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Creature in endless movement using all of herself the way a friendly cat will bump and twine and nudge and purr I wanted to take her on her basis readying her as graciously as she had made herself ready with an unhurried homage to all her parts and purposes an intimate minuet involving offer and response demand and delay until the time when it would all be affirmed and taken and done with what for want of a better name must be called a flavor of importanceA painful homage to the young whose dreams are doomed Bless them all the forlorn ittle rabbits They are the displaced persons of our emotional culture They are ravenous for romance yet settle for what they call making out Their futile acne pitted men drift out of high school into a world so surfeited with unskilled Being Mortal labor there is competition for bag boy jobs in the supermarkets They yearn for security but all they can have is what they make for themselves chitteringittle flocks of them in the restaurants and stores talking of style and adornment dreaming of the terribly sincere stranger who will come along and Dying Ground lift them out of the gypsyife of the two bit tip and the unemployment cut a tall cake with them swell them up with sassy babies and guide them masterfully into the shoal water of the electrified house where everybody brushes after every meal So they all come smiling and confident and unskilled into a technician s world and in a few years they earn that it is all going to be grinding and brutal and hateful and precarious These are the slums of the heart The Florida Keys retro style 1960s mapFull size image hereAnd finally two great blogs about John D MacDonald McGee and the rumoured never written novel where McGee diesThe Birth of Travis McGee fascinatingBlack Border for McGee rumours surrounding a final book never published Michael Pritchard is the reader the audio uality was terrible on these old second hand tapes but I m really glad I istened to it While I ve read a few of these books over the years I ve never read this the first one Originally published in the mid 60 s the Travis McGee series was one of the staples of detective fiction for the next 10 or 15 years No this really isn t a 4 star book but it gets an extra one for being so popular making such a wonderful break from the prudish 50 s One of the interesting things about McGee is that he has plenty of opportunities for casual sex with beach bunnies ready to hand while he occasionally indulges he does so without much enthusiasm The Truck Book like a man who drops by McDonalds to simply satisfy his hunger The meal isn t great but it will do until he gets around to finding something better he knows it He s somewhat disappointed in himself for doing so Of course he does find meaningful relationships but things rarely work out the way he plansMcGee is no James Bondike Paladin in Have Gun Will Travel Our self professed tough guy doesn t The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook: Eat Even More Food and Lose Even More Weight like to workives in semi permanent retirement He only takes on a job when there is a good chance of a substantial return then takes 50% plus expenses or so he says It s fun watching him give in rationalize his departures from his hard hearted intentions The action is pretty well done uite believable McGee can take care of himself he s a pretty big guy but he s no superman He The Sisters lives aboard a house boat so there is aot of marine action off the Florida coast too It all seems pretty accurate to me not terribly dated Oh it s set firmly in the 60 s but he s a fairly progressive sortNot great To Heaven and Back literature but a fun filling uick read a bit than just a candy book Some of McGee s observations of people are uite interesting somewhat thought provoking I m going to try to find some of these from myocal Before Your Very Eyes library hopefully for download Cassettes are such a PITA after dealing with MP3 s If you ve been conned or robbed out of something by a shady character then Travis McGee will try to get it back for half the value of what was taken And if you re a woman hel than When We Were Animals likely bang you in the process No extra chargeCathy Kerr is a single mom whose father had hidden something valuable he brought back from serving in the military overseas before being se Junior Allen has sleazed his way into a fortune in stolen gems and the daughters of the man who they belonged to want them back Only Junior is a woman beating rapist and haseft a trail of battered women in his wake Can Travis McGee get the gems back and take his cutThis is the first John D MacDonald book I ve read and probably won t be the Jumpstart the World last MacDonald really knows how to build the suspense Junior Allen is a first degree douche bag and a good villain You can t help but read faster and faster eager to see him get what s coming to him The writing is really good and the characters of Travis and Junior are well doneWhy only three stars The women are paper characters barely distinguishable from one another outside of their physical descriptions Some of that may have to do with the time it was written I caught the fact the JFK airport was still called Idlewild pretty early on before I saw that the copyright date was 1964 Also I m not completely sold on Travis McGee Something about him rubs me the wrong way The pages full of his inner musings got aittle tediousAll gripes aside Deep Blue Good By was a gripping read I Kiss the Girls ll be tracking down the next Travis McGee book sooner orater John D MacDonald does Eight Little Piggies lists For example he s wary ofplastic credit cards payroll deductions insurance programs retirement benefits savings accounts Green Stamps time clocks newspapers mortgages sermons miracle fabrics deodorants checkists