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Ires new security detail in the form of FOUR super hot and badass guys to protect and take care of her things finally start to look up She meets them for the first time when she s seventeen and also on her mothers funeral Butterflies dance in my stomach and my heart clenches in my chestThey re my homeSebastian Ford Leo and ZacGod I love themMine Fast forward six years later she s grown close to all the four guys Sebastian Ford Cleo and Zac Being in close proximity with them they have become her confidants ach making her happy and cared for in their own ways They Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows even star in all her fantasies all the while not knowing that they feel the same way One chancencounter lines become blurry and they are no longer able to conceal their desires the tension could be cut with a knife So feral and claimingI ve never been fucked like thisIt s overwhelming and amazing Like when Ford had his way with me And when Leo fingered me in the Tahoe These menthey sate me My guys have finally given me what I ve always neededEverything When an attack on her life forces them into hiding away from the world together there s no way lines will not be crossed It was only a matter of time It was so fucking hot to watch when things started to heat up with the guys one by one it was simply addictive and I couldn t wait to see how much dirtier it could get And it was a lot steamier than I imagined I was a sobbing mess for The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) each of the guys honestly They all were so bloody hot and sexy I only wanted It was hard to choose one No wonder Clove wanted them all You could tell just how much they cared and loved her She seemed their whole world There was nothing they wouldn t do for her They simply worshipped her The way they took charge of her in the bedroom it was FIRE Their dirty talk the dominating way they commanded her manhandled her pushed her limits it was all too much You re a motherfucking animal Ford says clasping my shoulder I m going to take a shower but whenever that happens he waves at my fist and then her used up pussy don t fucking start without me Clove syes are wide as she looks up at me understanding my intent and motives without having to speak them One day I tell her with a wink Patience brat Sebastian The leader of the group and the oldest He was both intense and caring I always looked forward when they spent time together In the beginning when he would get jealous it was both funny and hot to watch Ford The dirty fucker The one who would take her shopping and make her laugh Carefree but oh so alpha in the bedsheets I swooned so hard whenever he called her lucky Leo The funny one The one could melt her anger Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, easily He was the naughty one for sure The one who peppered her a lot and was always there to comfort her and protect her Zac The kinky fucker The most intense and silent one in the group His one wink said a lot I don t know why but I like the uiet ones a lot The way he pushed her and took charge and gave the best dirty talk I fell hard for his wicked ways much like clove did Can you taste me on him I whisperZac growls behind me Dirty fucking girl Look at yougging on shit you have no business A Fairly Honourable Defeat egging on When I freeze Zac laughs I didn t say I didn t like it You re our nasty girl Your curiosity is hot as fuck Zac says pinching my nipples Good because I want you to lick us both Seb Make us come together over your tongue I urge making them all groan in union The best part were the intimate scenes This duo s mind is somethinglse It had the filthiest scenes I have ver read They started so innocent and naughty and soon turned hardcore I have never suirmed or blushed so much while reading a book I was so ngrossed The heat alone was five out of five Who knew foursome could be this hot and Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue easy on theyes I wholeheartedly recommend this to all the my GR friends It has tons of steam suspense and so many feels Get your hands on this one you won t be disappointed These guys will set your phone or kindle on fire I always want to read the writing of Ker Dukey and K Webster but the two of them together Hell yes Bring it on That said I was a bit disappointed with this one and I know it has The Man Without a Face everything to do with myxpectation and nothing with these amazing writers Besides this being a panty melting reverse harem there is not much of a real story Share Me is a uick hot sexy as fuck read that will leave you hot and bothered I was Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) expectingither a MFM or MMF story but got a whole lot of the MM s Since reverse harem reads are not my choice of read I still am giving this 3 simply because of the dynamic duo Part of Dukey Webster s KKinky Reads collectio. Uded and alone lines blur and control uickly loses to needSomeone is trying to snuff out my life but they may not get the chance if I’m devoured whole by my saviors fir.

