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Tion and copyrighted to me but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators This is the first compiled short Christmas stories volume that I ve read and I really enjoyed it It didn t seem to matter where a person was in the series Each book just fit in well In the Twelve Desserts of Christmas by Joanne Fluke we met Matt and Julie a couple of love struck teachers who volunteered to stay with some kids at boarding school over Christmas There was no murder but it was a fun little mystery that Hannah got involved in since she was baking cookies and desserts for the kids and the two teachers I enjoyed all these short story characters a lot After reading Nightmare on Elf Street by Laura Levine I was laughing so much that I just knew I wanted to start reading the Jaine Austen series soon Oh my goodness the descriptions of some of the funny scenes had me laughing out loud especially when Jaine s cat Prozac got loose at the mall This was a good murder mystery There weren t a lot of suspects and I was a little suspicious of who ended p being the killer The third story The Christmas Thief by Leslie Meier focused on Elizabeth Stone Lucy s daughter that we don t really read much about in the books that are about their daily lives I just knew that Lucy would come to her rescue when poor Elizabeth was accused of being in on the theft of a mega valuable jewel collection at the hotel where she worked Miss Tilley came along I just love this lady and the 90 something s computer skills definitely came in handy in sifting out a perp Elizabeth got a very happy ending out of the little story These three stories just showed how very different Christmas celebrations can be but the main thing with people is being around those they love or in Jaine s case a pet she loves Despite Prozac being crazy kitty from Elm Street sometimes she loves the little bugger a lot I loved this book Great story The stories were cute Love Joanne fluke books Haven t read much by Laura Levine and Leslie Meier Christmas Sweets is an enjoyable book of short stories by three well known women authors who write cozy mysteriesThe Twelve Desserts of Christmas by Joanne FlukeThis holiday short story is perfect for any Hannah Swensen fans as well as anyone looking for some holiday recipes as those are included at the endTwo boarding school teachers must spend their Christmas holiday at the school taking care of students who had no where else to go They begin to fall in love but someone isn t too happy about this and wants to keep them apart It is Desire Island - The Niece up to Hannah to both snoop and bake to find out who is behind trying to break the twop Will Hannah armed with both wonderful easy to follow recipes and her disposition to solving crimes help love win outNightmare on Elf Street by Laura LevineHaving never read a cozy by Laura Levine I found this short story to be my favorite It is very comical and I assure cat lovers you will enjoy this as well Jaine Austin is looking for work Any work She finds a job working as an elf at a local mall Between the hideous elf costume and one of the Santa s not being very nice Jaine is miserable When she decides to take her cat Prozac to the mall to have holiday pictures taken things go cat crazy thanks to Prozac During the chaos Santa is murdered by a tree ornament Jaine soon discovers she is the prime suspect Now she must catch the Santa killer before they catch her The Christmas Thief by Leslie MeierAll Elizabeth Stone wants for Christmas is to go home to Tinker s Cove Maine and see her family Elizabeth works at a lavish resort in Florida When she finds out all vacations have been cancelled due to a very expensive posh party which was suddenly booked she is beyond disappointed Then during the party one of the pieces of expensive jewelry goes missing and Elizabeth becomes the prime suspect in the heist Afraid of losing her job she is banned from the establishment Sweet Valentine until the case is solved She doesn t know where to turn Enter her mother Lucy Stone and friend Miss Tilley who fly in from Maine and take charge Between the three of them will they be able to convince the police Elizabeth is innocentI found the short stories to be full of cheer wit mayhem and of course mystery A lovely cozy to read with some apple cider and one of Hannah s cookiesThank you NetGalley Kennsington JoanneFluke ChristmasSweets for the advanced copy. AS THIEF by LESLIE MEIER Elizabeth Stone is ready for a white Christmas in Tinker's Cove Mainentil a fancy Yule ball at the Florida hotel where she works dumps snow on her plans The sponsor's jewels have gone missing and the police are asking about her ties to a cute mystery guest Good thing Elizabeth's mother Lucy Stone flew down to surprise her ʼTis the season for a little investigating Includes Luscious Holiday Recipes.

