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The illustration is uniue and I enjoy people who think utside the box and this is a great example f being different and creative thinking A must read Stringbean Coe and his brother Fred take a trip in Fred s truck across the country and send postcards back to Ma Pa and Grandpa The story is fun and reads like looking through a pile f reproduction postcards with the message and address handwritten and scrawled n the back There are illustrated photos Troublemaker:: One Man's Crusade Against China's Cruelty of many things with captions mixed in and animals and wildlife illustrated in with facts This might be a fun book to share with students to teach them a little about US geography While most places mentioned are too vague to understand the exact locationr to map Stringbean s and Fred s travels the general direction tireless: of the journey is clear Students could imagine theirwn journey and make their Teach Them Spanish!, Grade 1 own postcards to pair with a unit about US geography Easy ReaderA boy and hislder brother take a trip to the Pacific Ocean The book is a collection Toque de Veludo of the postcards they sent back home Clever formatHomeschool uses WRITING read before taking a trip farawayr close to home let kid s pick ut postcards and write letters to send back home ART make an album containing cards and pictures taken n trip HISTORY include a fact Kaleidoscope or two learned about th. For you Enjoy yourselvesLoveVera and JenniferStringbean Coe his big brother Fred and their dog Potato are driving from Kansas to California in a pickup truck with a little house builtn the back Reading

E place visited OTHERStamp collecting Photography give kids cheapo throwaway cameras Meeting new people This book stayed with me all these years since I was in elementary school I love the letters that tell his story I appreciate the geographical and historical references in here as well Great way for teachers to model writing maybe jack kids do the same based The Four Racketeers on a place they want to see Interesting lovely heartwarming story and innovative format Stringbean Coe and his brother Fred send post cards home chronicling their journey to the sea I loved how short but detailed very post card was You could really experience there journey through the past card It s a great picture book Highly recommend reading Stringbeans Trip to the Shining Sea Annotation and Comment A wonderful way to teach postcard writing and scrapbooking as genres to students Stringbean s Trip to the Shining Sea is an intriguing book for all age levels The authentic lookf the postcards is inviting The illustrations for the postcards tie into the plot f the story and the text serves as an illustration f sorts as well This is lovely Creative concept and a fun vintage feel A story Phantoms Monsters: Mysterious Encounters of a cross country journey told through charmingly illustrated postcards Checked thisut from the library but I would like to Smithereens own a copy. He postcards they send home every day is the next best thing to having a cross country adventure all yourwn A good hearted celebration f life and experience and a gift to the public School Library Journa.

Stringbean and his lder brother Fred chronicle their trip across the country in a series Dark Diversions of postcards to their mother father and grandfather who have stayed in Jeloway Kansas They make this trip in Fred s truck with a house builtn the back Lili a un chagrin d'amour of the truck The artn the postcards is wonderfully imaginative The postcards written primarily by Stringbean with short additions by Fred describe the marvelous things about the trip staying at the same campgrounds as a circus seeing buffalo and bears seeing mountains and deserts canyons and waterfalls picking strawberries to earn extra money and triumphantly arriving at the Pacific Ocean It s a marvelous book Stringbean and his much Yamashita's Ghost: War Crimes, Macarthur's Justice, and Command Accountability older brother Fred take a memorable trip from Kansas to the Pacific Ocean We learnf all their adventures from a series Mind of the Raven: Investigations and Adventures with Wolf-Birds of postcards mailed to the folks back home I like that the brothers don t always get along Fred is bossy and Stringbean never shuts up Traveling and spending 24 hours together can create tensions and I m glad the authors didn t glossver the difficult times In the end they have an unforgettable vacation an experience they ll both remember for the rest f their lives This has to be ne f my favorite books I have read I have used this book to as a mentor text and also doing geography lessons. Dear ReaderHere are the postcards and snapshots that Stringbean Coe and his brother Fred sent home from the long trip they made ne summer in Fred's truckTheir grandfather made this album for the family and.

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