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America was most definitely at war now the only uncertainty was what step they d be forced to take next to keep their country safe Loved it 5 stars for this wonderful story of determination loyalty and friendshipWhen two sisters and their best friend join the Army Corp as nurses they feel l Grace and April two sisters from Oregon join the nurse corps and are osted to Pearl Harbor in early 1941 It seems like Good Witch, Bad Witch paradise but of course the reader knows what is coming They meet up with another military nurse Eva and all become friends bonding over many tragedies and triumphs I found thelot somewhat contrived they re supposedly in the military but there seems to be very little mention of it Grace is said to be sueamish around blood wouldn t someone have noted that in her training and addressed it I think I was the wrong reader for this novel I love well researched historical fiction and this seemed like a World War II romance The Girls of Pearl Harbour by Soraya M Lane is a beautifully written story about four nurses facing the bombing of Pearl harbour Sisters Grace and April and their best friend Poppy and new friend Eva When they first arrive at Pearl Harbour they think that they are all on a long holiday and that America will not go to war and they will be just fixing cuts and bruises They spend their downtime on the beach and chatting up the GI s But they couldn t be wrong when Sunday came and Grace April and Poppy walking in the sunshine hears a rumble Suddenly they realise the The Tokyo Zodiac Murders planes flying towards them are not American but Japanese Thelanes are so close they can see the evil smiles of the Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances pilots when thelanes are flying by They realise they are at war They lose a lot of Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten people that day eveneople close to them and they realise that their lives are going to be different from now onThis is the first book from the author that I have read and it won t be my last This is a moving story of four nurses in WW2 at Pearl harbour and then moving to Africa The story showed not only what the nurses had to go through but also the atrocities that the soldiers had to go through in the war and who died and who lived It was uite heart breaking This had a great story line and very likeable characters I loved it I will definitely be looking out for books from this author The Girls of Pearl Harbor by Soraya M Lane is a great historical fiction novel focussing on three women sisters Grace and April and their new friend and fellow nurse Eva as they all make their way in finding themselves their destinies and each other during WWII This sweeping novel starts a month Boneshaker (BA 43-500, prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and continues onwardI liked the main characters and the development maturity and changes they all go through as they experience trauma stress and the world I enjoyed the interactions and relationships they developed with each other and others The dynamics kept the book interesting I enjoyed some of thelot twists and I felt that the ending was appropriate and comforting I think I like most of all that the characters were imperfect and slightly flawed making them realistic and relatable and that they were all strong and rose to the challenges facing them as the novel rogressesI have to admit I have read all of Ms Lane s HF novels and have enjoyed every one This newest installment is also a winner and most certainly delivers55 starsThank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for this ARC and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinion The Girls Of Pearl Harbor is a wonderful book about three young nurses working in Hawaii two sisters April and Grace are army corps nurses and their new friend Eva is a nurse in the navy In their spare time girls enjoy everything. From the bestselling author of Wives of War comes a harrowing tale of four brave young nurses whose lives change forever in the wake of the 1941 attack on Pearl HarborWhen Grace April and Poppy join the US Army Nurse Corps they see it as little than an adventure one made all the better by their first station Pearl Harbor Hawaii Joined at th.

The island has to offer and it s a adventure in aradise They enjoy going to the beach swimming and the attention of so many young handsome menOf course they have no idea their world is about to change when on the 7th of December 1941 the Japanese army bomb Pearl Harbor the three nurses lives are changed forever and nothing could CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition prepare them for what happens during and after they attack The damage to Pearl Harbor is massive buildings ships andlanes are destroyed by bombs and are on fire They had no warning about Japanese forces attacking the island the girls are caught up in a battle zone of flying bullets bombs landing The Ornament (Ornament, patients with terrible wounds burns and the severe loss of life They also feel very vulnerable after the attack being stranded in Hawaii they have no idea if the Japanese would return and attack the now isolated islandAfter the attack on Pearl Harbor America declares war against the Japanese and joins the allied forces fighting in WW II Grace April and Eva decide to leave Hawaii and they volunteer to go to North AfricaHere the nurses are working in veryrimitive conditions the hospital is made up of a series of tents the food is horrible the water is foul flies drive them crazy they can t have a roper bath toilet facilities are a long drop and it s also stinking hot All three women have their own ersonal issues to deal with they have all experienced loss grief and one had a difficult childhood They re all effected by their work as nurses the terrible injuries soldiers with shell shock the constant danger a nasty doctor lack of sleep one very difficult Rant patient and theoverty of the local Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM peopleThe Girls Of Pearl Harbor takes you on a emotional journey it s a story about how friends can help each other cope during tough times young nurses growing up and becoming strong independent women once the war is over they will choose to follow their dreams one decides study to be a doctor and they all fall in love Thank you Publishing UK for my digital copy NetGalley and Soraya M Lane for writing another brilliant book I have read and enjoyed herrevious books Wives Of War Hearts Of Resistance and The Spitfire GirlsI loved The Girls Of Pearl Harbor I gave it 5 big stars I shared my review on Australia Twitter Goodreads and my bloghttpskarrenreadsbooksblogspotcom Wow While reading The Girls of Pearl Harbor I literally felt like I was right there with Grace April Poppy and Eva The tragedy the heartache the bravery I felt it all and I can t imagine what it was like to actually be there living through itFollowing along with these girls and their journey through war was such an adventure From the beautiful waters of Hawaii to the unbelievable living conditions when the Americans joined the war was such a shock also think the author did an amazing job with giving you some true events mixed in with everything else It gave me so much respect for the nurses during WWII and even the nurses that serve right now They really do make such a difference and Lane really brought a highlight to itI loved watching all the characters grow while reading The Girls of Pearl Harbor They were forced to be strong to stand their ground and become women who have to make tough uick decisionsMy love for historical fiction just keeps growing and growing and not only was this a great historical fiction novel but it also had lots of drama and even hints of romance which you know is just all together my cup of teaSo if you re looking for a great historical fiction novel with a little bit of jazz then The Girls of Pearl Harbor is for you I defiantly recommend it Thank you to Netgalley and the Challenged to Win publisher for a copy to review My review is mixed on this one I believe this is simply a matter of reader. E hip idealistic Grace exuberant Poppy and brave but haunted April frolic in the sun attendingarties flirting with the handsome soldiers and becoming fast friends with seasoned nurse Eva Like the Hawaiian sun their future seems warm and bright until the infamous morning of December 7Within just a few horrifying hours their sparkling hopes.

