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P but really like it And as awful as Bernarda Alba is it was a great pleasure to play her to play such a cruel character in general Coincidentally another play featuring the fortunes of a band of desperate upper class sisters after their father dies When you re looking for widely available plays with lots of roles for women this sort of thing comes up a lotBut where Chekhov s The Three Sisters is dry comedy and disappointed romance Federico Garcia Lorca s The House of Bernarda Alba is hot repressed passion and the capital D DramaHonestly the role of the tyrannical matriarch Bernarda is a steal And then there s the horny senile grandmother Maria Josefa and the sly housekeeper Poncia The daughters are less exciting overall though snarky and hunchbacked Martirio is an exception Does the play get too dramatic at the end Perhaps but it must be a hoot to play Rating 35 stars La Casa De Bernarda Alba The House of Bernarda Alba Federico Garc a Lorca The House of Bernarda Alba is a play by the Spanish dramatist Federico Garc a Lorca Commentators have often grouped it with Blood Wedding and Yerma as a rural trilogy Lorca did not include it in his plan for a trilogy of the Spanish land which remained unfinished at the time of his murderUpon her second husband s death domineering matriarch Bernarda Alba imposes an eight year mourning period on her household in accordance with her family tradition Bernarda has five daughters aged between 20 and 39 whom she has controlled inexorably and prohibited from any form of relationship The mourning period further isolates them and tension mounts within the household After a mourning ritual at the family home eldest daughter Angustias enters having been absent while the guests were there Bernarda fumes assuming she had been listening to the men s conversation on the patio Angustias inherited a large sum of money from her father Bernarda s first husband but Bernarda s second husband has left only small sums to his four daughters Angustias wealth attracts a young attractive suitor from the village Pepe el Romano Her sisters are ealous believing that it s unfair that plain sickly Angustias should receive both the majority of the inheritance and the freedom to marry and escape their suffocating home environment Youngest sister Adela stricken with sudden spirit and Neimhaim (Neimhaim, jubilation after her father s funeral defies her mother s orders and dons a green dress instead of remaining in mourning black Her brief taste of youthfuloy suddenly shatters when she discovers that Angustias will be marrying Pepe Poncia Bernarda s maid advises Adela to bide her time Angustias will probably die delivering her first child Distressed Adela threatens to run into the streets in her green dress but her sisters manage to stop her Suddenly they see Pepe coming down the street She stays behind while her sisters rush to get a look until a maid hints that she could get a better look from her bedroom window As Poncia and Bernarda discuss the daughters inheritances upstairs Bernarda sees Angustias wearing makeup Appalled that Angustias would defy her orders to remain in a state of mourning Bernarda violently scrubs the makeup off her face The other daughters enter followed by Bernarda s elderly mother Maria Josefa who is usually locked away in her room Maria Josefa announces that she wants to get married she also warns Bernarda that she ll turn her daughters hearts to dust if they cannot be free Bernarda forces her bac. Duction in Spanish the complete work and linguistic and cultural notes in Spanish a current bibliography and study uestionsThis Focus student edition is a Spanish drama of wome.