Ut rather the story of two young teachers and their six students at a boarding school not far from Lake Eden Hannah Swensen is hired to make cookies and deserts for them over the Christmas season and the young couple is falling in love The second book is The Rancher and the City Girl uite amusing a Jaine Austen book Jaine gets a temporary job at the Conspicuous Consumption Mall as a elf working with two different Santas When one is murdered Jaine is a suspect and has tose her sleuthing abilities to find the real killer In the third book Elizabeth Stone is working the Christmas season at a flashy hotel in Palm Beach Florida When an extremely wealthy man books the hotel for four days to have an OTT party Elizabeth is busy making arrangements with the party planner When the wife of the billionaire loses her jewelry at the blingy finale party Elizabeth is a suspect But when Lucy and Miss Tilly arrive they soon sort out the real thief Many thanks to NetGalley for an advance copy This is a book of three Christmas novellas In the first Twelve desserts of Christmas Hannah is helping out a friend of Andrea s by suppling desserts for a group of kids that have to stay at their boarding school over Christmas break A cute little romance sparks between the teachers that are chaperoning them A little mayhem happens in the form of three little mischievous boys a very cute read Next is Laura Levine s Nightmare on Elf Street Jaine gets a job at a Ice Wolves (Elementals, upscale mall as an elf for the holiday season She endsp with a nightmare of a Santa who scares most of the children So we the Santa ends Some Like It Hotter up dead she starts to investigate and of course there is a ton of suspects It was a niceick readThe last installment is Leslie Meier s A Christmas Thief This story has Elizabeth Lucy s daughter as the main sleuth Elizabeth is working at a high end hotel When expensive jewels go missing from the hotel safe Elizabeth becomes the prime suspect Her mother Lucy and Lucy s friend Miss Tilley fly to Florida to help her clear her name All three of these were cute fun reads Perfect for the holiday season I received this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review 4 stars to Leslie Meier s candy canes of christmas past a novella in the Lucy Stone mystery series What a fun book It started out a little concerning as 20% into this 100 page story there was no mystery yet but then it suddenly got cooking with tons of side stories Definite series readStory Lucy Stone is reminiscing one holiday with her children about her first Christmas with her eldest son when they lived in Maine They d just moved to town and knew very little folks having left a cushy life back in Manhattan Lucy meets the librarian and gifts her a glass candy cane that turns out to be remarkably similar to one located next to the librarian s mother when she was found dead at the bottom of the stairs 50 years ago Everyone thought it was her TB disease that caused the fall but her daughter the librarian suspected potential foul play Through various intro meetings with folks about town Lucy puts the puzzle together and learns who she thinks really killed the librarian s mother when she gets her Christmas present from her husbandStrengths 1 The concept of solving a 50 year old murder is great And it seems reasonable No one trying to kill her in the process It s just a light mystery with the readers and the characters getting the clues all at the same time I loved the approach2 The More Than a Convenient Bride (Texas Cattlemans Club: After the Storm use of side stories and meeting new friends works really well as a character study and intro for me I m not sure if this is a newer book in the series or an older one but I definitely will go back and read from the beginning Great family funSuggestions None yet it was that fun and readable Final Thoughts If you have an hour to spare and just want a light hearted puzzle to solve go for this oneAbout Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the whowhatwhenwhere and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original crea. He rescue armed with her sleuthing skills and twelve deliciously festive recipes NIGHTMARE ON ELF STREET by LAURA LEVINE Aside from the mortifying costume how bad can a gig as a mall Santa's elf be Jaine Austen finds out when she's teamedp with the Santa from Hell But things go from bad to worse when he's found murdered on the job and Jaine is a suspect Now all she wants for Christmas is to find the real killer THE CHRISTM.

