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Hat keeps her from becoming irredeemable But man did I like this device She is so powerful and it s cool to see her allies try to strike a balance between fighting and protecting herThis is such a turning point for Lewis and his dynamic with Joanne He finally lays his cards on the table with his feelings whoa but at the nd of the day he shows how seriously he takes his responsibilities to humanity This might be off putting to some readers but for me it Cannibal enad meven with his character I just want to give Lewis a hug And I love David so much the way he feels about Joanne is so big and sweeping They are Mastered (The Enforcers, epic togetherThe book is action packed and once again thending is shocking and turns Man, Son of Man everything on itsar as we gear up for the last installment I can t wait to see how it all comes together It s been an amazing ride This is a nice bit of popcorn that keeps the series from falling apart Caine is still struggling to find somewhere for the story to go after the basic plotline wrapped up a few books ago and this doesn t actually drive anything forward but it does close up some Alter Ego earlier attempts to give the series direction reviving Bad Bob the latest demon mark someone has stuck Jo withtc and doesn t mess up the only real directions left to go the several potential love polygons the distinctions between the two classes of djinn tcThis is basically a non stop action book and Caine writes fun action If anything it reads like a Morganville Vampires book than a recent Weather Warden which is all to the goodIf you haven t read the arlier books it is still readable since most of the backstory doesn t have any real logic to it anywayI ll pick up the next one if there is such a thing It s such a saddening thing that I m almost done with this series I ve yet to read a book in it that I haven t loved This one was still no different 35 stars. R Joanne has lured the storm into furious pursuit But Uncommon Wisdom even their combined magic may not benough to stop it nor the power mad x Weather Warden controlling.

I think that I started reading the Weather Wardens series about 4 years ago It s taken me some time to get up to Cape Storm book 8 in the series because I tend to savor series rather than gorge upon them If you have not heard of this series it s uite uniue in the urban fantasy genre There s a group called the Weather Wardens who control the power of storms with the aid of Djinns The storms have personality power and attitude They ven hold a grudge and chase our heroine around In this installment Jo and her Art entourage of Weather Wardens and Djinn commandeer a cruise ship as a massive hurricane approaches Yup Who would think that going out to sea on a cruise ship during a hurricane would be a good idea Anyhow rather than spoiling previous books let s just say that Cape Storm was a pretty good installment in the series I was a bit surprised by Lewis s actions but then again when you deal with Djinn on a daily basis you really need to watch your wording Can t wait to read the next bookSeries recommended for urban fantasy lovers No spoilers but I 3 this series The subjective version of this review is basically I gotxactly what I signed up for and I walked away happy with thatBut after 8 books I have to take a step back and say that despite the steep trend of improvement from book to book in the first half of the series the back half is slipping in uality pretty badly I can t rate this book lower than 3 stars because I did really God Is in the Crowd enjoy it but I also can t rate it any higher without feeling like I m glossing over the sheer messiness of the plotThe problem is that the plot has gotten significantly bigger and messier in books 7 8 and while this h I love this story Joanne is a woman s hero with the spirit of thenergizer bunny I can not wait for the next book in the series I hear that it will be the last I hope that it has a arth not Check the forecast for the series that's an addictive force of nature that will suck you in News and SentinelWeather Warden Joanne Baldwin and her new husban.

Pocalyptic shattering nding that has me looking for that never The Matriarchs (The Family ending probably nonxisting rock your socks off I would die for you love that Joanne and David share This is a middle book we deal with Jo defeating Bad Bob and Notes for the Everlost end with Jo meeting the next crisis view spoilerthat she and David have lost their powers hide spoiler I love Jo Really I do But this whole thing is stating to wear a little thin for me I ve heard that there is only one left in the series and I think that might be best Because really how much can happen to one woman I m ready for Jo to get her happilyver after I ve got to give props to Rachel Caine She isn t afraid to take this series to places it s never gone With the single When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) exception of Bad Bob returning as a villain in the last bookach installment in the Weather Warden series manages to tread new ground as it takes Joanne on an No Biggy! ever changing journey at breakneck speedsThe last booknded with really bad news for our heroine She has been branded with a pseudo demon mark which has left her vulnerable to Bob s Crush It! evil influence And dealing with that takes up the brunt of this story All hell is breaking loose on the world with Bob at the center of it all The wardens have all come together to protect Miami from a monster hurricane he s cooked up And they board up on a cruise ship to lead the storm away from the population at large Of course it s a trap at least in part Bob knows how the wardens work and he uses that knowledge against them Butven worse he is slowly breaking Joanne down and turning her into his agentThough I felt like it took a little while to get into the meat of the story I absolutely loved seeing this other side of Joanne She can t help the Attracting Birds to Your Backyard effects of Bob svil influence and she is clearly villainous in some parts of the book A shred of her true self remains at least most of the time and D the Djinn David are running from a malevolent hurricane bent on destroying her Joined by an army of fellow Wardens and Djinn onboard a hijacked luxury line.

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