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Boy which for some reason is completely differentFrom there the storyline seemed to ose a Soft Bots - Wind Up lot of its believability and it struggled to keep my attention I wish it had kept the sweetness off the first half but it didn t and in the end I couldn t wait to finish I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review Thank you I could not connect with either of these characters Hunter Kincaid is awfully whinny about his step dad issues Fortune is not much better but ateast she had a reason These two team up to win this scavenger hunt He has back pain from a motorcycle crash that ended his career she doesn t even know how to ride For 12 of a 50000 prize these two polar opposites are teamed together I was confused about their attraction to each other Kind of out of the blue I didn t feel any passion The sex was Boy with Thorn less than Desirable I think if this book was anyonger than its 151 pages I would of put it in my DNF pile This a reissue from 1992 Arc provided by Netgalley The premise of this book sounds so much better than it is unfortunately There s so many elements I ove ike this scavenger hunt idea blurred with motorcycles and a too good to be true heroine who just wants to help kids at her halfway house The two MCs really didn t meld if you ask me The hero was kind of morose and in contrast to the heroine I can t deny their chemistry but that s all it felt Playing With Kitty like to me not an everlastingove to be Things felt a bit forced but I did ike how them teaming up was a total random happenstance spur of the moment type thing It made their opposite personality traits stick out that much especially when they clashed ol Both are in desperate need of the winnings which was kind of funny because both sort of felt they should get it I never got them as a couple and their interactions came off uncomfortable and awkward Fairly uick read just not for me NetGalley provided me with a copy of this book for my honest reviewHunter enters a motorcycle scavenger hunt to win some money after his Club Vampyre (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, life savings is wiped out from a motorcycle accident One of Fortunes runaway kids also entered her in this contest when Hunter is chosen and his partner isn t there he has Fortune become his partner The two of them start out on a scavenger hunt to win the money and end up getting close they both have to get over their pasts to see if they have a future together I don t even know where to start so I am going to dive right in Hunter was a supposed to be a broken bad boy but he just came across as an uncaring asshole Fortune her name alone was an exaggerated cliche theittle Endangered Spaces, Enduring Places limericks she came up with were supposed to be cute and uirky they were just annoying and unnecessary The sex scenes were uncomfortable to read because of the awkwardness The flow of the book was stilted in some places and then rushed in others The end of the book had me rereading it because I thought I had read it wrong or misunderstood what happened but nope that s really how it ended This book was not a good one for me Love and a Blue Eyed Cowboy by Sandra Chastain is a fun and sexy fast paced romance that will keep you hooked on the adventures of Hunter and Fortune on their scavenger hunt till the very endHunter Kincaid is just a few weeks out of the hospital from surgery after hisast bike accident He may be in pain but that will not stop him from entering and trying to win the scavenger hunt for the grand prize of 50000 Unfortunately when he is called as one of the chosen contestants his partner is nowhere to be seen A Life of Ones Own lucky for him theittle wild woman next to him seem to be without a partner tooFortune Dagosta didn t know that she was being entered into a motorcycle bike contest Read More. Dlong into blazing rapture that shocked them both Hunter called Fortune his ucky charm a sensual angel whose touch soothed his sorrow Neither of them had ever believed in always but once they'd confessed the pain of traveling alone could they build a home together in their hear.

Riding up to the Panther motorcycle scavenger hunt on a pink bicycle with a basket and now shoes Fortune Dagosta knows that winning the 50000 is her only hope for her home for runaways and trouble teensHunter Kincaid also known as The Bounty Hunter motorcycle racing career is over After a series crash and spinal injuries he will never race again With mounting medical bills and refusing to ask his stepfather for help Hunters only hope is to win the 50000 so he can have a fresh start When neither Fortune s or Hunter s partners show up for the Panther challenge a uick decision thrust 2 strangers on a motorcycle trip across country They must earn to work as a team to reach their goals but a surprising connection and steamin hot chemistry detonates between them They are both in for the ride of their My Grandmas the Mayor livesThis was a specialove story of hurting souls connecting and finding solace in each other s strengths Fortune is truly a wonderfully giving and caring heart even though her Royal Target (The Crown Affair, life has been filled with hardships Hunter has turned his back on his privilegedife and only wants to make it on his own This is a radiant example of opposites attracting but in the end they have common ground than they realized This copy of Love and a Blue Eyed Cowboy was given to me by Random House in exchange for a honest review This book was published today February 11 2013 get your copies at or Barnes Noble today 275 stars out of 5 Rounded up because of Kate Bridgess Mounties Bundle lack of halfuarter starsNOTE this book was originally published in 1992 I took this into account while reading and reviewing itThis was a cute sweet romance novel that included a mild amount of steam Iiked the hero and his name was one of the most awesome hero names that I have ever heard I mean Hunter Kincaidis there a better name than that I don t think so I will say as a warning a reader has to suspend their disbelief in several spots but this isn t anything new to me when reading romance That being said I did Just Try Me... like the premise of the book A scavenger hunt via motorcycle Awesome idea Hunter seemed to be definitely cowboy than motorcycle man though which was a bit of a shame cause Iove a motorcycle man but the combination here actually worked in his favorA extensive review can be found on my blog I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own Review featured on wwwbooks n kissescomThis story is so adorable First et me say some of the things are dated since it was originally released in 1992 apparently There are references to talking to Minnie Pearl Barbara Mandrell etc but the names are either unknown to the modern reader Mandrell or the person has passed away Pearl so that was a ittle dated but the rest of the story is really cuteImagine the Amazing Race in the Carolinas Georgia That is what this book is about Two strangers thrown together following clues to win the race and make money But they have their own reasons for wanting the money The journey with these characters is sweet Hunter is just an all around good guy and Fortune is almost too sweet for words but something about her makes her human and not icky sweetThis is an adorable book to have for that winter day curled up on the couch in front of the fire that is what I didDisclaimerI received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis book was so so StupidIt felt as if the author that there was a magic combination to the perfect romance novel Yeah no it doesn t work that way peaches Part 1 of the combinationBad boy with dark past and career debilitating injury that causes him to be stern and cold and doesn t need anyone s Absolute Khushwant loveLet HUNTER He Was Dangerously Sexy His Eyes Full of Sinful PromisesHe was bruised broke and brash enough to think he could win the top prize in the motorcycle scavenger hunt but Hunter Kincaid hadn't counted on a smart mouthed half pint with kissableips to sign on as his partner

