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Al town of Harbor Pointe for a story of second chances family and romance Just One Kiss is the third book set in this uaint town and reads as a standalone though you will delight over learning about the straightforward and bright teenager Jaden who had an important role in book 2 Just Let GoCourtney Walsh never fails to make me smile swoon over the romance and cry over the deeply motional moments in her stories Just One Kiss is further proof Sweet novel about giving love a second chance Josh and Carly split up 16 years ago when their son Jaden was a baby The chemistry between Josh and Carly is vident although Carly tries to deny itrepeatedly Several cute moments between them in the pages I was cheering for them to reunite 100% Originally posted on Inkwell Inspirations I would do anything for you Carly Collins And that ll be true until the day I die From the very second he had asked her out Carly knew she would never love anyone the way she loved him New York Times Bestselling Author Courtney Walsh s latest contemporary romance novel Just One Kiss thoroughly captivates her readers with a heartwarming and motional story that demonstrates the power of true love and redemption through faith and forgiveness Josh Dixon has been in love with Carly Collins The Spirituality Revolution ever since they were young The horrors of his childhood continue to haunt him as an adult and Josh walks out on his chance for a real family with Carly and their infant son Sixteen years later Josh returns to Harbor Pointe when his son is hospitalized and he is determined to win Carly back Walsh weaves together a powerful story of romance humor and second chances as their son s recovery brings Josh and Carly together and Josh attempts to overcome the painful memories of his childhoodReaders will find themselves laughing out loud at the banter between Josh and Carly and wiping away tears as they discover the pain that Joshndured growing up and the life changing secret that his parents have kept from him all these years Courtney Walsh is a master of contemporary romance and readers will be rooting for Josh Dixon to finally get his girl back Courtney Walsh is one of my favorite must read authors and I think that Just One Kiss is her best novel yet This novel will definitely be one of my top reads for 2019 With his short dark hair charismatic personality and his tortured past Josh is the perfect hero for readers to fall in love with His never Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) ending love and devotion to Carly will have readers swooning and begging Carly to give Josh a second chance Courtney Walsh was able to make me laugh out loud and also brought me to tears in this novel so be ready with a box of tissues Trust methis is one contemporary romance novel that you want to be sure to readJust One Kiss is highly recommended for fans of contemporary romance and for readers whonjoy novels by authors such as Denise Hunter Becky Wade Melissa Tagg and Susan May Warren For readers who have never read a novel by Courtney Walsh this is the perfect opportunity You will not be disappointedI received a complimentary copy of this book from the authorpublisher and was not reuired to write a positive review All opinions Economies and Cultures expressed are mine Easy laid back and sexy as all get out That pretty much summed up Josh Dixon And none of those things were what she should be thinking about right now Untrustworthy unreliable and unfaithful That s what she should be thinking He d forgotten how much he liked her She wasn t like other women She was smart and funny and a little bit sarcastic She pushed his buttons and she made him want to be better A deep sense of longing pulsed through his body He just wanted a second chance to prove to her he could be the man she needed God that s all I m asking for. Tions that have gone unanswered for years which would beasier if not for the pesky feelings Designing with Web Standards every bit as strong and impossible to ignore as theyver were Will forgiveness win giving Carly and Josh a second chance at love or will the past prove too much to overcomeA small town romance about first love second chances and how our most beautiful life might look nothing like we plann.

