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This was the first Star Wars expanded universe book I ever ead and as mediocre as it is it s primarily esponsible for my obsession with Star Wars and the EU throughout my last two years of high school Simply by existing it was awesome back then There was MORE STORY after the movies More OFFICIAL STORY Now though I have higher standards It was fun to evisit this book that I liked when I was sixteen again mostly because it existed but nostalgia was eally the only eason I had any fun eading it this second time around Jedi Search is the first book by Kevin J Anderson professional fanfic writer in his Jedi Academy trilogy which picks up after Timothy Zahn s much much much much better Thrawn trilogy Ostensibly it s about Luke taking charge and forming a new Jedi Academy ecruiting and searching for new Jedi across the galaxy to come to his new school and eboot the Jedi order Of course the situation is also complicated by the presence of the obligatory frustrated Remnant of the Defeated Empire character who is much better served in the Thrawn trilogy than here Here we ve got Admiral Daala a prodigy who s been seuestered in a top secret black hole cluster for ten years doing esearch for the Empire and she and her installation have no idea what s been going on in the outside world Then there s a third plot with Han and Chewie and Kessel that seems designed solely to bring in a key character but it ends up feeling shoehorned in and coincidental Cool that we finally get to visit Kessel though Meanwhile all this is happening Leia is busy having a mental breakdown about Han and her children all the while stuff seems to be falling apartMy main frustration with KJA as a writer is that he s all ideas no execution He had all the bones of a fun Star Wars story here but the way he writes it just uins the whole thing His dialogue is cheesy and not lifelike at all his character work is disgraceful and most of the time character actions occur because something needs to happen in the plot ather than because it s something that character would organically do Many of the developments are insulting to me as a human person as a Star Wars fan and as a woman most of these insults occur in the second two books He also wastes SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES in his stories and the way he develops his initially cool story falls flat and yes turns stupid This book is the best of the series solely because all of that potential is still there but by books two and three it s piddled off like a bad puppy on your favorite ugBut even by the end of this book you can see the potential dying Let s break it down by the four plot points I mentioned aboveThe supposed Jedi search This book is supposed to feature Luke and Co searching for Jedi but there is basically none of that actually happening Lando is wasted on the stupidest plot of all time finding himself searching for a potential Jedi while attending Umgullian blob aces Yes blob aces And the guy doesn t even turn out to be a Jedi At least thirty pages full of a complete waste of time Luke only finds three himself And he doesn t even have to work very hard to do it It s not satisfying on a story level at all Not to mention it s apparent while eading these scenes that KJA has no idea how to write Luke as a competent Jedi Master His Luke can t even figure out how to sense life signs or take a uick walk across lava It s horribly frustrating But bottom line the book is called Jedi Search and approximately only 15% is spent doing that But thanks for misleading me I guessAdmiral Daala and the Empire Admiral Daala could have been such a good character A woman admiral in a notoriously sexist institution like the Empire that could have been good A leader who has been out of the loop for ten years and the universe has moved on without her could have been good A sudden influx of Imperial troops and. As the war between the Republic and the scattered  remnants of the Empire continues two  children the Jedi twins will come into their powers in a  universe on the brink of vast changes and challenges In this time of turmoil and discovery an extraordinary new Star Wars saga  begins While Luke Skywalker takes the first .

Power evives the efforts of the dying Empire could have been good But none of it was Daala s characterization was almost exclusively focused on her obsession with Grand Moff Tarkin who was her mentor and as she notes almost every time she emembers him her lover as well Which is icky in the book and icky on the part of the author Also for a supposed military genius Daala is a moron She is not good at her job Lastly the idea of Maw Installation being hidden in the black hole cluster is good if you don t think about it but doesn t hold up even emotely if you do The time dilation from being near one black hole let alone a cluster of them would make every event in this book impossible Lazy science is lazyHanChewieKessel The Kessel stuff surprisingly delivers We get Han and Chewie being captured by an old frenemy and forced to become slaves The Good An old school entry in the Star Wars Expanded Universe this novel brings the action and heroism you ve come to expect from the franchise Kevin J Anderson s writing is fabulous and the story eally took me to a galaxy far far away Though the ending wasn t a cliffhanger I can t wait to see where the trilogy goes from hereThe Bad Minor complaints one or two profanities too much advertising in the back etc All small potatoes when you consider how good this book wasConclusion I was officially introduced to the Expanded Universe when I bought I Jedi by Michael A Stackpole at a local garage sale Not only did it inspire me to ead Star Wars novels it ejuvenated my love for eading which I had lost years ago to television movies and video games Though I ve ead the entire Jedi Academy trilogy at least twice before I felt it deserved at least one goand I m glad I gave it one Han and Chewie are out to Kessell to win its support for the New Republic after the events of Dark Empire I Star Wars I haven t actually ead that comic but I ve heard a lot about it Unfortunately Moruth Doole has no intentions of joining and sends Han and Chewie into the spice mines where they meet the Force sensitive Kyp Durron Meanwhile Leia holds things together on Coruscant worrying for her husband and Luke begins his Jedi Search finding two candidates Gantoris and StreenI LikedKevin J Anderson is often castigated for his Star Wars entries but I honestly don t see why No his books aren t like Zahn s but they are still Star Wars Unlike my experience with Star Wars The Truce at Bakura v 4 I felt Anderson eally got the feel of Star Wars down The settings feel ight the characters are pretty good and the events as wellWhile the mission is kinda goofy it is interesting to see Kessell and its place in the universe Also I enjoyed seeing Luke go out to find new Jedi candidates It s eally cool to see the ise of the new Jedi especially with the knowledge of the preuels something I didn t have when I ead the book many years ago And I can sorta stretch my imagination to believe that a Maw Installation would have been created for the super secret construction that occursThe main characters are done well enough that I don t uestion them Han and Chewie play a large ole and they are done well Luke is likewise well done As for minor characters Kyp Durron is eally interesting I can see how he is almost a LukeHan clone It s neat particularly knowing where he ends up in the New Jedi Order Admiral Daala is also interestingI Didn t LikeI am not sure why Kessell is such a big deal It almost seems like a place that the New Republic would want to break down like a drug lab instead of ally with And the sleazy alien who uns itand the scarecrow not a big Batman fan but all I could think of was Crane Uh huh let s ally with seedy characters Really gives the New Republic legitimacy ehThe Maw Installation was interesting but I still have no idea WHY they had to keep so uiet for so long Weren t they wondering after. Step toward setting up an academy to train a new  order of Jedi Knights Han Solo and Chewbacca are taken prisoner on the planet Kessel and forced to work in the fathomless depths of a spice mine But when Hans and Chewie break away they flee  desperately to a secret imperial esearch laboratory  surrounded by a cluster