Just say that a The Day We Meet Again lot of his character traits didn t always mesh And his back story isame Part 2 of the combination Crazy girl wild woman grown orphan just wants to help othersShe was annoying Even her name was a forced irony I mean come on Fortune Do we need to be that obvious Her Powder Room limericks what the heck was that about Dumb that s what they were Even the sex scenes feltike a combination to a John Dollar lockA few touches to theeft A couple kisses to the right A strong thrust AhhhhhhhYea Rebooting India lame If that wasn t a disappointment you know what is Having these two whine about their daddy issues immediately after having sex Really that s the first thing you choose to talk about in afterglowOk the ending This needs to be addressed How the heck are we supposed to believe that he knows view spoiler that she is pregnant before she knows Like he can know her body better hide spoiler Love and A Blue Eyed Cowboy by Sandra Chastain was such a sweet emotional ride This is my first book from Sandra Chastain and it definitely will not be myastPanther Motorcycle Company is sponsoring a 5 day scavenger hunt At the end of the scavenger hunt the team with the most correct entries turned in on time will get a cash prize of 50000 For different reasons Hunter Kincaid and Fortune Dagosta are these not the best names need this money badly It s the day of the scavenger hunt and Hunter is standing there praying for his name to be drawn but concerned since his partner has yet to show up Fortune was entered into the hunt by a well meaning friend and had no idea she needed a partner and knows nothing of motorcycles When Hunter s name is drawn he is forced to make a snap decision so he grabs Fortune and drags her up to the podium announcing her as his partnerThrown together by chance this unlikely duo set out to win the prize money and somehow convince the other that they should get the full payout instead of splitting it Neither planned on the intense attraction that zings between them or even truly The Glittering Life of Evie McKenzie (Prohibited liking one another and finding a respect and camaraderie they haven t ever found with anyone else Don t ignore what happened wild woman It s never happened to me either and I sure as hell don t know what we re going to do about it but we aren t going to ignore it What happened Cowboy I think we may have fallen inove darling I really enjoyed the trip these two Time After Time lovely characters took with each other Hunter had so many demons that he had to fight and Fortune was the perfect person to help him with this Fortune was such a free spirit with a huge heart and giving nature Her story was inspiring all by itself but throw in Hunter growing under Fortune s influence and it was truly beautiful I know this book seems to have gotten some mixed reviews but I highly recommend it if you areooking for a uick sweet hot romance with heart and substanceI would The Cost of the Forbidden (Irresistible Russian Tycoons like to thank NetGalleycom for theoan of this book in exchange for my honest reviewYou can find this review and others at and Love and the Blue Eyed Cowboy was one of those books that started off well but eventually tapered off I Her Unforgettable Royal Lover loved the first half it was flirty and fun Fortune was bubbly andoveable I First to Fight liked her free nature and her openness Hunter was great as well He was aittle broody and easier to anger but I Backfire (Mountain Cove liked him he had a good personality and was swoonyThe first issue struck when the romance really got going For some reason it seemed to turn Fortune into a completely different person I didn tike this new person she was silly and seemed to Catacomb lose all her smarts Hunter changed as well and seemed to take on an almost regency air I hate it when men keep calling theiradies darling It is a pet peeve I only ike it if it is a southern cow. Ortune Dagosta didn't know how shed survive a week in close uarters with Hunter but she needed the money to put a new roof on her halfway house for troubled kidsRomance on the RunShe was no Cinderella and Hunter no prince but they were stuck with each other and soon tumbling hea.

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