time payments political parties Visiting Mrs Nabokov and Other Excursions lendingibraries television actresses junior chambers of commerce pageants progress and manifest destiny p 14Again creating a picture of rotting materialistic excesswith a thumb in the Yellow Pages I began checking the marinas All this great ever increasing flood of bronze brass chrome Fiberglas Lapstreak teak auto pilots burgees Power Suadron hats nylon A Day Away line all this chugging winking blundering glitter of props bilge pumps and aelf importance needs dockside space p 137His main character Travis McGee is a romantic herooner in fact he who is alone one man against the world trying to stem or at Memoir of a Misfit least contain andimit its corrupting influenceHis bad guy here is on a short rein Or reign Maybe he was clever but certainly not controlled He was a swaggering sailor with money in his pockets and if he kept on being careless neither he nor the money could Looking for the Toffees last veryong Viewed in that Raising Gods Girl light hisuck was impressive p 144Travis McGee sees through the people he meets psychiatrist The Gulag Handbook like for instance this stewardess who has just unsuccessfully come on to himThe smile did not change and the eyes became slightly absent She made some small talk and then swayed down the aisle smiling offering official services Most of them find husbands and some of them are burst or burned inonely fields and some of them become compulsively forlornly promiscuous sky sailors between the men in every port victims of rapid transit each flight merely a ong arc from bed to bed p 97Now sometimes this psychiatrist offers and receives sexual therapy from the women he encounters to everyone s better health and happiness He shows discretion though reluctant to take advantage SometimesBut when the bad guy encounters the women he hooks them on sex presumably the wrong kind addictive and corrupting Some of what we today might call abusive but mostly the sexShe gave me a strange and troubled ook I don t know as it was Will in the World love I didn t want him to have meike that right there at the home place with my mother still alive then and Davie there and Christine and her two It was shameful but I couldn t seem to help myself The first time or so he forced me He would be tender and June Fourth Elegies loving but afterward Saying he was sorry But he was at meike some kind of animal and he was too rough and too often He said it had always been Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes like that with himike he couldn t help himself And after a while he changed me so that it didn t seem too rough any and I didn t care how many times he came at me or when It was all turned into a dreamand I went around feeling all soft and dreamy and stupid and not caring a damn about what anybody thought only caring that he wanted me and I wanted him He s a powerful man and all the time we were together he never did slack off pp 35 36And the bad guy againReturning to Candle Key to rape and corrupt the The Confabulist lonely woman who found him distasteful had been foolish p 144The women here are of two kindsadies or notA Der Illusionist lady is a very special happening so scented and delicate and breathless and totally immaculate She wore a filmy something that tied at the throat and parted readily Her caresses were uick andight and her body turned and glowed and glided and changed in her Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue luxurious presentation of self her mouth saying darling and her hair sweet in darkness a creature in endless movement using all of herself the way a friendly cat will pp 128 129True it was a splendid specimen good bones a true heart and a marvelous pelt It could cook and adore and it had a talent for makingove Sew it into burlap and roll it in the mud and it would still be unmistakably a Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, lady p 132But was it humanAnd on the other handThese are the playmate years and they are demonstrably fraudulent The scene is reputed to be acrawl with adorably amoral bunnies to whom sex is a pleasant social favor The new culture And they are indeed present and available in exhausting uantity but there is a curious tastelessness about them A woman who does not guard and treasure herself cannot be of very much value to anyone else They become a prettyittle convenience Ask the Past like a guest towel Only a woman of pride complexity and emotional tension is genuinely worth the act ofove p 20which by the way can be obtained in one of two ways by deception or by commitmentAll these women thoroughbred or common whole or corrupt are of one sort although one minor possibly continuing character may be native American Women grow up and age fast say mid twentiesNow how confusing is all thisThis book was published in 1964 Clues in the text place the action in 1962 So it was a time of transition not yet the 60s which began in 1967 but the sexual revolution has begun and the times they are achangin It was a pretty confusing time to come of age I was there One must conform but one must not conform One must be sexual but one must be pure The people whom Travis McGee could analyze so well Well of course he could since they were familiar types cardboard cutouts of people That s easy to see in retrospectI happened upon this book in an Audible sale It was fun and thought provoking to Riding Class (Saddle Club, listen to Several years ago some guy friends strongly recommended a Robert B Parker but I couldn t read it I may not have been able to read this one either but I couldistenOh yeah the author got me with one familiar trope It had to happen in this first book of the series but I didn t see it coming. Cash runs out and his rule is simple he'll help you find whatever was taken from you as ong as he can keep ha.

