bravery heartbreak and courageI highly recommend picking this book up It s a fabulous fictional read with a lot of historical references set during the Civil War I think this is a book readers of all ages will enjoy I thought it was very well written I also thought that the author sugarcoated some of the details The main character Emma lives in the southand is on the Confederate side The slaves remain faithful until the end I don t understand how slaves could believe in slavery The aut. 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When Will This Cruel War Be Over The Civil War 0 590 22862 5uite frankly this book is terrible and fails on many levels Historically it is useless because it subverts real and important history in favor of overt racism A single glaring example on page 29 of the diary the narrator describes the weekly classes that her mother gives to their slave children or as she terms her little scholars In a book set in 1864 in Virginia in the midst of the Civil War the plantation family is giving weekly lessons to their slave children to read and write This is terrible history teaching reading and writing to a slave was a dire offense in the South thanks to the Slave Codes and Anti Literacy laws most of which originated in Virginia a century before this book is set Teaching a single slave to be Hollywood Education your personal bookkeeper was a serious offense holding public lessons for allour slave children would result in the entire family being burnt out of town for being abolitionists or worse Historically any master intent on giving slaves lessons would have done so in the direst secrecy in the dead of night and only to adults little children might let slip the secret Such a master would sleep with a loaded gun by the bed conscious that the slightest slip of tongue could result in a riot in hangings in the death and destruction of everything they owned Why does the author thumb his nose at history and insert this ludicrous detail despite the incredible breach of accuracy Two reasons really First he can continue to paint the Southern plantation owners as paternalistic participants in the fair and euitable system of slavery It s horrifying to see that the slavery was good for black people because their masters took care of them argument is still alive and well here Second our author can flaunt his racism by underscoring his idea that slaves were simple minded idiots who actually needed the structures of slavery in order to survive the narrator notes with matronly frustration that the slave children simply do not want to learn to read and write and are stupid little barbaric animals uninterested in the larger world around them Lest ou think I m being uncharitable halfway through the book I started turning down the page corner every time a slave did something stupid dim witted animalistic or sub human I had to stop this practice however because I realized I was turning down every single page It s not just that the narrator is realistically racist the slave actions that the author imagines for his fictional Emma to record are caricatures of people his slaves are stupid dim animals who are too foolish to appreciate freedom literacy or the simple privilege of having a family By contrast the fictional plantation owners are sweet and gentle masters who deserve lionization although we just have to believe this when it is presented as fact for we are given no examples of praiseworthy actions to back this up He lavishes praise on them for not beating the slaves too often unless they are particularly stubborn or stupid and for not breaking up families unless necessary As much as the author cannot capture a realistic black slave in his writing he cannot capture a realistic oung woman Emma is boring and tiresome She simply does not do anything in this novel except write letters to a boy she has met only once expound on the virtues of marriage to her diary and sit by her ailing mother We re well into the Civil War with full fledged shortages and starvation The Missing Brides (Missing, you d think we might see Emma in the fields desperately trying to eke out a carrot or two from the barren fields or we might see her at the market haggling for a bit of bacon to feed to her ill mother but these interesting scenes of shortages and famine don t seem to occur to the author There is marriage to write about Emma s fictional Cousin Rachel Emma is too stupid to realize that whenou only know one Rachel Jan, Jans en de kinderen 11 you don t have to keep writing Cousin Rachel every time takes up at least a third of the book with her arguments against marriage and Emma is obsessed with pointing out that Rachel is wrong At first this seems potentially intriguing Has Rachel been jilted Wronged Has a secret andouthful lover died in an earlier battle Has her father shamelessly abandoned her mother It isn t until the epilogue that it is re. 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Barry Denenberg is the critically acclaimed author of non fiction and historical fiction His historical fiction includes titles in the Dear America My Name is America and Royal Diaries series many of which have been named NCSSCBC Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People His nonfiction books have covered a wide array of topics from Anne Frank to Elvis Presley After the publicatio