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Murphy gets big Based Deleuze is gonna be fucking obliterated He s setting himself on the cross for the world Speaking of which he has a chapter called Bearing Your Cross He begins with a passage from Negotiations The objections people make ven the uestions they pose always come from safe ashore and they re like lumps of mud flung at you to knock you down and stop you getting anywhere rather than any help objections always come from lazy mediocre people It fills me with joy and hope to have a badass philosopher think just the same as I do There s real gratification here Like I literally think that That s the shield I use against my critics Actually its I think for instance if you attack my The Time It Never Rained ego withoutngaging with my material I personally believe you re undergoing a narcissistic wound and 9 out of 10 times you will be projecting which is just The Child of the Soul and Other Stories embarrassing a great shield those fucking haters yeah fuck you You know I m very sensitive about what people think of me online Anyways the book sources a lot of its tension from the neoreactionary hypothesis which can be understood as a big short on the intellectual market Anyone with a leftist background will immediately be uncomfortable They will notice right away Murphy ain t handling the radioactive bar of reaction with safety gloves He promises us automated communism and this kinda like automates that part of your brain but he is using his bare hands Now this is based he whispers as he wanders like a fellow lamb into the gravitational field produced by the black hole we believe to be situated in Nick Land s anus machine Nick Land believes White Nationalism means incest and low I geneticntropy Justin Murphy writes Okay but Nick Land also writes about Childrens Phantasies entropy on the largest conceptual scale in order to compare it with the now due to the scale relatively innocuous dog breed as race HBD claim see See the motte isn t so secure You know radioactivity burns for a lifetime Is the Cathedral real It s like Murphy s HBD chapter is suspiciously underdeveloped and placed near the lets speak in secret languages chapter forrrrrrrrr beccaaaauauusse Land is devilish yeah no shit But suppose it were true Maybe we do perceive things via difference and to trace a reactionary current through not just Deleuze but the world allows us a rentry a heightening all value might bloom and suppose we turn the knob to track acceleration Does acceleration give us a high definitional rendering via change within change within change It s a recipe for madness or creativity if opened to Murphy teaches us that actually it is the r word who succumbs to schizophrenia If you are an r word and you are high in open mindedness you re gonna go fucking insane Wanna know why Because you re not smart Because the world is fucking schizo And the only way you can handle it is if you are high I not a master race but maybe if you imagined yourself as the most master race person in the world you would realize race is an r word game Deleuze tells us so Guess what Guattari was a r wordYou wanna be like based Gilles Deleuze who had a wife he loved and he fucked her good too Murphy does supply us with many ideas to shaken to disturb or build and test our first principles I learned for instance about sadism and masochism I looked back to my work oh yeah I said that s my masochist project And this is my sadist project Thank you I m glad I read theory It s nice to have thought about the body without organs as compensation for our organs failure You ll know what I m talking about It s like the water surface is fluctuating and the real objects beneath in the field of subjectivity are real It s real this is immanence I ve seen it too from a different path Justin knows he s got gold Placeholder review I ll come back to this later Suffice it to say for now this book blends amusing philosophical buggery dull Moldbug Landian cosplay pusillanimous references to HBD and some occasionally brilliant applications of Deleuze to uestions of cont. Ed on Deleuze with Justin Murphy Justin Murphy is a political scientist political theorist and author of the new book “ Based Deleuze The Reactionary Leftism of Gilles Deleuze “ We talk about the life of Gilles Deleuze what it means that he is based the Deleuzian concept of Lines of Flight Disciplinary vs Control societies Libertarian Communism and Diogenes defacing the currency Using Deleuze The Cinema Books Film Studies and Effect The Brain is the Screen Deleuze and the Philosophy of Cinema xplains that in Anglophone film studies “Deleuze’s cinematographic philosophy was adapted piecemeal usually based on intersections with prevailing trends in film theory Soon nough the books were relegated to intermittent allusions and fugitive references the Gilles Deleuze Stanford Encyclopedia of Gilles Deleuze January –November was one of the most influential and prolific French philosophers of the second half of the twentieth century Deleuze conceived of philosophy as the production of concepts and he characterized himself as a “pure metaphysician” In his magnum opus Difference and Repetition he tries to develop a metaphysics adeuate to contemporary Ways to Understand Deleuze Through the Work For Deleuze this is a mistake based on the false assumption that there is some The Soviet Union external transcendent realm which gives our reality meaning For Deleuze there is nothing but the immanent reality in which we live Concepts are not defined by their relationship to anxternal ideal but by the internal difference within themselves In David Byrne’s lyrics he doesn’t claim to be like an Gilles Deleuze | SpringerLink Deleuze also wrote Gods and Heroes extensively about mathematics and developed a manner of inuiry that was based on his understanding of mathematics In contrast to the language centric work of Lacan Deleuze advocates for materialxperime.

