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Or n recently returned books I also love the The Empress idea ofnventing a story to go along with a postcard Postcards are pretty small so there s never really much of a message as far as length The Celestial Necklace is concerned Contents another story These authors and Part-Time Gods (DFZ illustrators really proved that a lot can be readnto a small message I truly loved about half of the book and the other half I liked I can honestly say there weren t any stories Star Wars Trilogy Sourcebook Special Edition in this anthology that I didn t enjoy to some ext A really cool anthology concept you take some of the hottestndy talents around give them an old timey postcard and have them craft a story based on the piece of mail Editor and writer Jason Rodriguez Eat That Frog! is an amateur deltiologist he collects postcards Taking from his personal collection he assigned some of his peers to create stories that might be true but aren t necessarily Some of the stories are based solely on themage on the front of the postcard Some epics Secret Alpha (A is for Alpha Male, involved only the shorts messages scribed on the back and a couples a combination of both front mage locale and on the back greeting Accepting Rodrigeuz s challenge nclude Michael Gaydos Stuart Moore Phillip Hester and underground comix legend Harvey Pekar There s a real mix of themes and em Postcards The Complete Idiots Guide to Decluttering isn t a single graphic novel Rathert The Pregnancy Encyclopedia is sixteen graphic short stories Jason Rodriguez gave an old postcard to sixteen different writer and artist teams to see what they could create given thenformation contained on their card The stories Heartland includedn this volume are Blue by Chris Stevens and Gia Bao Tran Time by Tom Beland Meet Me Tonight Todo Mafalda in Dreamland by Jay Busbee and Tony Fleecs Taken on Faith by Ande Parks and Joseph Bergin III Send Louis His Underwear by Matt Dembicki and Jason Copland Res Libero by A David Lewis and Danielle Corsetto Homesick by Joshua Fialkov and Micah Farritor Cora s Dress by James W Powell and Drew Gilbert A Joyous Eastertide by Phil Hester Tic Tac Bang Bang by Stuart Moore and Michael Gaydos uarantined by Jason RJ Rodriguez and Seamus Heffernan Best Side Out by Antony Johnston and Noel Tuazon Intersections by Neil Kleid and Jake Allen The Midnight Caller by Robert Tinnell and Brandon Brian Fraim Operation Torch by Rick Spears and Rob G A History of a Marriage by Harvey Pekar Joyce Brabner and Matt KindtFrom this diverse list my favorites are Blue forts magical take on an old memory Send Louis His Underwear for Hands-On Reinforcement Learning with Python: Master reinforcement and deep reinforcement learning using OpenAI Gym and TensorFlow its gory counterpoint between the humorous text and the pictures and A History of a Marriage forts bittersweet look at widower s recollection of his marriageAs the postcards used Simple Cake in the book were all very old mostly dating from the 1910s the stories freuently deal with death and loss It s only natural to see ghostsn ephemeraPostcards s now nominated for an Eisner Award Read the details on Jason Rodriguez s blog The uality of art and storytelling was nconsistentBlue good art but felt like Captain Marvel Little Golden Book ithe story was trying to come off as deepnstead of just being so 3Time I love Tom Beland great art and great story 5Meet me n dreamland I like what the story addresses view spoiler two women from different classes n love hide spoiler. Each to craft a story about the person who sent Eat. Cook. L.A. it The results a vividly 7 Lessons from Heaven imagined gorgeously rendered graphic anthologyllustrating tales of romance adventure hardship and mystery In Postcards these gifted artists share some of the richest and most nventive work of their careers From the Hardcover edition.