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A year or two why Tarkin hadn t called Would it have been so hard to peek out and transmit a Hey what s up And the Maw Installation being so secretive that even Palpatine didn t know Ha got me laughing in stitches over that oneLeia doesn t do much of anything other than wangst at home about Han being gone She vacillates between worry and being mad that he is off gambling Then she is shy about asking Lando and Luke to look into it Out Of Character Leia from the trilogy or from the Thrawn Trilogy would have no problem with it In fact she d probably be leading the expedition Since her kids are dumped off with Winter on the hidden planet and she can conveniently leave her job when the plot euires itLuke Skywalker is too powerful There is a difference between a Jedi who can hold his own and a Jedi that can do everything Look at Yoda The guy walked around with a cane or on a hoverchair He wasn t perfect He didn t smash everyone to bits But if Luke were him he would be using the Force to walk upside down or something crazyAnd then his complete ignorance of Gantoris Dark Side For someone as powerful as Luke he should be like Uh warning Warning But no that would get id of the story before it had even begunui Xux is the Worst Character Ever I despise her I can t believe she exists She is too stupid to live Every single myth about scientists or doctors or people with intelligence is exploited in her She is gorgeous but also naive beyond belief The Death Star was a mining tool Uh take a look at the name girlfriend That should be a clue The World Devastators a oving mining colony Girl you need to get out I hadn t eally liked her the first time I ead and time has definitely NOT made me sympathetic to her Lock her up and throw away the keyStereotypes like sleazy Twi Leks that are only involved in crime crop up That eally torues meLando s mission with the blob aces is completely irrelevant and tossed in to make sure all the big guys from the movie appear YawnAs for the audiobook large chunks of Daala s history disappear such as her affair with Tarkin and Leia s contribution disappear I believe there were parts with her on Coruscant besides whining about Han Also the eader pronounces words incorrectly Bes pin not Bee spin and Cor u sant not Cor u skant It was grating after a whileDialogSexual SituationsViolenceA few stray d and hui Xux is goregous Of CourseHan Chewie and Kyp fight their way out of the spice mines of Kessell The people of Eol Sha have to be moved because their planet is destroying itselfOverallI know I complained a lot but the story actually isn t too bad It s a nice Star Wars omp I liked Han and Chewie in the spice mines well not being there but their adventure there and Luke s Jedi Search was pretty darn cool No it s not brilliant but it was enjoyable Read it if you are bored or have to complete the whole series As is the case with any genre of writing there are some authors who can eally get it done for their eaders and some who can t The whole time I was eading Timothy Zahn s excellent Thrawn Trilogy I kept finding myself being pleasantly surprised at how much I was enjoying the storyline and at how well Zahn conjured the spirit of those familiar characters while endering new characters who flow seamlessly into the already well established storyline from the films Zahn s dialogue made me feel that Harrison Ford himself was delivering I eally liked this book and am looking forward to eading the next one in the series I thought the writing was good and the storyline is eally interesting I would definitely ecommend this book to any Star Wars FanThe only thing I noticed that was funny was the author focuses a LOT on Admiral Daala s hair Every scene with her something is mentioned about her hair I just found that a little odd but funny Anyone else notice thatOverall this is a good book. F black holes and go from  one danger to a far greater one On  Kessel Luke picks up the trail of his two friends only to come face to face with a weapon so awesome it can wipe out an entire solar system It is a death ship called the Sun Crusher invented by a  reclusive genius and piloted by none other than Han  himsel.

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