An excellent book with three great stories involving three great female sleuths And even thought the Hannah Swensen story doesn t really involve a mystery it I read the second cozy novella by Laura Levine Nightmare on Elf Street It is absolutely hilarious with protagonist Jaine Austen and her cat Prozac When a mean mall Santa is murdered the last person I d suspect was the killer An enjoyable short read The other two novellas are from popular cozy series and hopefully just as delightful to readI won a copy of this book via a Goodreads Giveaway Thank you 3 good fun short stories I enjoyed each of these stories The first one was cute with lots of yummy sounding recipes the second kept me guessing and surprised me with the ending and the last was fun to see from a different point of view than is Marrying Well usually found in that series I was a little disappointed to discover that my annual dose of Hannah Swensen Christmas cheer was a recycled story published in Sugar Spice in 2006but while waiting for the next book in the series coming out in February 2020 I m willing to take any dose of Hannah that I can get Plus the book has two awesome Christmas theme cozy stories Laura Levine contributes a Jaine Austen holiday tale I have had the Jaine Austen series on my TBR shelf for a long time Gotta move itp to the top and start reading And Leslie Meier has a holiday Lucy Stone Christmas gift for readers OkHannah first of course The Twelve Desserts of Christmas Sugar Spice the book this story was originally published in is a collection of Christmas romance novellas so this story is romance angle than cozy mystery There are Tavern Wench uite a few recipes included and a bit of a mystery to solvebut it s mostly Christmas kissie face fun No dead bodies in this story Six students remain at the boarding school outside Lake Eden MN The kids are staying at the school for Christmas break so two teachers have to remain as well Is there romance in the air Maybebut someone really really wants to suash any chance of romance Hannah delivering lovely baked holiday cheer is on the case to find out the truth Cute story And there are of course 12 yummy recipes included as well Despite the fact I was disappointed this was not a new story it will still fun to read Nightmare on Elf Street Laura Levine jumps in after Joanne Fluke s tale with a story featuring Jaine Austen I have never read any of the series yet Most of the books have been on my TBR shelf waiting for me to get to them for several years now so this novella gave me a perfect jump start to move the series to the top of my to read listJaine heads to the local swankypscale mall hoping for an advertising job but somehow ends p dressed as an elf for the holiday season The only thing worse than dressing in striped tights and a hat with a fuzzy pompon isa dead santa Although it took awhile for the mystery to appear in this holiday story I enjoyed every bit of this holiday tale A horrible minimum wage gig that involves an elf costumea cat named Prozac who refuses to don reindeer antlers for a photoand a drunk nruly horrific santa claus What s not to love This story definitely earned the Jaine Austen series a higher spot on my TBR list Book one is sitting right at the tippy top Humorous and fun this story was an entertaining read The Christmas Thief Leslie Meier offers p a short mystery featuring her sleuth Lucy Stone Lucy and her friend Miss Tilley fly to Florida to help Elizabeth Stone out of a serious predicament Elizabeth has been put on leave at her job at a hotel in connection with some missing jewelry Not just any jewelry Very very expensive jewelry Millions of dollars Yikes Can the three ladies work together to salvage the holiday and keep Elizabeth out of troubleMy favorite story in this collection is Nightmare on Elf Street Just imagining Jaine Austen in that horrible costume having to deal with a nightmarish santa clausoh my The humor made the story entertaining and fun This story easily breezed by the recycled Hannah story because it s one I already read 13 years agoCute Christmas cozy collection And I will definitely be awaiting these holiday novella collections each holiday season It s become a reading tradition for meI voluntarily read an advance readers copy of this book from Kensington via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own This was a sweet read for fans of these authors The first book was not a murder mystery Gathered in one volume for the very first time here are three yuletide tales of mystery murder and romance featuring your favorite sleuths THE TWELVE DESSERTS OF CHRISTMAS by JOANNE FLUKE It's the perfect mix of naughty and nice when two lovestruck boarding school teachers watch six kids over Christmas break But when someone wants the cozy couple's romance to burn out faster than a scorched fruitcake it's Hannah Swensen to

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