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940 and 1941 Wavell was considered an effective leader but is star faded after the reversals in the Mediterranean theatre in 1941 The ir. Victorious campaigns early in the Second World War attracted a blaze of public admiration and renown; but e also tasted defeat and rejection both in Africa and from 1941 as commander in chief of Allied forces in India wilting before the Japanese onslaught in Burma and Singapore In 1943 e was appointed Viceroy of India where e took on the task of guiding that country's destiny as it crossed the brink of Empire into the turmoil of independen.

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T seems to be your fate in this war to be always destined to tackle the most awkward problems and under the most difficult conditionsIn A future that was to prove an illusionAt seventeen Archibald Wavell joined the army and as a young officer saw action in the Boer War and on the North West FrontierIn the Great War e was often close to the greatest generals in the British Army; Medicine and Religion he fought in the trenches was decorated for bravery and lost an eye Between the warsis career included command of troops attempting to keep the peace in Palestine as revolt engulfed the country His.

Top class biography Thank you Adrian Fort Wavell was seen as one of the most capable British generals yet as Liddell Hart told Wavell Archibald Wavell was born a few years before ueen Victoria's Golden Jubilee and died shortly after the end of the Second World War 1883 1950 During that time the country in which The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, he was born and brought up in changed beyond recognition undergoing a fundamental revision in the attitudes expectations prejudices andopes of the British people His life epitomises that of a generation of famous men whose education and upbringing euipped them for.

Adrian Fort was educated at Oxford where he was a Clarendon Fellow He practiced as a lawyer and became involved with politics before pursuing a financial career