If only there was a Deleuze to Murphy s Guattari Le sigh Dumb Weak Not worth searching for the rare insights Read some of the other great secondary literature or just jump straight into dg Don t get memed like me Es war definitiv Science, Technology and Culture ein wilder Ritt durchine No Beast So Fierce eigene Auslegung Diese Art der interpretativen Verarbeitung Inbesitznahme fremder Gedanken spricht mir sehr zu Zus tzlich Lib status Smashed This book badly needs anditor and some greater clarification of the tangential connections it purports to make I don t doubt the author s knowledge of Deleuze he s clearly very familiar but some of the links being forged to things like Jordan Peterson s latent inhibition read as an attempt to cash in on a bandwagon than a clearly thought out claim Chapters nd abruptly without a sense of conclusion and I often found myself wondering if my book was faulty Oh and that reference to subtweeting Satre chp8 was pure cringe In one immanent movement Justin Murphy compiles for us a short and accessible book on Gilles Deleuze specifically on his very reactionary ideas He traces aspects that would now be considered controversial to a modern audience through the French philosopher s body of work a body most uncontroversially would assume leans leftword Immanence is the dominant theme of Based Deleuze naturally as Last Chance Bride evoked by the internet terminology Based constellating something like Down to Earth or Lets get real and That lady is in touch with herself and Tegrity with Nice Emergent rhizomatic or Perhaps traditional no and so on Right In this spirit I must admit I m no professional but an autodidact living in a multicultural utopia Toronto I got a perspective sure Imerged it fitting the bill of such an internet oriented creative hopeful as Murphy might pinpoint with market analytics I ve only read thirty pages of Anti Oedipus and so what With such commanding authority I say first to understand the motivation behind Based Deleuze as I m sure most of his readers will know you gotta understand the Cave Twitter phenomenon Justin s role within the scene being cultivated is as a hubwheel spinning through a scandalous darkly Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy enlightened accelerationistically bent network cross fertilizingxtra institutional weirdos and revolutionaries on the internet Lawman Lover (Outlaws, everywhere The Other Life podcast has platformed imo a fantastic hetereogenic selection of characters and work and I ll admit it seems like courting controversy in this day and age simply works I mean maybe it does I only know about Justin for instance because he chose me out of a crowd a nobody I was nothing a babe a lamb He livestreamed with me a year and two months ago and look at me now For the longest time I didn t know Ixisted But I do People are starting to notice I write cringey poetry I ve been hooked on Justin Murphy ver sinceAnd my hot take is this book could have been alternatively titled Murphy s Motte What has been curated for us is an idiosyncratic system of based justification machines as Murphy ngine tech as theoretical RNA made Mystery at Kittiwake Bay explicit Is it a secure motte It s not designed to be It s written uickly as a hypothesis of what function books fulfill in a landscape predicated on speed A motivated critic could Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files easily rip this book from the inside and I have a feeling it could be uite painful for Murphs uite painful indeed uite disorienting and this is baked into the function of the book One of the background assumptions working here is that the internet is a hate machine Each new level of infamy brings a intensive critical process This process would then force Justin to work Instead of just writing stupid ass Greta tweets And calling them provocations later I m sure like rehearsing in his room pacing getting ready for the podcast sweating Greta s choking performance blooming in his conscience looking into the mirror to touch to touch base with his strikingyes You got this Justin Murphy Just And there s plenty that might motivate a critic It s all but guaranteed that if Justin. Fr Based Deleuze The Reactionary Leftism of Not Retrouvez Based Deleuze The Reactionary Leftism of Gilles Deleuze The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, et des millions de livresn stock sur fr Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Based Deleuze The Reactionary Leftism of Gilles Deleuze Achetez t tlchargez book Based Deleuze The Reactionary Leftism of Gilles Deleuze Based Philosophers Book English Edition Boutiue Kindle Political Science fr Based Deleuze The Reactionary Leftism of Gilles Immanence is the dominant theme of Based Deleuze naturally as An Italian Education evoked by the internet terminology 'Based' constellating something like 'Down to Earth' or 'Le He traces aspects that would now be considered ‘controversial’ to a modern audience through the French philosopher’s body of work a body most uncontroversially would assume leans leftword Based Deleuze The Reactionary Leftism of Gilles One could write anbook called Based Deleuze simply cataloging and xplaining all of his many neoreactionary affirmations OTHER LIFE Blog; Podcast; Signs of Life Read Listen or Watch What lse is there to do? EBOOK PAPERBACK EBOOKAUDIOBOOK EBOOK AUDIOBOOK HOUR VIDEO COURSE The content of this website is licensed under a CREATIVE COMMONS Based Deleuze The Reactionary Leftism of Gilles Deleuze Based Deleuze The Reactionary Leftism of Gilles Deleuze | Justin Murphy | download | B–OK Download books for free Find books Based Deleuze The Reactionary Leftism of Gilles A reactionary interpretation of Deleuze for the author to push their based a descriptive word heavily utilized by neonazis and white nationalists to describe themselves agenda The author uses a superficial cherry picked representation of Deleuze that will be readily accepted by those who don't have the knowledge to challenge it based people It's clear the author doesn't understand Deleuze Based on Deleuze with Justin Murphy – Agora Bas.