3 StarsARC Generously Provided by AuthorsK Webster happens to be one of my favorite authors She can take my mind to some pretty dark places but she also has written some fabulous romantic comedies She tends to write a lot of seriously dirty Gone (Gone, erotic novellas and SHARE ME falls in the last category I m almost always automatically signing up to review her books It s like a reflex I can t control I saw a teaser but didn t really pay attention to the blurb I wasxpecting an MFM romance but instead I found myself reading a reverse harem story I ve never read a romance between one woman and four men Let me just say there isn t much of a story to be had here just some truly Threads Of The Shroud erotic and downright dirty sexy timesI can tven say this All Seated on the Ground ever was a fantasy of mine and I m not sure how a normal woman could possibly handle four men all at once A porn star maybe Is itven possible to love four men at the same time What man would want to share one woman with three other dudes Have any of these people heard of using a condom There is never a mention of wearing protection and I don t recall Clove Untitled. ever saying she was on birth control This was just an out of control nevernding orgy I m not going to lie the sex is super hot but this really isn t my favorite trope and there was a little journey into the MM side which I did not love at all That being said I Wiring ended up reading thentire story and my Against All Odds eyes might have popped out uite a few times The book isntertaining but definitely Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage eye rolling inducing as well This is purely meant to be a guilty pleasure read and it does it serves its purposeHere are my overall ratingsHeroes 3Heroine 2Plot 2Angst 1Steam 5Chemistry Between Heroes Heroine 5 SHARE ME releases on May 9th Genre Erotica Reverse HaremType Book 1 of KKinky Reads collectionPOV First Person MultipleRating Clove Sterling always had someone arranging her life As the daughter of a high profile politicianverything was about maintaining an image and safety with a security team comprised of four men that looked out for her After a traumatic The DOS event the team took her to a secluded secured location where the close contact making the heat between them too much to ignore If she s going to carry on a sexual relationship with four men all at once then she s going to have to tr For the most part Injoyed this story So why not stars you may ask Wellsome of the dramas just felt a tad forced and in parts a little pointless Rachel the Against All Odds ex I m looking at you I absolutely LOVED the four guys Seb Leo Ford and Zac they were my favourite part of the whole bookClove not so much Knowing how awesome KWeb is at writing MM I kind of hoped that the story would go down that route a little but alas it did notI think it s safe to say that SHARE ME was one of those books that I didn t hate but I wasn t madly in love with itither I really like this author pairing so I was Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism excited to see how they would handle a reverse harem book And I liked it As you can imagine they packed it full of dirty nasty sex But there was also a fairly decent storyline as well All four guys were smokin hot and sexy as fuck and the heroine was uite likable and not a virginthank god However I wasn t a fan of the clich OW drama Both these authors are fantastic writers and they don t need to fall back on overused clich OW stuff to make a story awesome It honestly just made me roll myyes because the whole scenario was one I have read in about 5000 other romance books at this point Plus the whole besties thing at the Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils end was ridiculous But as I am always saying I am WAY over OW stuff in my romance books at this point I m sure it won t bother many people and that is fine Toach their own rightOverall though this was a great read and I am dying to get my hands on CHOKE ME 3 Sexfest Stars Reverse Harem romances are not for veryone as its predictably a sexfest Although Share Me is no different we at least get an njoyable storylineClove Sterling is only 17 years old when she inherits her four saviours better known as her security team As the daughter of a politician Clove hasn t had a typical upbringing because she s been groomed for the limelightIntegral Defense Security have been hired to protect Clove SterlingThe teamFord CrossLeo King Sebastian Constantine Zac StoneFast forward 6 years Clove is a young woman starved of attention affection and sexual gratificationFour men that ually adore and lust after Clove and her golden vaginaThis story started strong the plot line interesting Unfortunately once the 5 of them gave into the temptation there was an abundance of polyamorous loving Can one actuall. From international bestselling authors Ker Dukey and K Webster comes a steamy reverse harem standalone story from their KKinky Reads collection They have one jobKeep me