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I m a huge fan of suspense fiction absolutely oving the surprising and unexpected twists and turns I ve read and re read a Different Class lot in this genre over the years but John D MacDonald JDM had escaped me I m not sure why I had heard of the movie Cape Fear which was adapted from JDM s book The Executioners but for some reason I knew nothing of his pulp fiction series about Travis McGee One day I was having a conversation with my good friend and fellow GR member Cathy DuPont and she kept talking about this guy called Trav The way she spoke about himed me to believe that he was a very good friend of hers a Floridian neighbour and an all round wonderful guy It seemed that they d known each other for some time Cathy was clearly smitten with himSo you can imagine my surprise when much Short Stories by Roald Dahl later I discovered that Trav was not real What do you mean he doesn t exist What are you saying Cathythat he s just some character in a book I actually sent Cathy this picture when I found outAfter getting over my initial shock I had aonger conversation with Cathy about Trav I Goldilocks the Three Bears learnt that she is on her third reading of the Travis McGee series That sure is something there are 21 books in total Cathy knows each book and indeed Trav inside out The sheer enjoyment that this series gives her is obvious and herove for Trav infectious I just had to meet the man who put a smile on my friend s face Then in October 2014 this gal from Dubai met up with her friend from Florida for a few days RnR in New York city We visited a few bookstores and were fortunate to find one that had the full Travis McGee series I purchased Blue with Cathy by my side We both chuckled Such a perfectly wonderful momentAnd that perfection continued with the reading of this book The Deep Blue Good By aka Blue is the first of 21 novels in the Travis McGee series by American author John D MacDonald All McGee novel titles incorporate a colour and the novels have essentially been written as one ong story on the ife and times of Travis or Trav as he Socialist Realism likes to be called Travives on a 52 foot barge type houseboat called The Busted Flush docked at Slip F 18 Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale Florida The barge is named after the poker hand in memory of the game in which Trav won it Trav also owns a custom vintage Rolls Royce that has been converted into a pickup truck The truck is painted a horrid electric blue and Trav calls it Miss Agnes after an elementary school teacher whose hair was the same shade Trav with Busted Flush and Miss AgnesIf you asked Trav what his occupation was he d hand you a business card that reads Salvage Consultant In reality he could be described I Look Up To... Michelle Obama loosely as a private investigator with most of his business coming by word of mouth His clients are usually people who have been deprived of something important andor valuable typically by unscrupulous or illegal means and have no way to regain itawfully Trav s usual fee is half the value of the item if recovered with McGee risking expenses and those who object to such a seemingly high fee are reminded that Half is a Doctor Extraño lot better than nothing at all The pattern for the series is set in The Deep Blue Good by when a woman by the name of Cathy Kerr asks Trav for help recovering a dubiously earned fortune that her dead fathereft hidden Trav takes the case and it eads to a smarmy but persuasive owlife named Junior Allen And in his effort to Never Tell learn about Allen Trav meets Allen satest victim Lois Atkinson Allen had wormed his way into controlling Lois Feminism is for Everybody life and money and she was reduced to a nearly catatonic state by the time Trav came along In addition to being a brute and a treasure hunting rival for Trav Lois reveals that Allen is also a serial rapist Trav proceeds with his plan to recover Cathy s fortune and ensure that Junior Allen meets justiceSo will I read in the seriesYou bet The power of Trav has me under his spell drawing me in It sike music It s his voice telling you his story in a particular way I could become addicted Critics may charge that Trav represents an outdated and politically incorrect view of masculinity and they may be right But perhaps this misses the point Yes Trav is a womaniser much Deterring Democracy like James Bond or early Spenser And yes woman are miraculously restored by his testosterone soaked presence And yes this makes Trav an anachronism But so does McGee s disgust at the rapacious development of South Florida or dislike of everything from credit cards to theimited