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Starts to bully her to obtain something he needs and will do anything to get itSamantha is not a women to take this kind of crap and gives it back as good as it is dished out but she also has a click posse to attend with and the head of that posses turns out to be cruel boys girlfriendTalk about a mind boggling situationOverall this was one intense read that made me uncomfortable the entire time but it was also intriguing and edgy and the author made you feel ike you were part of the plot the entire timeThis is a first time read for us reading this kind of gene and I did not know what to expect especially when its a boy bullying a girl butthis story was not all that it seemed to be and it had a ot of moving parts and twists and turns and one dangerous attraction been the bully and the object of his desireAs the story progressed and grew intense things all started to make sense and started to fell into place as to why Nate s personality took such a drastic turnThis was a well written read that had tons of mystery and suspense but it also dealt with every day problems that teenagers deal with from drinking and partingsex and making bad decisions that can change ones ife forever 4 Stars Nothing can ever be easy can itThose were the words that popped up in my head many many times while going on this journey with Nate and Sam because heaven help me Nate did NOT make anything easy True he was stuck between a rock and a hard place but he made things so much difficult than they needed to be interesting for sure But even though I desperately wanted to shake some sense into him I couldn t keep from turning the pages because the need to find out the secret was strong and in the end it was uite a doozyNate and Sam were uite the pair I really Mistress liked them Both at their very cores are good people who are dealing with some stressful situations Nate s way of dealing is to dig deep into his baser urges which he finds are a bit dark and yet still finds a way to keep his heart from going absolutely black Sam doesn t pull any punches even when she d prefer to be invisible She isn t afraid toet everyone know how she feels and yet there is a softness to her that comes out at the most interesting of momentsTheir journey is intense and filled with a Cinderella Story Part 2 (36 Hours) lot of assumptions but when those assumptions are finally verbalized and the air is clear they find that their jagged edges fitAs much as Nate and Sam s interactions fascinated me it was finding out the secret that really held my interest from the very start and though I didn t figure it out until the big reveal which was its own kind of crazy I thoroughly enjoyed watching as all the pieces finally came together and crazily enough made sense in the end As for the cast of characters that inhabited this world the only one I trulyiked was Monica and I m hoping that we get to see her get her own HEA down the road The restwell they were uestionable at best Copy provided by the author voluntarily reviewed So I m just gonna throw this out there but this was just plain EPIC I will admit i was alittle confused at the beginning of this book which would normally not allow me to give a 5 star review but once I read some that all changed Holy Crap did this book have me hooked I ove it when I dont see something coming and this one definitely kept me on my toes Everytime I thought I had something figured out it ended up being the total opposite It was Amazing The one thing that would of made this better was to read about Randy s reaction to the outcome Sorry if that s vague but definitely dont want to put any spoilers into this revie. S and tempts me just to ruin meBecause I know the one thing he doesn’t want anyone to knowA big dirty secret And there’s nothing bad boys won’t do to keep a secret buri.

D twisted read that will hold you absolutely spellbound Clarissa s writing is so descriptive that I felt I was actually there with these characters feeling everything they felt during each moment of this story This all consuming and addicting tale had me on the edge of my seat hooked from beginning to endIn Cruel Boy we meet Nate and Sam two people who can t stand each other Nate is a straight up asshole to Sam all to get something he wants from her He puts her through hell but et me tell you Sam gives as good as she gets She does not put up with his bullshit She fights him at every turn But despite all of the push and pull in this A Doctor, a Nurse, a Christmas Baby lovehate relationship it s obvious that they would make the perfect pair You can t help but to get sucked into the endearing complexity of these characters and their tumultuous story Even though there were times that Nate frustrated me to no end I could not help but to fall inove with this beautiful broken man But will these two finally get what they want or will it all fall apart Clarissa gave her readers an incredible story in Cruel Boy I A Mother in the Making loved everything about this seemingly perfect couple s sexy slow burn heart tugging journey to happily ever after And there are plenty of surprising moments that will keep you so enthralled that I can almost guarantee that you will polish this one off in just one sitting as I did This was bully romance at its finest Trust me when I say you DO NOT want to pass this one up Woah I was not expecting thatTwists and turns galore in a steamy gripping readDark and delicious and wonderfully written I have yet to find a Clarissa Wild book I didn tove but this was something else altogether The events were so currentMy heart has whiplash It was filled to bursting with joy only to be smashed into tiny pieces over and overI couldn t tear myself away from this book I was on the emotional rollercoaster from start to finishI voluntarily read and reviewed an Arc of this book all thoughts and opinions are my own Sara 4 starsThe suspense of this book drove me insane So insane I finished it in four hoursNate and Sam hate each other but share a secret One that can ruin Her Kind Of Cowboy lives But does Sam know the truth or does she just think she knows Nate is anything but nice to her He humiliates her time and time again and Sam always seems to fight back no matter what is thrown at her Their undeniable attraction to each other shows early in the book buteaves you guessing what will happenAfter a few embarrassing incidents and a bathroom adventure the two finally open up to each other Once everything gets out in the open can they finally His Pregnant Christmas Princess live theife they deserve This dark romance is definitely a page turner It all started with a click of a cameraAfter seeing this on my social media platforms I raced off to oneclick and I m so glad I did This is tagged as a dark read for me it isn t but that didn t detract my enjoyment of this book Though it did have a gritty element that I never saw coming This is so much than a bully book We have a tough heroine that never backs down and a boy who goes another Through the Language Glass level with his bullying antics to get what he wants OMG What and intense spellbinding readThe story drew you in right from the very beginning and had you edge the entire time right until the story endedThis is not a story where you fall inove with its characters but Samantha for us was one kick ass girlSamantha s ife is a bit of a complication at the moment and then she see s something she should have not seen one night at a party and from that moment on she struck the attention of High Schools popular jock Nate who. Hose drop dead gorgeous eyes and that killer smile He’s a notorious heartbreaker And he’s got his eyes set on meThe twisted games he plays are cruel and dangerousHe tease.

