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Ems a mixed bag But I also really like these Everyman s Library Pocket Poet anthologies As a birder I have a good knowledge of birds and have certain impressions So it s hard for me to get excited about poems about vultures or gulls oves Some of my views about certain species are at odds with the poets Other poems are uite good Hall s Short Circuit or Thomas The Owl or Merwin s Fly to name a few An Ojibwa song called The Loon Upon the Lake is especially beautiful A couple of the poems are very old and written in middle English Chaucer I found these hard to understand If you like birds and poetry then this small book is for you Recommended I The Friend Zone don t read enough poetry This is an anthology of bird poems by all the best poets It served as my minimum yearlyosage of poetry There are a few snippets I would like to include when there is time. On the sandpiper; Rilke on flamingoes; Margaret Atwood on vultures; the Bible on the ostrich; Sylvia Plath on the owl; Melville on the hawk; Yeats on wild swans; Virgil on the harpies; Thomas Hardy on the arkling thrush; and Wallace Stevens on thirteen ways of looking at a blackbir.

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A Alpha (Shifters, delightful concept especially for those who find birds fascinating and inspiring Poems are further categorized by types of bird or ideas around birds such as nests There is an index by author in the back I am sad to say that Iid not find as many poems that I liked as I hoped and thought I would I guess I just have to start writing of my own In the meantime I ll keep this one to open on occasion and reflect on some particular bird for whom I have gained a new appreciation Marvelous selection Gives a taste of some of the best known poets throughout history Wordsworth Plath Whitman Keats Clampitt and a few new favorites Very charming and I highly recommend the Everyman s Pocket Poets series overall I cannot wait to add a few of their books to my collection wonderful anthology of verse Take out most of the 20th century crap posing From backyard to barnyard from hawks to hummingbirds from pelicans to peacocks from Coleridge's albatross to Keats's nightingale to Poe's raven all manner of feathered beings the inspiration for poetic flights of fancy through the ages are gathered together in this elightful volume.

S poetry and you have a five star book A nice book to read on Mary Oliver s birthday A fair collection of poems about birds Mind you not all poems I felt successfully brought across the marvels of birds or birds at all The few that Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex did were very wellone This was a gift from a Graphic Design For Everyone dear friend She knew that I love poetry and birds It has all my old favorites of poems about birds and oodles of those I had never read This is a great way to get introduced to other authors It is small enough to put in your purse so that you can read from it when you wait and comes with ribbon to mark your place It is a wonderful little book This is a wonderful little book packed full of great poems about birds of all types The book isivided into sections such as The Backyard The Hawk and Legendary and Emblematic Birds Poems incl I found this book of po. Some of the winged treasures Emily Dickinson on the jay; Gertrude Stein on pigeons; Seamus Heaney on turkeys; Tennyson on the eagle; Spenser on the merry cuckoo; Amy Clampitt on the whippoorwill; Po Chü i on cranes; John Updike on seagulls; WS Merwin on the uck; Elizabeth Bishop.

McClatchy is an adjunct professor at Yale University and editor of the Yale Review He also edits the Voice of the Poet series for Random House AudioBooksHis book Hazmat Alfred A Knopf 2002 was nominated for the 2003 Pulitzer Prize He has written texts for musical settings including eight opera libretti for such composers as Elliot Goldenthal Daron Hagen Lowell Liebermann Lorin Maazel