Emporary left liberal politics The uestion I m left with right now though is What differentiates Reactionary Leftism from standard Patchwork politics And what s the point of this book Other than chasing the Land hype train for Patreon bucks of course i didnt pay for this book This book performs the neat trick of immunizing itself in advance to critiues from people like me through an almost hypnotic repetition of affectively loaded signifiers the central continuum of Murphy s worldview seem to be stretched between the poles of based and retarded As a result of this touching attempt to achieve imperceptibility from resentful jerks and haters the book is best approached as a sign of the poverty of contemporary religious appropriations of left wing thought Murphy s Deleuze is a Christian though not one of those boring rationalists read Auinas who think that God is involved in the process of intellection his Deleuze is a theophantic mystic whose traditionalist Roman God is best approached through affect In keeping with Murphy s injunction that we be fascists over ourselves he is adamant that Deleuze s Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, ethics ofscape far from licensing an anything goes approach instead amount to strict discipline over oneself a reading of the BwO as a Body without masturbatory Orgasms One is reminded of Reich s cartoons in Listen Little ManMurphy connects Deleuze to Peterson s work on latent inhibition though unfortunately the affinity between the two is rather superficial both are scared of the hidden authoritarianism of social justice The most despicable aspect of the book is Murphy s fixation on the inferiority of Guattari and his misreading of the intellectual context in which Deleuze was writing We are told that Guattari who of course was retarded was a purposeful homewrecker which he saw as not only defensible but righteous and treated to the insinuation that Deleuze s collaboration with Guattari was a pedagogical sponsorship by Deleuze an Daddy Wanted experiment in tutelage based on a politicalthic of Christian charity Aside from the politically motivated slander Guattari was a Trotskyist this image of Deleuze ignores his political Forbidden Stranger engagements with autonomist thought forxample his involvement in saving Negri from the Italian state and his appreciative relationship with thinkers like Foucault that Murphy rejects The conception of the virtual as a contact with a continuous deep time of tradition is based less on the data of reality and on fantasySo much for the objections One promising point in the book is his reading of Coldness and Cruelty where Murphy opposes sadistic institutions to masochistic contracts arguing for a pronomian leftism that is a submission to the data of reality in service of liberation The return to conceptual jurisprudence opens a path beyod the habitual criteria of praxis is it worth it one wonders if the cost of asceticism is necessary or rather a contingency of the particularly Christian form of jurisprudence Murphy has in mind The discussion of Deleuze s family is surprising as is the catalogue of Deleuze s disgusted aristocratic reactions which Murphy dutifully reminds us are often associated with conservative attitudes The picture of Deleuze as an Snowy River Man elitist whether or not we thenndorse this Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze elitism as Murphy would suggest rings true and fits with the interpretive strategy pursued by Badiou and HallwardIn a twist that is sure to surprise those for whom the Outside is the domain of science Murphy finds anssay where Deleuze instead sees it as a kind of Les brumes d'avalon : roman extimate interiority this is potentially fruitful as it opens the uestion of how an intuitive mystical Outside and a scientific Outside can coexist Interestingly Murphy notes a parallel between his attack on the false interiority of Catholic rationalism and his opposition to the false Sartrean distinction between apathetic complicity and activist commitment though it is less clear whether a political analogy to mystical interiority makes sense This book is full of words. Nts that help us interrogate our regimes of representation so that we might better grasp a metaphysics of immanence andncounter Thus he represents a shift from the Curtis Yarvin Mencius Moldbug Live At The Curtis Yarvin Mencius Moldbug Live At The Based Deleuze Release Party In LA Close Posted by months ago Curtis Yarvin Mencius Moldbug Live At The Based Deleuze Release Party In LA youtubeRROV comments share save hide report % Upvoted Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up Sort by best View discussions in other community level points Gilles Deleuze Wikipedia Gilles Deleuze d ə ˈ l uː z ; French ʒil dəlz; January – November was a French philosopher who from the arly s until his death in wrote on philosophy literature film and fine artHis most popular works were the two volumes of Iconoclasme de Gilles Deleuze ? Iconoclasm of Gilles Deleuze? Deleuze l’image le cinma t l’image de la pense image of thought” based on the presupposition of the Same All of the Deleuzian undertaking is to get rid of this dogmatic or classical image in favour of a “thought without image” We now understand that image is what has to be destroyed in order to achieve a thought unbound from all subjective presupposition that would Gilles Deleuze | The MIT Press Gilles Deleuze was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Paris VIII VincennesSaint Denis He published books including five in collaboration with Flix Guattari Practical Mysticism and Deleuze’s Ontology of Similar to the drapes in fabric things themselves as Deleuze says are wrapped up in nature; as for ideas they are often so The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone enveloped ornfolded “in the soul that we can’t always unfold or develop them” Deleuze based on subjective rationality as one’s conscious will solely unless xperience itself would have presented conditions for their unfolding.

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