opportunities women have in ife In one classic rant Trav muses The scene is reputed to be acrawl with adorably amoral bunnies to whom sex is a pleasant social favor The new culture And they are indeed present and available in exhaustive uantity but there is a curious tastelessness about them A woman who does not guard and treasure herself cannot be of much value to anyone else They become a pretty ittle convenience Hunters Heart like a guest towel Trav is a man who refuses to change much of anything He thoughtfully but forcefully maintains his independentife a Menneskefluene (K2 life of action that makes for brisk reading and also begins to weigh on Trav I am told by the end of the seriesThanks JDM for the magnificent character Trav McGee Thanks Random House for keeping Trav alive And Cathy many thanks to you my friend for sharing Trav with meFor those interested in the books in the series they areisted here s review of Blue can be found here 910excellent start to a classic noir series I really Nazi Gold liked the main character and I hope I will manage to write a indepth review soonUpdate Other people go down to the keys and bring back shell ashtrays or mounted fish or pottery flamingos Travis McGee brings back a Lois Atkinson The souvenir fervor is the mainstay of a tourist economyCould we call this genre sunny noir As in hard boiled private dick crime investigation set inaidback Mr Majeika and the School Inspector luminous Florida A state who has its own share ofowlife and criminals providing plenty of work for Travis Who is not exactly a private dick but of a debt collector from difficult customers He takes a hefty share of the salvaged property allowing a Selected Poems leisureifestyle between jobs He boasts at one time that he prefers to Instead of retiring at sixty I m taking it in chunks as I go along I was uite envious of Trav when I read this but his chosen career has its drawbacks ike getting beaten up and shot at uite often Bad guys and money do not usually separate willinglyAnother reason to ike and envy Travis is his residence his castle where he is king and master of his domain Home is where the privacy is in this case The Busted Flush a 52 foot barge type houseboat he won in a poker game docked at Slip F 18 Bahia Mar Lauderdale Our hero is a bit of cynic at Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 least in his freuent declamations against the evils of modern society His actions though speakouder than words and following him around in his investigations I developed a different portrait of a man whose anger and bitterness are the result of actually caring too much about his fellow men actually about women but you get my drift and about his Florida homeland Carl Hiaasen writes the introduction to this novel and he is a great choice as both authors include in their books strong environmental and social militancyI m spending a ot of time on Travis before talking about plot and style because I have a feeling I m hooked on the series in for the ong run and the narrator is the most important ingredient in such cases You either relate to him or you give up after the first couple of issues With my usual penchant for making inappropriate associations I drew some parallels between Travis McGee and Walden a The Train Robbers love for the natural world a self imposed exile from the artificial society a plea for cleaneriving and peace of mind Here s a sample of his rants I do not function too well on emotional motivations I am wary of them And I am wary of a No Reason To Die lot of other things such as plastic credit cards payroll deductions insurance programs retirement benefits savings accounts Green Stamps time clocks newspapers mortgages sermons miracle fabrics deodorants checkists time payments political parties Naked Risk (Shatterproof lendingibraries television actresses junior chambers of commerce pageants progress and manifest destinyI am dreary of the whole dreary deadening structured mess we have built into such a glittering top heavy structure that there is nothing Raking The Ashes left to see but the glitter and the brute routines of maintaining itReality is in the enduring eyes the unspoken dreadful accusation in the enduring eyes of a worn young woman whoooks at you and hopes for nothingAnd with the Ellie (Ellie, last phrase I finally got around to the story here Travis is asked by his current non girlfriend a saucy dancer in a topless bar to help a young woman in trouble She can t go to the police because she has been robbed by the man she has fallen inove with a former convict who tricked her imprisoned father into revealing a secret hoard buried on the girl s property Travis complains and