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This one was better Good but with some annoying plot twists 35 stars Not as fond of this book as I was the first What happened to the woman in the first book This one is always ragging on her coworkers and just a btch I chalked it up to all the recent changes in her ife but all is explained by the enduntil another bomb is dropped on her So glad I had the next book and didn t have to waitEnjoyed the hell out of all the alien medical issues Kinda sick of all the rape attempts But I can t stop I don t understand this author she creates an interesting character then goes out of her way to make Cherijo pathetic and annoying at crucial moments especially around ReeverAND I really really don t comprehend her fascination with the Reever character The author has some strange attachment to this abusive slime ball The thought of having to read about Reever again means I don t want to read any of these books even though I still want to find out what happens to Cherijo and would Im Not Millie! love to find out that Reever gets killed off hopefully slowly For a general overview of the series see my review of StardocIiked this best of the three books of the series I ve read mostly because I thought it was most satisfying in exploration of immersion into an alien culture though ultimately the Jorenians are pretty similar to humans Unfortunately the relationship dynamics were even annoying here with Cherijo s various male suitors guilty of truly outrageous heights of manipulation stalking mental invasion possessiveness and dishonesty I expect and to a degree tolerate this in dark romanceerotica but here it felt exploitative inconsistent with the book s overall tone and themes and the portrayal of the heroine. E worse But when the Human League comes after her with bounty hunters of every race trying to bring her in Cherijo figures it can't get any worseUntil someone begins stalking.

The plot of the story was good It kept me interested in finding out who the killer was until the very end However the character of Cherijo is not strong enough to keep me interested I don t think I will finish the series After the mystery was solved the ending spiraled into an abyess of multiple betrayals that I thought were unnessary Cherijo is to sporadic of a character to stay involved with The second solid book in the series does what I really hate eaves you with a cliff hanger and although the next book has ong been out it isn t available on a Kindle so at this time my enjoyment of the story is diluted by the A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, lack of closure Cherijo has found sanctuary on the Jordenan ship with her new clan family but there is a traitor on board someone who wants to kill her or ateast make her suspect of the killings it is committing And then there is the League Cherijo s father still wants her back and has the apparently unlimited funds of the League to make it happen The ship is attacked again and again from without and within and Cherijo doesn t know who to trust other than herself and the final betrayls when they come are stunning and devestating The book is well written with many interwoven overlapping subplots that never Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery let your attention flag A hard to put down book just too bad about theack of closure What an ending It kept me up Souvenirs de dbauches literally for hours and had me crying just thinking about it Cherijo is on her way to the Joren planet as an adopted daughter On the way they re attacked repeatedly by the League mercenaries She also has to fight a Choice engagement forced on her a doctor who doesn tike her her feelings for Reever who appears not to reciprocate I Mes recettes veggie au robot-cuiseur - 150 ides faciles et rapides ! loved the first book. Dr Cherijo isiving the perfect ife if you think that finding out you're a clone then being declared non sentient by your fathercreator is your idea of perfectThings could

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S primary challenges view spoilerBoth this book and Stardoc feature mental and iteral rape scenes that are Sherman Tank Manual later excused because the perpetrator was being controlled by a hostile force while I do believe there are ways to seriously portray this that do justice to the theme of violation for both parties it did not feel fully earned hereeaving it vulnerable to the criticism that it s just a cheat to include the Let Me Feed You lurid material while stilleaving room for the males to remain involved with the heroine hide spoiler Why did she marry that creep Why did she marry BOTH of those creeps Why am I reading these books Cherijo is such an idiot Her character really doesn t make any sense She knows all these scientific things only because the author does but sadly the author doesn t know how to write her as a person She is weak and wishy washy and too nice A Mary Sue as they say I only picked up the second book because I Five Days at Memorial liked all the medical stuff and aliens but Cherijo ruins the story for me every time I also hated how much domestic violence was in this book and Cherijo attitude about it Viehl is sending the wrong message to women about what actions they should take when someone hits them It s never ok And this just reinforces how weak and horrible her main character is I seriously doubt I will continue this series as I haveearned that Viehl doesn t know how to write characters or plots I really wanted to Its Passover, Grover! like this book but couldn t get over my disbelief at all the problems that revolve around Cherijo and are solved by her She solved medical engineering relationship and cultural problems all in a single bound She felt too muchike a mary sue to me I don t think I Healing Earthquakes ll be continuing the serie. Her dreamsPraise for StarDocAI justoved it Don't miss this one Catherine CoulterContinuously surprising deviously writtenand splendidly full of new characters Anne McCaffrey.

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