K into her room It turns out that Adela and Pepe are having a secret affair Adela becomes increasingly volatile defying her mother and uarreling with her sisters particularly Martirio who reveals her own feelings for Pepe Adela shows the most horror when the family hears the latest gossip about how the townspeople recently tortured a young woman who had delivered and killed an illegitimate baby Tension explodes as family members confront one another and Bernarda pursues Pepe with a gun A gunshot is heard outside Martirio and Bernarda return and imply that Pepe has been killed Adela flees into another room With Adela out of earshot Martirio tells everyone else that Pepe actually fled on his pony Bernarda remarks that as a woman she can t be blamed for poor aim A shot is heard immediately she calls for Adela who has locked herself into a room When Adela doesn t respond Bernarda and Poncia force the door open Soon Poncia s shriek is heard She returns with her hands clasped around her neck and warns the family not to enter the room Adela not knowing that Pepe survived has hanged herself The closing lines of the play show Bernarda characteristically preoccupied with the family s reputation She insists that Adela has died a virgin and demands that this be made known to the whole town The text implies that Adela and Pepe had an affair Bernarda s moral code and pride keep this from registering No one is to cry 1976 1384 91 9646475701 20 1388 103 978964643419509 This is the second of Lorca s rural trilogy I have read and if anything I liked it even than Bodas de Sangre In form and theme the two are uite similar Like a Greek tragedy the plot is simplicity itself with one obvious conflict and one calamitous resolution Again Lorca s power as a dramatist comes not from subtlety or wit but from pure passion The incompatibility between traditional values and human impulses with all its tragic implications is laid bare by Lorca who shows us a culture whose religious s and gender norms oppress women and deprive them of a fulfilling life Strikingly the cast of characters is entirely female even though the conflict revolves around a male who is always offstage This allows Lorca to focus on a side of life that was often swept aside while maintaining an atmosphere of tension and constraint that makes the play so riveting I am excited for Yerma From BBC Radio 3 Drama on 3Following the death of her second husband Bernarda Alba a tyrannical matriarch rules over her house and daughters imposing an eight year period of mourning To hear Lorca s Rural Trilogy complete Yerma and the award winning Blood Wedding are broadcast in the following two weeks in Drama on 3Federico Garcia Lorca 1898 1936 is with Cervantes the best known figure in Spanish literature Written in 1936 and completed ust a few months before his execution The House of Bernarda Alba is Lorca s final tragedyI liked it but I still prefer the original play Read for college This is the second play I ve read by Lorca and I enjoyed it even than Yerma his other play I ve read La casa de Bernarda Alba offers an insight into what society in the 20th century in Spain was like especially for women We can especially see the oppression they went through imposed both by society itself and also by their mothers This is an aspect I usually appreciate in books they can be the best way of understanding and studying the past which is crucial for humans to learn how to better in the presen. N in the villages of Spain The play centers on the events of a house in Andalusia during a period of mourning in which Bernarda Alba wields total control over her five daughter.

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A tense tragedy about the devastating conseuences of authoritarian rule and sexual repression Classical in its intensity the play dramatizes an Andalusian mother s draconian attempts to control her five adult daughters following the death of her husband Bernada Alba tightens her already firm grasp on her daughters lives from forbidding them to leave the home to controlling how they communicate with each other Chaos ensues the daughters turn against Bernada as well as each other and a lurid act of violence ties up the plot 35Altogether I liked this play I wasn t entirely moved by it but I think I might prefer to see it performed live On paper several of the main female characters blended together which muddled up their motivations and personalities but I think on stage the various actors choices may lend themselves to create distinct individuals Ultimately it ust made me sad that these women all shared the same obsession over this mystery man who to be honest doesn t sound all that great This obsession ultimately led to the dissolution and demise of the family and basically NO characters get any sort of redemption However I do love a good dramatic play and this one hit all the points lies deception death mourning family and a secret love affair 45A tragedy in which the reader enters Lorca s wounded soul This was the final play Lorca wrote before he was captured and killed by fascists in 1936 at the start of the Spanish Civil War It deals with the titular character Bernarda controlling her five daughters by locking them up in her Andalusian house after her second husband has died Bernarda seems to believe that keeping the daughters away from society constitutes a period of morning As tensions start rising and the women become and oppressed a love interest Pepe el Romano appears Bernarda can oppress everything but the feelings in her daughters heartsOverall this was a uick enjoyable play to read with only 3 acts in total The characterisation is very precise and each character has a distinct approach to their situation Bernarda s relentless barbaric control over her daughters was shocking she is so bitter and twisted in her approach to them Though I liked reading about a villainous female character for a change it s not something I ve seen much of in the Civil War narratives I ve studied Bernarda also has a vile attitude towards her servant La Poncia and her mother Mar a Josefa who she treats as being insignificant Obviously the themes of oppression and family relationships were pretty much constantly presented throughout the entire play but I was also interested in the themes of death madness marginalisation and marriage These are all presented in the context of 1930s Spain Book Review 4 out of 5 stars to La casa de Bernarda Alba a play written in 1936 but published in 1945 by Federico Garc a Lorca after his death I adore this play for so many reasons Originally written in Spanish I read this as part of a course on literature as part of an English degree I read it in English and watched two versions afterwards and I will definitely say readi I have a funny relationship with this play It was this tragedy we found when searching for a play with several female main roles in our Drama course And even funnier I played the infamous and despotic Bernarda Alba So yeah After a year of practicing and learning and adding and crossing out lines and after several performances of different length of this play I cannot hel. The Focus Student Editions are designed for Spanish language courses in literature and culture Prepared with non native Spanish speakers in mind these editions include an intro.

Born in Fuente Vaueros Granada Spain June 5 1898; died near Granada August 19 1936 García Lorca is one of Spain's most deeply appreciated and highly revered poets and dramatists His murder by the Nationalists at the start of the Spanish civil war brought sudden international fame accompanied by an excess of political rhetoric which led a later generation to uestion his merits; after the i