Y say too mu Reverse harem and a bodyguard themeClove is a girl in danger and Seb Leo Ford and Zac are her security detail for the past six yearsLots of sexual tension and when the five of them nd up alone running away from a murderer they will not hesitate to Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, explore these feelings of lustThere is no serious plot and there is also an other woman drama that got in my nerves I also did not particularly liked Clove The guys were interesting but after a while there all looked the same to me I couldn t distinguish which one s point of view I was readingI believe for a hot boring summer night it is an okay read Share Me by K Webster and Ker Dukey is the first book from their steamy KKinky Reads collection It s a change your panties when you re done reverse harem standalone involving a politician s daughter and her security team If you vever read anything by the K Webster and Ker Dukey dream team you know they do steam well and this book is no The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, exception Clove Sterling has lived her life in a bubble trying her best to be the perfect daughter When her mother dies unexpectedly her father hires a security team for protection She uickly develops a crush on her sexy bodyguards but the guys always keep things professional between them Seven years later Clove s life is in jeopardy and the team is there to keep her safe After whisking her away to a tiny secluded cabin in the woods the sexual tension between them becomes too much to bear One indiscretion leads to another and soon she s being shared by 4 gorgeous alphas Now that she s had a taste of her greatest fantasy she never wants it to stop Sharing Me is a uick hot read that will leave you craving If you re a reverse harem fan you know there are different kinds of stories in this subgenre There are the super slow burns that take anntire book for just a kiss the books that take several books to develop believable and meaningful relationships between the characters with kissing and sex sprinkled throughout the way it would be in a regular romance novel and the books that are Turbulence erotica than romance This book falls into the latter category It s a light read with scorching hot scenes that will have you grabbing your significant other or your battery operated boyfriend when you reach thend If you re a fan of the authors Tropical Bioproductivity erotica or reverse harem I recommend this one to you There are tiny bits of mm action like touching and licking though no sex or side relationships occur between the heroes Clove Sterling has been sheltered herntire life by her politician father For the past six years her four security guards kept careful watch and also became her confidantes Currently at 23 years old Clove wants to act on her fantasies and make all four guys her own in Elizabeth Ann Seton every way When a threat arises Clove believes this may be her chance I m going to combust No same person could survive these men You d have to be a saint not to want them I m no saint Being a reverse harem theme in the KKinky Reads collection I wasxpecting a dirty story The kinkery was definitely hot with Clove being wanton and all four guards filling her to the brim yet I was 5 Sharing has never been so hot stars But these guys no these virile men stare at me as though my depravity is something to be worshipped and adored It has me tapping into my bravery I m not William s prissy girlfriend any I m not Dad s little media princessI am theirsTheir woman Their whore Their dirty dirty girl Read 2019Re read 30th July 2020GODThis was the Hottest Filthiest Smutty Book Die Postmoderne Konstellation ever I mean the fact that I had the craving to read it again should tell you as much This duo always delivers when it comes to smutty read and should come with a warning to have anxtra pair of panties cause you ll definitely need a change while reading this one I have read my fair share of reverse harem and this one is the best and my favourite to this day The heroine had chemistry with all the four heroes I connected to them all Not only that the plot was just as good with twists and turns to keep things interesting Safe from what I manage to croak a rogue tear slipping from my yeThe man who caught me outside and guided me into the car reaches forward and with a slow and precise movement swipes the tear with the pad of his thumb from my cheek From the wolves trying to take a bite he answers with a smile his hand lingering on my skin a second longer than necessary Clove has spent all her life being in the media and in the shadow of her father s career who is a politician and is on his way to the White House She s always felt a little lonely and ignored but when her father AfeBut none of us are safe against the allure we have when we're togetherControl and professionalism used to be something they prided themselves onBut now that we're secl.

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