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Still The One by Ren e Alexis Over two decades have assed since Ethan has seen Sketchy Behavior pharmacist Bever. Give a woman what she wantsgive a woman what she needsand then give a woman a little something she never expected In these three so hot they'll scorch your fingers turning theages novellas the men are smokin' the women are on fire and the satisfaction Baby it's guaranteed STILL THE ONE Renée Alexis Beverly should be closing up shop not checking out the seriously foine brother on Aisle 5 But that beautiful iece of walking DNA is no stran.

Ly his older sister s best friend at one time However he has come looking for the woman who has Ger He's Ethan Jacobs who she hasn't seen in twenty years Now that he's all grown up in every way he's ready to show Beverly what she's been missing down to her very rivate core HER WILDEST FANTASY Sydney Molare At the ultra The Princess and the Three Knights private sex club Video theassword is Hedonist It's a lace where nothing is forbidden and you can get your freak on for anything the extensive menu offers For Sonata the first time at Video is erotic eye opening beyo.

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Aunted his soul and a hidden body art f Three separate stories The 2nd is my absolute favorite. Nd all her wildest fantasies and her first time will definitely not be her last PURE PLEASURE Fiona Zedde Professor Julian Tate is all about the work and little else His only company is a sultry dream siren who comes to him in sleep satisfying him as no one else can until he meets Tamarind Hannah Now this sexy Jamaican artist is about to unlock the doors to Julian's most taboo sexual desires and make his wildest dreams a straight up reality.