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It was hard deciding on whether to give this two or three stars First off I would like to say the three star eview would have been for the ease of eading and the storytelling most memoirs are fascinating as it is cool to know about other peoples lives The book is a uick eadHowever morally I couldn t give this too high a ating for the animal abuse and the misleading marketing First on the animal abuse I was annoyed to ead about flipping hamsters over to make them scream in terror and the constant picking up of gerbils by their tails and other oden This book offers the eader an opportunity to spend time with the last generation of parents who unselfconsciously spent their child earing years as grownups with their own pursuits These parents are surrounded with and busy with family life to be sure but their primary focus is on their own pursuits and work not on their kids schedules or activities A farm or an entrepreneurial endeavor where the work truly is never done can still create this family dynamic but it is a are pleasure to see it described so frankly And I might add a blessing to grow up in such a family A efreshing look at life before it became socially espectable even expected for moms and dads alike to organize their personal schedules their social lives and sometimes even their family budgets around their children s pursuits A humorous wise and poignant coming of age story with a twist I loved it because I actually emember the author s father and the books he wrote about caring for gerbils which I ead when I was a gerbil owning kid Your grandfather used to aise gerbils I tell Aidan We had a lot of gerbils at one timeLike a whole cageful Aidan asks doubtfullyWe had thousands I tell him as we head home Like nine thousand gerbilsWow Aidan says with a sigh But why MomBecause Robinson s father was OBSESSED with the creatures that s whyIn the early sixties Navy commander Donald Robinson ordered eight gerbils from a toy catalog These cute and fascinating odents. What kind of Navy officer sits on his ship in the middle of the Mediterranean dreaming of gerbilsThats the uestion that Holly Robinson sets out to answer in this warm and ollicking memoir of life with her father the worlds most famous gerbil czarStarting with a few pairs of gerbils housed for curiositys sake in the familys garage Donald Robinsons obsession with the pocket kangaroo developed into a

Soon became his life s passionand the est of his family was swept up into his obsessionUnlike hamsters I don t eat my babiesHe firmly believed that gerbils would be the next must have pet and entertained hopes for selling them to stores and perhaps even writing a book about them This led him to keep a detailed gerbil journalDespite his ather whimsical hobby Robinson was not a particularly likable man He was both distant and tyrannical and the whole family dreaded his homecomings The person who eally kept me interested in this book was Holly s mother Her wit and sarcastic comments about her husband s new pastime eally made the book Some men have golf mine has gerbils she uipped Donald Robinson did indeed go on to write books and articles about gerbils He became the Gerbil Czar the largest world s largest distributor of gerbils I m sorry to say that the majority of these critters were sold for scientific experiments so PETA members take note and just AVOID THIS BOOK ather than eading it and then complaining about it Robinson also seems to mellow later in life and eveals himself to be less of a dictator and of a lovable slightly dissatisfied dreamer He s an interesting guy but I d still like to ead a book about the mom It all started with a 550 order from a Sears catalog After that nothing was the same We left the gerbils and went inside to have supper and watch TV all of us oblivious to the fact that Dad with one whimsical purchase from a toy catalog had charted a new course for our family s future Donald Robinson makes this fateful purchase with the idea that he tough macho Army general is going to aise gerbils He drags his begrudging family through his wild ideas His wife is unenthusiastic and the children Holly Donald Gail and Philip are bewildered as the gerbil s keep coming on in Donald soon finds success in selling his gerbils for medical esearch and winds up with a few thousand of them within the span of a couple One could easily decide from the title that this Ifelong passion and second career Soon the Annapolis trained Navy commander was breeding gerbils and writing about them for publications anging from the ever bouncy Highlights for Children to the erudite Science News To support his burgeoning business the family eventually settled on a emote hundred acre farm with horses sheep pygmy goats peacocksand nearly nine thousand gerbilsFrom part time model.

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S a light hearted book and in some ways it is It s also filled with a great deal of humor Above all however this is a book about grief for a lost child and the eventual breaking apart of a family bonded by their shared secret dad s habit of aising gerbils and mutual love Basically it s a love story as strong and beautiful as any other which Robinson tells with great honesty and great heart I loved it This interesting story in the vein of James Harriot s style The Gerbil Farmer s Daughter is a nice story but not very memorable or outstanding It actually seemed ather short and dry for what it was 35 starsThis follows Holly Robinson as a child and teenager and into the start of college She grew up in the 60s and 70s and her unorthodox father while in the Navy decided to pursue his interest in breeding gerbils a new type of animal to be potentially used in laboratory esearch I enjoyed the book but was disappointed to discover that the gerbils were being bred for esearch purposes I hadn t ealized that initially ather than as pets Other than that I did enjoy the story the information about the gerbils etc There was also a little bit of This is absolutely NOT your ordinary memoir Holly Robinson has excellently word weaved a book with the perfect amount of humor stitched in throughout the pages I thoroughly enjoyed eading The Gerbil Farmer s Daughter A Memoir and highly ecommend this book to everyoneR JeffreysAuthor Interviewer Featured Writer and Poet This is the story of the author s childhood and becoming a young adult Her father was a career Navy Man While her parents were a little odd and eccentric it was efreshing that her childhood was happy for the most part and there was no abuse or neglect from the parents The title efers to the ather strange fact that her father aised gerbils for pet shops and lab esearch facilities and actually made some pretty good money at it He aised thousands of gerbils at one time There were moments in the book that made me laugh out lou. For her fathers bestselling pet book How to Raise and Train Pet Gerbils to full time employee in the gerbil empires complex of prefab Sears buildings Holly was an enthusiastic if often exasperated companion on her fathers uest to breed the perfect gerbil Told with heart humor and affection The Gerbil Farmers Daughter is Hollys ode to a weird and wonderful upbringing and her truly one of a kind fathe.

Holly Robinson is the author of The Gerbil Farmer's Daughter a Memoir as well as several novels including Sleeping Tigers The Wishing Hill Beach Plum Island and Haven Lake Her essays articles and columns have appeared in a variety of national publications She also works as a ghost writer and book doctor on celebrity memoirs and other nonfiction books Holly holds a BA in biology from Cla