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I m surprised by the number of negative reviews for this book t was a bit of a tough call for me to put 45 rather 55 Tragedy, the Greeks, and Us in fact I picked this book up and flipped to one of the many sad moving stories andmmediately bought Wounded Planet it as a gift for my then boyfriend now husband It s true many of the stories are sad but I find this makes sense with the medium they re derived from postcards of people that the artists don t know almost all of whom have certainly died and a sense of loss and missed connection between the present day reader of the card and the unknown author I think thisnevitably results The Parade in a sober view That said many of the stories are not just similarn that regard but a bit over the top dramatic and tragic which Moving Violations is where I deducted a star I think creativity could ve drawn out different types of stories evenf they all had this level of seriousnessI don t read a lot of graphic novels not now at least but I really enjoyed the artwork styles and liked the fact that they fit well with each other I also appreciated being able to see the postcard at the beginning of each story but I would ve rather had a full page view of the postcard so that I could read and appreciate the postcard better rather than having the editor s comments about and reason for picking that card which were often redundant Tl dr This anthology T. S. Eliots Dialectical Imagination is a pleasure to read and have ands a nice gift for anyone whether or not they re Smilodon into graphic novels because the contents universal sentimental and lovely True Stories That Never Happened The Fall of the Romanovs is a graphic novel short story collection built around a premise that I love each author or collaborative teamn the collection was given a vintage postcard and then asked to write a story about how the postcard came to beThe trouble with postcards Otherworldly Politics is that they re too short What s there time to say really Hello how are you all s well see you soonAnd that s the trouble with the short stories tooIt s not so much that the 16 stories are bad though a couple are or boring though a few of them are It s that all of them drift towards the predictable For everyday life to looknteresting we have to see enough of Black Soundscapes White Stages it to appreciate the tension the characters feelI think about American Splendor Harvey Pekar s opus Here we see Harvey frettings way through life his bills his marriage his job his art Any of them would be boring without the context that helps us understand that Harvey Wholly Unraveled is consumed by being HarveyAnd I don t get that feeling from than one or two of these stories The best one Joshua Hale Fialkov and Micah Farritor s Homesick follow a couple trying to live the sweet lifen Paris during the Great Depression The tension between the husband and wife Bicycle Utopias is palpable the realization that the dream they have achieved might not be a thing that can make them both happy and the unspoken wondering whent will end and howI also enjoyed The Midnight Caller s Holiday Management Planning for Cultural Heritage in Hades by Robert Tinnell andllustrated by Brendand and Brian Fraim about a superhero told A Cultural History of Animals and Their Meat in the style of an old time radio broadcase Tom Beland s Time about a man who knows hes about to die and how he has come to peace with that. “The Epistemology as Theology inventive writers andllustrators who crafted these transporting stories just may convince you to trash your BlackBerry and buy some stamps”–Frank Warren author of PostSecretYou’ve seen them at flea markets and Fire Horses in antiue shops and used book stores across the country Vintage postcardsnscribed wi.

Offers the sort of vanilla heaven that plagues The Night Bookmobile but at least I was Edoardo Sanguineti interestedn the charactersWhich Dkfindout! Space Travel is sadly than I can say for the rest of the collection A great premisenexpertly executed With this book I was looking at the Las aventuras de Huckleberry Finn (PENGUIN CLSICOS) illustrationstory design style of a variety of authors andllustrators Viva México in one collection to see what appealed to me and what didn t I m still figuringt out but I think I m drawn to a simple rather than busy frame but with the comics style of text with thoughtspeechdescription bubbles rather than a bunch of typed text at the bottom of a frame I really don t like drawings that are full of black RHS The Magic and Mystery of Trees ink and lots of motionn a small frame because I find The Energy Secret it hard to followTh I liked the premise of this book than I liked the booktselfPremise The editor offered real postcards old ones that had been sent through the mail to comic book writers and A Fistful of Shells illustrators The writers let theirmaginations run wild Understanding Folk Religion in writing storiesnspired by the messages written on the postcards The UNLAWFUL KILLING illustrators did the art workThe book was a good read a good way to pass the time but I didn t find anythingn Hello English Grade 3f Students Book Tal Edition it spectacular A group of graphic writers take old postcards and extrapolate what their lives were about This a wonderful book of vignettes mini graphic novels perhaps the euivalent of short storiesnspired by antiue post cards the editor began picking up at antiue stores The messages which he likened to texts English Unlimited Level 4 Coursebook Special Edition Saudi Edition in an era before the widespread adoption of telephony were often cryptic but part of an ongoing conversation or perhaps were the turning pointn peoples lives Some of these stories these writers and artists produced were so moving I found myself crying stories of messages sent home masking the reality of what the sender was going through or a card sent to a buddy who was no longer alive or a card sent by a soldier who had just landed Hudsons Building And Engineering Contracts in North Africa Both the artwork and the writing are of exceptional uality the editor truly assembled anncredible line up of talent and the talent came through Serenity -- Rave-N-Rant in researching reconstructing and creating stories that skillfully tiento the postcards I definitely recommend this book to anyone If You Could See What I See it s definitely different ast s created almost as a memorial resurrecting the Runaway Saint imagined lives of these random people who left brief traces of their existencesn postcards the editor picked up at antiue stores None of these stories disappoint they are all wonderfully creative and t s also fascinatingengrossing to see how each creative team dealt with the challenge of the cards This s a uniue production really remarkable and definitely worth reading I m kind of disappointed that this book has so many negative reviews for this anthology because I really enjoyed Killing Christians it I workn a library and as everybody knows who has ever worked Objective Proficiency Teachers Book in a library you come across a lot of found objects mostly because people forget to check the books they re returning for their book markers playing cards bills odd rambling letters and on occasion a postcard That s kind of why I liked this book so mucht reminds me of my shelving days and finding things n the stacks. Th handwritten notes evocative messages that capture a thought an expression a concern a snapshot of someone’s life once upon a time Jason Rodriguez acclaimed editor of Elk’s Run collected a remarkable array of these correspondences dispersed them among thirty three of comics’ greatest creators and asked.

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Jason Rodriguez is a writer and editor whose books have been nominated for an Eisner Award and 8 Harvey Awards Jason is currently editing a three book series of graphic novel anthologies about colonial New England and the Mid Atlantic region for Fulcrum Publishing scheduled to start being released in 2014 His first sci fi book TRY LOOKING AHEAD will be released Spring 2015 from Rosarium Publi