Sam Underwater everything is uiet Tranuil Like heaven is all around you caressing your body pulling you into its embrace Deeper and deeper it pulls at your egs until they beg to be released I hold my water resistant camera in front of me and take multiple pictures of the cold depths of the ocean Its beauty never fails to mesmerize me But I can t stay for too Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, long sooner orater that urge to breathe always pulls me back to the surface toward the dark sky You Are Not A Gadget littered with a million flickeringights back into the noise of swooshing water and rushing wind The shore is mostly deserted except for a few beer cans party cups and some clothes and trash Sanctuary lying scattered all around The only other person there is Nate Wilson the most handsome guy at school and so much than that He s sitting on a few rocks near the edge of the beach with a girl by his side I can t stop watching Their hands touch briefly but then the wave overtakes me and blocks my view When the waterowers I shake my head but the waves keep picking up Still I hold up my camera and take a few pictures Right as he turns his head toward me I dive underwater again Here there are no boys no girls and no secret touches Just me and the water and all the beautiful creatures below that need to meet my camera A single picture says than words ever will No matter how powerful they are Nate People say it only takes a few minutes for your Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, life to be destroyed I never believed them until today With just the snap of a finger a stupid decision and a simple push I marked my own fate My body grows colder and colder theonger I stay in the water It consumes me whole as I stray farther and farther away from myself From reality I m so damn dizzy but I can t collapse here Not now not in the middle of the ocean I take a deep breath and peel my eyes open forcing myself to go That s when I spot her the girl and her camera FLASH I cover my eyes with my hand Salty seawater enters my nostrils and mouth as I struggle to swim When I open my eyes again the girl is gone swallowed by the same waves that drag me back to the shore As my feet sink into the sand and the water creeps up against my toes I stop and turn around clutching the Friendfluence long red hairs in my hand as though they re myast One Part Woman lifeline This is now the place where not only myife changed forever But hers too Clarissa Wild Cruel BoyBestfuckingbookof2019EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKOH my gosh Yes ok just yesI swear to god I actually Stranger love this book SEX details 45AMOUNT of sec 35Oh but im not playing games If i was you d knowOk i actuallyove the ships in this book I m telling you its not your tipical Highschool Bully Romance For one the boy isn t a actually bitch Actually He is at first But I m telling you Out of all the Bully romances i ve read in the past the main Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis lead boy cared for the mainead girls feelings and tryed not to hurt her a ot OK but im super sad its a stand aloneYOU CANT LEAVE ME HEREEEEEEEE Totally worth the money thoNo cliff hangers HEASome dark themes and sexual actions probably 15ishFree with KUWHY ARE YOU STILL HEREStart reading already UwU Dnf 35% The storyline was dragging and I couldn t connect with neither main characters whereas they had an unclear behaviour He s a sinner a cruel boy someone no one should ever want yet everyone craves including meCruel boy wasn t as cruel as I wanted him to be but those ast few pages when slowly unfolding on who s to blame and of what they did Yeah that was amazing He s a sinner a cruel boy someone no one should ever want yet everyone craves including meGOOD GAWD This intensely gripping bully romance is a dark an. Rich boys sin bestGossip always goes around at Falcon Elite PrepEveryone knows Nate Wilson the most popular football uarterback and every girl’s crushBut there’s behind

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Clarissa Wild is a New York Times USA Today Bestselling author with ASD Asperger's Syndrome who was born and raised in the Netherlands She loves to write Dark Romance and Contemporary Romance novels featuring dangerous men and feisty women Her other loves include her hilarious husband her cutie pie son her two crazy but cute dogs and her ninja cat that sometimes thinks he's a dog too In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies playing video games and cooking up some delicious mealsCheck out my books