grumbles constantly but he decides to check the story out getting and enraged as he finds out about the culprit a certain Junior Allen The worst crimes of man against woman do not appear on the statutes A smiling man uick and handy as a cat webbed with muscle ard with money now at Dear Office-Politics liberty in an unsuspecting world greedy as a weasel in a hen houseThis guy forcefully seduces vulnerable women a serial statutory raper who gets away scot free because his victims blame themselves and fail to report him to the authorities Money suddenly become irrelevant to Travis as he is put in the position of nursemaid for the broken dollseft in the wake of Junior Allen Our errant knight extends his sympathy for Thomas Harriott lost women to thearger A Mistletoe Kiss landscape of Florida and the failure of the American Dream as he contemplates the sexual revolution of the 1960 s coupled with theack of career choices for the young and vulnerable These are the slums of the heart Bless the bunnies These are the new people and we are making no place for them We hold the dream in front of them Intimate Strangers like a carrot and finally we say sorry you can t have anyI should caution against picturing Travis as a knight in shining armor He is uite rusty and amoral both in his methods of obtaining information which don t rule out torture and intimidation and in his own predatory interest in womenThe novel is fast paced and tightly written free of bloat and well balanced with dialogue social commentary andive action The main appeal for me was in getting to know Travis and I Mr Majeika and the Lost Spell Book look forward to spending time in his company I don t know yet if the novel was filmed but I would sure be interested in a movie versionThanks to the guys in the Pulp reading group for picking this up as the February choice Third Time s a Charm Cathy s First Love StillFor anyone considering reading the Travis McGee series first book published in 1964 with a total of 21 books in the series this book should definitely be read first Itays the ground work for who McGee really is how he feels about. TRAVIS McGEEHe's a self described beach bum who won his houseboat in a card game He's also a knight errant who.

Society women and Florida in general These are important basics for reading the series since the character for me is so very important Reading the Long Blue Goodbye for me was The Hidden Jewels like seeing an old friend no I take that back an oldover and we parted ways amicability so many years ago but it s good for him to be back in my hands We both had other relationships in our absence from each other but that spark is still there as strong as ever Elvis Cole well he Chaplin ll just have to wait a bit Philip Marlowe and Vachss Burke Il be back with you shortly Have some business to finish with TravIn his first adventure Trav helps Cathy from Candle Key in the Keys of course Cathy he helps Cathy It s meant to be it s in the stars Trav Travis McGee Owner of the Busted Flush Won in a Poker Gameand Docked at Bahia Mar Slip F 18 in Fort Lauderdale FLJohn D MacDonald by the way was a great word is not strong enough writer with a wonderful sense of place in all his books He wrote mostly mysteries some frightening than others such as Cape Fear which I ve yet been able to finish First time reader good for you if not what s stopping you And you women out there I met him first You guys well hummm Face it you ove him too especially his sensitive side eh image error This book should have been called To Catch a Rapist You Have to Think Like a Rapist I d always heard good things about John D MacDonald s Travis McGee series so I decided I d start at the beginning and bought the first couple of books in the series After reading The Deep Blue Good by however I don t have much interest in reading any The main problem I had with this book is its protagonist Travis McGee is a self important asshole who overexplains his trite beach bum philosophy any chance he gets which invariably stops the narrative dead in its tracks But the worst part about him is his attitude toward the adies McGee sees himself as God s gift to women but in reality is one step away from being a date rapist McGee is the only fully realized character in this book The women are all wholly defined by their physical characteristics McGee is a harder and thorough judge of women s bodies than Lorenzo Lamas He notices every pucker and imperfection and ascribes to them character in a way that seems almost medieval Nevertheless MacDonald is clearly under the impression that McGee is a sensitive sexy and intelligent man who understands women and what they need which only makes things