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I wanted to like this book I found the writing to be a bit too recious and the adulation of Woody Allen whose A Star Is Born penthouse apartment was adjacent to where the hawks nested almost unbearable Granted the book wasublished in 1996 before some of the heinous revelations of his CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition predatory behavior surfaced but the book was amended and re released a decade later and still we get breathless narrative about him I was also disgruntled that her brief history of Central Park did not acknowledge either that it is built on land stolen from the real native New Yorkers or that a village made up of Irish immigrants and free African Americans was demolished for Olmstead s vision I was far interested in the descriptions of wildlife in Central Park and reading it did make me want to research and go on some nature walks next time I m in NYC The lengthy descriptions of the Regulars and Big Guns didn t really hold my interest Also we now know that feeding old bread to ducks is really bad for them A fun fast read chronicling the lives of the first red tailed hawks to nest in and around Central Park in New York City Well I m sure years ago there were lots These are the first ones in a while Winn writes about the community of birders that spotted and supported the hawks and tells the story of their first few yearsIt s a compelling engaging book and a fascinating look at how birds affect humans and humans affect birds I enjoyed the book The human aspect made it even interesting Loved learning about all the wildlife in NYC in Central Park This book was sort of cute There were some weird terminology things but maybe it s just because it was written 15 years ago She keeps saying telescopes when I think sherobably means spotting scopes And she rarely says birders they re birdwatchers For someone who actually is a birder some of the explanations especially in the beginning are a little tedious and the descriptions of birds and The Ornament (Ornament, people a littlerecious And sh. Updated Edition Ten Years LaterThe scene of this enchanting and true story is the Ramble an unknown wilderness deep in the heart of New York's fabled Central Park There an odd and amiable band of nature lovers devote themselves to observing and rotec.

E anthropomorphizes the hell out of the birds but at least she acknowledges it And I rolled my eyes at lot Like at the dumb names they named the hawks First Love Gross And how when she encountered a human skull in a laboratory setting she shuddered Basically the eople all sound like a bunch of over enthusiastic dorks but that s birders right Who am I kiddingAlso the only reason that anything that happens in the book is remarkable is because it s happening in the middle of New York City Every once in a while I d think oh I d like to see that Maybe we should go up and then catch myself Because there are SO MANY opportunities for so much amazing stuff naturally speaking between me and New York but if you yourself are already stuck in the middle of Manhattan then this is great And wondrous And amazing But if you re not then this shit s small Rant potatoes Ooh boy a killdeer family But yes it was very nice and the next time I m in New York anyway for some other New York only reason I d like to take the time to check out Central Park now that I know a little about it And maybe I would recommend it to New Yorkers who were thinking about taking up birding you know who you are A delightful book about the true story of red tail hawks who settled and raised a family in Central Park Yes that s right New York Unfortunately I have an old copy of this charming book which has since been updated It s an on going story where nature is concerned the cycle continues ever onward Read this when we were still homeschooling We love to watch the birds and we ve sighted a few hawks ourselves Exciting It must have been a good book my notes indicate I read it in five days Marie Winn s website Oh how could you not love this story Just as much about Central Park birders and other wildlife as it is about the tails But Winn sassion makes it a worthwhile read Loved this Especially since I was Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM planning a trip to NYC I actually spotted red tails in Central Park two. Ting theark's rich wildlife When a Challenged to Win pair of red tailed hawks builds a nest atop a Fifth Avenue apartment house across the street from the model boatond Marie Winn and her fellow Regulars are soon transformed into obsessed hawkwatchers The hilarious.

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Days in a row right where the author said they would be AND I found the official Central Park bird log at the boat house and entered my sighting Great book for New York nature lovers A great read I enjoyed it so much I basically read it in one sitting An uplifting story about a male hawk and his various mates as they build their nest each year on a ledge of an apartment building near Central Park These hawks bring together experienced birdwatchers along with others who are drawn in by the unlikely magic of this ritual in such a busy Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons place The author shares her joys and worries about the hawks as well as other bird sightings andairings throughout the ark A great read for anyone who loved the natural worls andor NYC I thought this was a great book It was an easy read and I was readily drawn into the many stories of the birds eople and hawks of Central Park I loved that the book wasn t just about Pale Male who is awesome and a total hawk celebrity but also about the community of The Color of a Leader people who came to love and respect and advocate for him If it was just a book about hawks it wouldn t have been the same If you enjoy reading about birds and theeople who like to watch birds then this book is for you It follows a group of dedicated bird watchers in Central Park which you may not know is one of the best birding Into the Planet places in the world despite being surrounded by the largest city in the US As the title suggests one day members of the group see a red tailed hawk circling theark The hawk soon attracts a mate Marie Winn reports on these birds over several seasons of courtship nest building and But the regulars also watch other bird species and a good number of other flora and fauna in the Dusk (Rosales Saga, park Marie Winn is a faithful reporter of the bird facts of the day as well as the interesting human interactions The intertwining stories of birds and birdwatchers and her joy and humanity chronicling thisassion for birds are lovely and life affirming. And occasionally heartbreaking saga of Pale Male and his mate as they struggle to raise a family in their unprecedented nest site and the affectionate ortrait of the humans who fall under their spell will delight and inspire readers for years to com.

Marie Winn writes a column on nature and birdwatching for the Wall Street Journal Married to the film maker and palindromist Allan Miller she spends part of every day in Central Park