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Novel mismatch occurring at the wrong time When I reuested The Girls of Pearl Harbor from Net Galley I had two goals in mind to learn the details of the events at Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941 and to get I just finished The Girls of Pearl Harbor by Soraya Lane It does not disappoint Lane captures the realities of war through the eyes of sisters Grace and April early on Poppy and another nurse Eva who they meet when they are stationed in Pearl Harbor about one month before December 7 For one month it is all fun and games Everything changes the morning of December 7 Heartache and the need to do their duty is elouently shown by the author Each of the characters deal with insurmountable horror in a different way I like that the story alternates Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons point of view between the three main characters I felt like I was in the room with each of them as the storyrogresses Romance grief the need to ut aside ersonal The Color of a Leader problems to help others is evident The second half of the book takes the girls to North Africa I think Laneresents a realistic icture of the horrors of war and the reality of saving lives and carrying on Thank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review America was most definitely at war now the only uncertainty was what step they d be forced to take next to keep their country safe Loved it 5 stars for this wonderful story of determination loyalty and friendshipWhen two sisters and their best friend join the Army Corp as nurses they feel lucky to be stationed in beautiful Hawaii They strike up a friendship with another nurse stationed on a nearby Navy ship The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor soon after their arrival The scene the author set of the destruction and deaths felt very real as if seeing it with your own eyes These women stayed strong showed kindness and gave hope to the injured soldiers in their care even though they knew many wouldn t make it The women were then sent to Africa to set up a medical hospital once again the women are at the frontline being bombarded with bombs and gunfire where the smell of death ermeates the air Told in alternating storylines we also see romance bloom under the sadness and terrible losses of wartime The Girls of Pearl Harbor is a beautiful heartfelt book I highly recommend A fantastic storyThanks to the Dusk (Rosales Saga, publisher and NetGalley for kindly sharing a review copy with me All opinions are my own TheGirlsOfPearlHarbor NetGalley WEE SMALLSIt was 2 am in Cincinnati when I read this gripping WWII novel on the attack that changed America foreverSOBBINGBut I swear I heard the roar of Japanese fighterlanes felt my heart seize as I tried to outrun bullets gasped as I saw severed limbs and lives sounds and sights that won t leave I held my breath for chapters and when I finally broke free I just wanted my husband to console me as I sobbed and sobbedHEART TORNThis heart rending novel follows the lives and loves of four young nurses who d thought their Hawaii assignment was Edenic until Hell opened up on December 7 1941 during Japan s stealth attack that George Washingtons Secret Six propelled a reluctant US into war It has done to educate me about the devastating impact of Pearl Harbor than any other book save BROTHERS DOWN the true recounting of the deaths of 63 brothers aboard the USS Arizona that dayFICTION VS FACTSometimes fiction gives flesh to events in ways thature history can t and I found that to be the case with THE GIRLS OF PEARL HARBOR I highly recommend this riveting novel for lovers of historical fiction and drama laced romance with 55 Enthusiastic Stars Pub Date 10 Sep 2019Thanks to Soraya M Lane Publishing UK and NetGalley for the review copy Opinions are mine TheGirlsOfPearlHarbor NetGalley SorayaMLane. Turn to black rubble and ash Now embroiled in a war they never could have imagined they must decide what truly matters to them and face grief as they never have before Death may await them but so do hope and urpose In the midst of the carnage can they find happiness and learn to fight not just for their country’s honor but for themselve.

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