Deborah Fajerman: How to Speak Moo

Learning ots of new vocabulary or Hunter Killer (Pike Logan looking at opposites But there are some deeper meanings in the text as well for example to consider how different we all are and the better off for it when we all harmonise because all together moos make the very best mooooosic you have ever heard And it s just a fun read withots of opportunities for doing silly voices and sounds I used this book in a phonics Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, lesson and was an active participant of helping a child build confidence because he was able to use the pictures to add expression in the many ways a cow Moos Iove The Friend Zone loveove this book and it is a blast to read because it engages children in many different strategies This book is told in the perspectives of each animal that the stor. And ow moos; there are moos that are jiggly and moos that are wriggly Moos that sound funny through a funnel and even odder in a tunnel Deborah.

This book is sooo adorable If I read this to a classroom it would be very interactive The clever rhymes make the book even better I ove the pictures I would ove to have this book in my classroom The first time I read this book I thought it was okay But then I did it in a storytime and it s awesome Because you can get the kids to moo softly oudly jiggling up and down in their seats etc along with the book And most kids really get into it Reese Whalerider loved this one How to Speak Moo is a sweet and amusing story of the many kinds of moos that cows can produceIt catalogues many different moos high andow soft and Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex loud etc with a funny rhyming text and cute illustrationsFor EYFS children it offers all kinds of possibilities such as. Original uirky and very witty the hilarious story of 'Moo' the amazing versatileanguage of cows cannot fail to raise a smile There are high moos.

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Y discusses This book shows the difference between people and animals and just how everyone can be different but still be together This can help children under This is a creative way to teach children about adjectives I Graphic Design For Everyone love the different situations the cows get in This book teaches how to moo Who knew there were so many ways to moo This is a fun childrens book sure to bringaughter and class participation This is a cute book that talks about cows and the noise they make You can have the students help you do the different moos such as uiet Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, loud through a tunnel and etc I would also use this book when talking to younger kids about cows or different voices when writing Very fun and perfect for cow or farm preschool storytime. Fajerman is a gifted new young authorartist whoseively text and spirited illustrations mark her out as a picture book creator of ingenuity and

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