Debbie Cassidy: Shadow Weaver The Nightwatch Academy #2

T uestion is who lse will be brought into her Harem I reluctantly finished this one I was at 80% and was going to dnf but just made myself go to the Modern South Asia end So Idk if I will read the next one or not I think first off I didn t like the time jumping I d be reading one part and then the next page suddenly its a week later or a few days later and I get that you cant really go through a full school year and it might be boring and drag on if they did but I m not a fan of time jumps as a way of relationship progression I want to see and feel the progression not just be told about italso I don t get why she likes Hyde so much like is it just attraction you have plenty of other guys and hes made it clear it cant work out with you and he doesn t want you so just get over it and move on I was deff not on the same page with her and she would be going off on a rant in her head about how good looking he is and cant look awaytc and I was just like get over it wheres Brady Brady is sweet and perfect and available also so is Kash and you have a good friend groupI really only liked her guy friends and Larkin I might read the next but Idk was way to frustrated with this one I hate that it feels like shes trying to force a relationship with Hyde and you know they will try and make it work and then the whole father thing at the nd Shadow Weaver picks up from book one without missing a beat The twists turns and plots happening made it so that I just couldn t put this book down Indigo is still in training to be a Shadow Knight but she also is taking on another class that deals with her other powers that have shown up With finally learning about this we also learn about her family history No spoilers just that wow you need to read this And Brady I want my own he s serious book boyfriend materialAnother amazing story that will suck you in and will not let you go Slow burn paranormal RH This second book continues where the first left off Great characters and so good Ready to start the next book now NOT ANOTHER CLIFFHANGERAhhhh it was so goodTEAM BRADYTEAM BRADYAnd obvi team Lloyd I think he s in the running tooI ll be honest Not a big fan of HydeAt allLike he s maaaaybe a step or two above Fiona in the likeness scale and I fucking hate FionaSo as you see I don t like HydeI don t have time for this back and forth. Lities and found my niche at the Academy the principal throws a curveball my waySuddenly I’m drowning in painful revelations and tasks The one person I want to run to turns his back on me and comfort comes from an unexpected sourceBut the uilibrium is short lived because the silence of the mis.

I absolutely cannot get Ancestral Voices enough I need the next book now I think a common thread is going to be that I take off a star for Archer Hyde But oh my god I love Brady We fucking stan Brady And yeah there s going to be some funny business but I don tven mind I m having a great timeRecommending this seriesAnd I m out Loving this series Its so action packed Indigo is such a Bad A and yet she has some great vulnerable moments There is a lot going on here but Debbie is doing a great job of answering uestions as they come I knew there was something up with Payne though he definitely seems like an outside character Indigo gets finally gets some truth shed on her abilities to Shadow Weave and since she wasn t raised like the Weavers has a whole new outlook on verything The Shadow Knights are under attack and her friends are going missing There is still a lot of uestions left unanswered but the characters are definitely working towards answers Larkin yea what is up with that Is there another spin off somewhere in this alternate universe Interesting that ven here reality TV is a thing with a spinThere is definitely something fishy going on with the history of the Aristotle Detective (Aristotle enemy here Something isn t adding up and yet they seem pretty ruthless I can t wait to continue and see where this is headed OMG OMG OMG I love this seriesJust when you think Debbie Cassidy couldn t get any better and that book one of this series was sooooo good that book 2 wouldn tven come close yo realise that this woman is bloody brilliant because book 2 is 100% as good Again another passionately written faced paced book full of action suspence love tears and laughter Some uestions are answered and other mysteries are presented and yes there is another doozy of a cliff hangerIn this book the recruits become Shadow Knights and spend time away from the Academy with on the job training and along the way Indigo get close to Brady which surprises Bones, Clones, and Biomes every one in their close knit community Hyde is being as idiot still pushing Indigo away and Indigo just has to battle her confusedmotions whilst trying cement her place as the only woman in the Shadow Knight communityTeam Brady or Archer Is Hyde really an Ass or is he in his own way protecting Indigo I love Brady but have a real soft spot for Hyde and i think he will come good in the Bringing the Empire Home end The nex. They say there’s no rest for the wicked In that case I must be purevilWhen Hyde said the cadets would be getting Fast Tracked he wasn’t jokingIt’s hard staying on top of the shadow cadet duties but I’m not one to shy from a challenge However just when I think I’ve got a hold on my abi.

Bull shit I can t have you Stay away dry humps herNAH DUDE IT DOESN T WOR Another beautiful coverFor me this was on par with book 1 It gave me the same great feels with a little hunger for It s the best Cassidy since For the Blood and it better not ven think about being a trilogy because we are only getting warmed upIt s a slow burn and little progress was made on the shape of the harem but we did have one wonderful addition and one whom I personally want to kick to the curb You ll know who those two are after yo I was givin an ARC copy for review this is my honest opinion Daaaayyyuuuummmmm DEBBIE I loved it great book Wonderful at building suspense and heat there action and mystery Suspense and a cliffhanger The story deepens with our MC becoming a shadow night unfolding the mystery s of the mist her tension with Hyde sky rockets but they are Romeo and Juliet ATM not to be Brady is a comfort of home and safety but is She willing to commit will ither men ask her to choose Who will be in her harem it s not decided yet Justice is strong when she needs to be and vulnerable when the time calls for it Without giving too much away I really felt the feels in the relationship departments and not just with potential harems The friendships are well thought out and really well done Any magical aspects of fantasy books can be difficult to describe but I think Debbie has been at this long Building the Cold War enough that you can really imagine the magic you can feel what the character is feeling you picture it in your mindsye The vampire nightblood aspect is a saucy fun touch because ALL the supes is a personal fav trope of mine also the built in RH culture within the society s of the book really makes it so much Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) easier to focus on the story I really prefer when RH is just part of the world rather than the MC or the harem pushing the point because XYZ Also I love the ogre thing it s the new alpha wolf I am ready for the next book now please Now please Yes please Now thank you Rating 5 starsReal review will come later but let s just say I loved itven than the first book It low key gave a big Chronicles of Midnight feelings with the underground situation but so worth the readBut the one thing that would make Debbie Cassidy s books ven better multiple point of views How awesome would that beTo be continued very soon. T is about to be shattered and when it does no one is safeIt’s our job to protect the Academy grounds but when danger rides the sky who in the hell is going to save usThe Vampire Academy meets Game of Thrones in this kick ass supernatural academy Urban Fantasy with a slow burn Why Choose Romanc.

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