creepierAnyway The Deep Blue Good by is all about Travis McGee tracking down a thief and serial rapist named Junior Allen As McGee gets closer to Allen he has an unerring ability to know which young girl in a group is the most vulnerable and innocent and therefore the ripest prospect for violation by Allen The plot could have been interesting but because of McGee s attitude towards The Creatures life andove it ends up just being weird and creepyAlso anyone named Travis who prefers to be called Trav is a fucking prick This is a novel that put John D MacDonald 1916 1986 on my short So Sweet (Sugar Baby, list of favorite authors between El Leonard and Stephen King even though I can just barely recommend it Published in 1964 The Deep Blue Good by is the debut of Travis McGee Salvage Consultant in south Florida who over the course of twenty one novels titled with every color in the spectrum save for black or white recovers missing items As plots go it s as routine as any airport paperback but is wet with nautical atmosphere and in the wake of President Kennedy s assassination also stiff with a historically keen male nihilism that sets it apartMoored in Lauderdale aboard the 52 foot houseboat Busted Flush won where else but in a private poker session Travis McGee is introduced idling the afternoon away with Chookie McCall a dancer and choreographer who hasn t known Travisong enough to figure out whether he really does find things for people keeping half of its value Chookie just so happens to know someone Life Before Death looking for something and has invited her over McGee hears the woman out Cathy Kerr is a dancer whose father served in the Air Transport Command in India and Burma during the war and brought home an item of awesome value Cathy just d Absolutely wonderful What a great start to a famous series 5 StarsAfter reading the entire series this is one of my very favourite McGeesIove the early 1960 s Florida keys setting MacDonald s flowing and spare descriptive prose is wonderful almost ike the words don t exist as if MacDonald just places the images directly into your mind Very Hemingway Truly amazing As usual with my reviews please first read the publisher s blurbsummary of the book Thank you Bonus From the 1970 Darker Than Amber movie starring Rod Taylor pictures of the producers ideas of McGee s The Busted FlushFull size image hereThe relationship between Travis and Chook is wonderful honest oving respectful sexy natural The prose is open and honest and spare with good pacing A delightful way to begin this first of series Travis McGee It s clear than even in 1962 MacDonald is a proto feminist His instincts are honourable yet sexy respectful but powerful AwesomeChook reappears now and then in future McGee novels and very surprisingly in the ast ever McGree The Lonely Silver RainFull size image hereFull size image hereVintage Rolls Royce Miss Agnes pickup truck which I have made blue via PhotoshopFull size image hereLike Spielberg s shark in Jaws we feel the presence of Junior without actually seeing him This tension is intense and superb and grows throughout the first 23 of the book We know there s a battle to come and its outcome is uncertain Excellent Some extras and wonderful uotes set the character of young McGee As you can see I am an incurable romanticSeven mile BridgeFull size image hereThe drive down to Candle Key We drifted swiftly down through Perrine and Naranja and Florida City then through Key Largo Rock Harbor Tavernier and across another bridge onto Candle KeyFull size image hereManifest Destiny WOOT I do not function too well on emotional motivations I am wary of them And I am wary of a ot of other things such as plastic credit cards payroll deductions insurance programs retirement benefits savings accounts Green Stamps time clocks newspapers mortgages sermons miracle fabrics deodorants check Akenfield lists time payments political partiesending The Case of the Philosophers Ring by Dr. John H. Watson libraries television actresses junior chambers of commerce pageants progress and manifest destiny Iet her out I noticed a small and touching thing Despite all wounds and dejections her dancer s step was so firm and Connecting with Horses light and uick as to give a curious imitation of joy I guess Chook is about twenty three or four Her face is aittle older than that It has that stern Several Strangers look you see in old pictures of the Plains Indians At her best it is a forceful and striking face redolent of strength and dignity At worst it sometimes would seem to be the face of a Dartmouth boy dressed for the farcical chorusine But that body seen intimately than ever before was incomparably mercilessly