I just finished reading my ARC a second time Walsh is such a talented and gifted writer This story dealt with some really challenging topics and I love books that really cause you to think about trials in life Even though I couldn t directly related to the hardships in this book the writing was so we ll done that I really did feel a lot of the pain the characters were dealing with I was Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, especially impressed with Jaden In some ways he was a typical teenager but in many ways he was wiser than his years It was a nice change of pace to read a teenager that was a strong ChristianI loved Carly because she was real She was moody at times and snarky and it was so realistic and perfect I can be sarcastic and snarky sometimes and it really helped me relate to her I also appreciated her honesty throughout this book But most of all I connected to a character that has made and lives with mistakes in their past Sometimes Christian Fiction leans too heavily toward perfect characters and I love the realistic ones so much I didn t love Josh much at first But after reading the book a second time I m so in love with him Men like him are the good ones They are hard to find I like that he knew his faults and worked hard to better himself in ways than oneThis book has so many truths about life in it It has sin in it of various types But the characters learn and grow through their sins The forgiveness throughout this book is very Christlike Last but not least the romance is fantastic There are some great kissing scenes and lots of flirting I highlighted so many favorites where chemistry just jumped off the page between Carly and JoshI received an advanced copy of this book from the author This is my honest review Just One Kiss is a near perfect contemporary romance one of my new favoritesCourtney Walsh does a great job of revealing Josh and Carly s pastndearing them and to the reader with Structure Of The Nucleus eachpisode of childhood compassion and teenage love Their pasts meld seamlessly with their adult insecurities and failures First Anthology enough to keep them apart for 16 years but notnough to overcome the affection love and chemistry that s always been thereA delight to read from beginning to Releasing The Power Within Through Spiritual Dynamics end with plenty of swoony romance but depth as well Minor characters including Grady and uinn from Just Let Go are well drawn and integrated into the plot This one mightven merit a re read I m a mixed bag of Passage Through Crisis emotions on this one but in the very best way possibleAuthor Courtney Walsh delivers a stirring story that balances heavy themes woven gently between the fine threads of romance humor deep characters and a message that I won t soon forget There s something so deep rooted in Carly and Josh s story that it felt like I was watching a real family traverse the uneven terrain of life The heartache of a sick child touched home for me personally and while that was a major point in the plot it was the relationship between Josh and Carly that had me reading long into the night just to find out what was going to happen next I think that s anxcellent sign of great character development and authenticity This story deals with hard issues and wraps up uickly than I wanted I didn t want to stop hanging out with these people but the message of forgiveness courage and love make it a hard to forget novel Deeply moving incredibly heart wrenching story in a return to the fictional Lake Michigan shoreline town of Harbor Pointe Each one of the books in this series has tackled some truly challenging plot lines There s a mystery lying behind why Josh left Carly all those years ago to face motherhood alone While she is dealing with a deeply rooted justified anger towards the father of her son Jayden Josh is hiding a secret so painful he s sacrificed yea. He broke her heart Now he’s back and he’s determined to show her what they had isn’t over and he can prove it with just one kissSingle mother Carly Collins likes predictability However when her son Jaden’s health is threatened her neatly controlled world is tossed into a tailspin Nothing is certain any specially her feelings for Josh Dixon Jaden’s father her first love

Rs without the only woman he has ver loved As the story begins Josh has already made steps to reunite with his now teenage son Jayden s open and willing acceptance of his father is something Carly sees as a level of forgiveness she knows she ll never be able to attain herself While this story definitely takes you on a journey it won t be one you bargained for Incredibly hard read at times The Road to Einsteins Relativity every step of the way yourmpathy for Josh will deepen and grow all the while begging for the world stop pay attention and understand the plight so many of the worlds innocent children face today It s hard to understand such cruelty Or Black Boy even why some are left to face these things Even the issues Carly Josh must face together as parents are incredibly challenging spiritually and mentally This book takes on two major conflicts both serious complex andye opening I appreciated the sensitivity to Walsh s writing So much tenderness thought appear to have been put into this story and lessons of hope forgiveness isare the result What an incredible series Nighttime Sweethearts each leaving you weighing the story in your mind long after the final page of the book has been read I received a complimentary copy of this book This is my honest review Just One Kiss by Courtney Walsh is the third book set in Harbor Pointe While the first two books in this series were loosely connected Just One Kiss has the same awesome characters as Just Let Go Injoyed reconnecting with themCarly and Josh s relationship changes so much over the course of the book One thing that remained constant though was Josh s complete devotion to Carly Even though his absence was felt in a gigantic way he was always waiting in the wings for his second chance with both Carly and their son Josh Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire easily became my favorite characterThere are a few scenes in the book that really shape who Carly and Josh are Walsh handled the content delicately and I ve listed the subject matter below for those sensitive to these topicsFrom itsmotional first chapter to the satisfying conclusion Just One Kiss is a gripping read Just One Kiss is available July 23 preorder today at I received a complimentary Safe in My Arms electronic copy of this book from the author A positive review was not reuired Thoughts and opinions are completely my own The following subject matter with some detail is included in this book view spoiler Teenage sexual relationships theirmotions and conseuences Domestic abuse Serious illness involving a minor hide spoiler I promise that in all things you will forever be my always Every once in a while you read a book that just dives so deep into your heart and involves your Presunta colpevole emotions to such a degree that you can tven think about picking up another book right away a book that makes you smile and cry and just wonder in amazement at the depth of love a man has for a woman This is that bookJosh Dixon left Carly Collins with an infant and walked out of her life He l A perfect second chance romance A wonderful balance of character development angst humor and romance I loved the way the details of the characters were revealed little by little as the story unfolded It provided a sense of anticipation as I read and I couldn t wait for the next little twist that propelled Carly and Josh closer together again Their son Jaden was a strong lement with not only his amiable personality and health dilemma but his faithfulness and willingness to ncourage his parents to seek a relationship with God There is a powerful theme of forgiveness and grace not just for others but for oneself I always appreciate the depth in this author s storiesI received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions in this review are my own With author Courtney Walsh s latest release we return to the fiction. Nd the man responsible for shattering her heart sixteen years ago When Josh Dixon walked out of Harbor Pointe he left behind his only shot at a real family Now a successful tech mogul the town rebel has found a cause Safe Words ensure his son’s recovery and prove to Carly and Jaden that he’s not the same guy he was back then Carly and Josh are forced to wade through messymotions and ues.

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