Edith Cadivec: Eros The Meaning of My Life

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I didn t read the whole book but an xcerpt from it that was part of the appendix of a book about BDSM Wow Her writing stood out from that of the other authors in the xcellent uality of the writing and. This book is the true story in her own words of a Viennese schoolteacher in the 1920s imprisoned for six.

The thorough understanding of the psychology behind this whole area of sexualityThus it was a real disappointment to learn that Cadivec was not just an rotic writer but an actual sex CRIMINAL who had Years for indulging her fantasies of corporal punishment with her students From prison she described the.

Bused young girls in her care That is terribleNevertheless we must look at a work objectively and not just by the character of the writer She was a bad person but her work is well written hot and sensuou. Depths of her obsession when she told her lawyer Thinking about my whip is the sole consolation I have le.