female deep and glossy rounded under the tidy Lillian Toos Little Book Of Feng Shui little fattyayer of girl pneumatics with useful muscleFree Love already beginning even in the early 1960s These are the playmate years and they are demonstrably fraudulent The scene is reputed to be acrawl with adorably amoral bunnies to whom sex is a pleasant social favor The new culture And they are indeed present and available in exhausting uantity but there is a curious tastelessness about them A woman who does not guard and treasure herself cannot be of very much value to anyone else But now Cathy had created the restlessness the indignation the beginnings of that shameful need to clamber aboard my spavined white steed knock the rust off the armor tilt the crooked old The Winter Warrior lance and shout huzzahRecommendedArticle from Elle magazine 2017 How Playboy s Unsung Female Photographer Broke into the Boys Club and Took Them All for a Ride Christine stood there inside her smooth skin warm and indolent mildly speculative It is that flavor exuded by women who have fashioned an earthy and simplified sexual adjustment to their environment borne their young achieved an unthinking physical confidence They are often placidly unkempt even grubby taking no interest in the niceties of posture They have a slow relish for the physical spectrum of food sun deep sleep the needs of children the caresses of affection There is a tiny magnificence about themike the sultry dignity of she ions Mrs Atkinson She was a tall and slender woman possibly in her early thirties Her skin had the extraordinary fineness of grain and the translucence you see in small children and fashion models In her fine ong hands delicacy of wrists floating texture of dark hair and in the mobility of the Toffees night noises long narrow sensitive structuring of her face there was theook of something almost too well made too highly bred too finely drawn for all the natural crudities of human existence Her eyes were Flawed (The Butcher, large and very dark and tilted and set widely She wore dark Bermuda shorts and sandals and a crisp blue and white blouse no jewelry of any kind a sparing touch ofipstickMcGee s self description is always somewhat satirical I have one of those useful faces Tanned American Bright eyes and white teeth shining amid a broad brown reliable bony visage The proper folk hero crinkle at the corners of the eyes and the bashful appealing smile when needed I have been told that when I have been aroused in violent directions I can The Covent Garden Ladies: The inspiration behind ITV show HARLOTS lookike something from an unused corner of hell but I wouldn t know about that My mirror consistently reflects that folksy image of the young project engineer who flung the bridge across the river in spite of overwhelming odds up to and including the poisoned arrow in his heroic shoulder The worst crimes of man against woman do not appear on the statutes A smiling man uick and handy as a cat webbed with muscle ard with money now at Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins liberty in an unsuspecting world greedy as a weasel in a hen house I knew the motive The motive was murder Or else take the contemporarily untenable position that evil undiluted by any hint of childhood trauma does exist in the world exists for its own precise sake the pustular beuest from the beast as inexplicable as BelsenYouthful sexual joy and power a celebration of the physical She came into my sleep and into my bed awakening me with her mouth on mine and strangely there was no shock or surprise in it My subconscious had been aware that this would happen Aady is a very special happening so scented and delicate and breathless and totally immaculate She wore a filmy something that tied at the throat and parted readily presenting the warm Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, length of her the incredibly smooth texture of her to my awakening embrace Her breath was shuddering and she gave a hundred uick small kisses Her caresses were uick andight and her body turned and glowed and glided and changed in her uxurious presentation of self her mouth saying darling and her hair sweet in darkness 's wary of credit cards retirement benefits political parties mortgages and television He only works when his.

John D MacDonald was born in Sharon Pa and educated at the Universities of Pennsylvania Syracuse and Harvard where he took an MBA in 1939 During WW2 he rose to the rank of Colonel and while serving in the Army and in the Far East sent a short story to his wife for sale successfully He served in the Office of Strategic Services OSS in the China Burma India Theater of Operations A