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N book These characters are unbelievably well drawn Each one of them leaps off the page with vivacity and creative energy I would read 3 novels with these women featured their flaws and fierce love for one another were addictivePerfect summer to fall read for those who need punchy characters n their lives You re either going to love this book or hate Americas Most Wanted it If you falln love with Mad Blood Stirring its compelling engaging writing style and care for Alice Margaret Ji Sun and Lainey as they move from adolescence of their freshman yearn college to adulthood you will not want the book to end or at very least hope for regular updates Sir Gawain the Green Knight: New Verse Translation in future to know how they are doing If you don t connect with the book the storys going to seem long and unnecessarily detailed Life on paperThe four girls were assigned the same suite with a window seat on their first day of college They thought that they were placed together based on the fact that all of them were second daughters and only later noticed that their last names started with an R an S and two Ts As Elizabeth Ames spells her story you see the magic of becoming friends as powerful July (Countdown if not as fallingn love There are people around them boyfriends acuaintances professors parents siblings some of them Horse-Happy Schoolgirl important than others some failing to make anything but a very fleetingmpression It Seducing a Wallflower is clear though that for Alice Margaret Ji Sun and Lainey their friendships The Snowy Day (Peter, in part something that defines them Perhaps even than their families becauset might have begun as a random decision of a housing officer but Unseen New Evidence - The origin of life under the microscope it continued by choice whichs evident Blue Boat in how they continued to love and care for each other despite their worst deeds their shameful mistakes We are told at the very beginning when the mistakes were made Alice s before the college when she was twelve Ji Sun sn the sopho year Margaret s after the graduation and Lainey s already as a mother to her own child Four mistakes four parts of the book one life that led to that moment and one life Antitype (Archetype, in which to make sense of what happened and livet down however much Conscience it changes you and people around youDon t think you are not going to judge them you will Because to be honest they are reallynexcusable those deeds But you will judge them not as a stranger but as an nvisible friend trying to see all the reasons and circumstances that led to their lapse of judgement Reasons they might not be aware of themselvesAre the characters relatable yes they are I could see bits of myself and my own friends n the girls The characters are uniue and wonderfully complex and go through The Seventh Day intense changes moving from one part of the book to another You know you feelt n your bones they will continue evolving long after the book because this s life and what we ve just read The Devils Jug, the Crying Tree Me is just a glimpse Thessues Ramesses it deals with are not the easiest Don t gonto the book thinking The Irish Warrior it will be a light summer readnfertility sexual harrassment and abuse miscarriage depression adoption are here among the other topics discussed But the way the author talks about them Baby, Im Back! (Return to Redemption, is both painfully honest and sensitive A wonderful debut novel lyrical beautifully written and emotional Thank you to Edelweiss and Viking Penguin Publishing Group for the ARC providedn exchange for an honest opinion The Other s Gold The Betrayal (The Siege is the story of four girls who meetn college and become fast friends Lainey Ji Sun Margaret and Alice are each from different backgrounds and despite their varied upbringings The Draining Lake (Inspector Erlendur interests and tasten men they grow close uicklyThe story follows the group through college and beyond with each of the four sections revealing a defining moment for one of the women Some were pivotal than others which Mers is I guess truen real life as well I did not care for the last section of the book It felt too bizarre and I didn t understand why that was the defining moment Didn t necessarily love any of the four characters either yet the book held my A Heros Welcome interest enough to seet through I would categorize The Other s Gold as of a character study than a plot driven novel and maybe that s part of the reason I didn t enjoy Finding Normal it The characters didn t have enough depth for me I didn t like them because outside of also being a millennial woman I felt a disconnect from them Not a bad book but not my favorite The premise wasntriguing than the execution NO SPOILERSFull disclosure Book abandoned on page 50 out of 335 pages The Other s Gold Die Germanen is the second disappointment I ve read this yearn one of my favorite sub genres academia Academi. Tutions from one another and ultimately from within themselves The Other's Gold follows the four friends as each makes a terrible mistake moving from their wild college days to their feral days as new parents With one part devoted to each mistake the

C settings offer so much built The Broken Sword in drama that I m puzzled as to how any author could craft something so bland I think they re trying too hard Elizabeth Ames has that passive overly contemplative style of an MFA studentn other words a style praised and encouraged Haunted Houses in the program but that will bore most readers I foundt Charles Dickens impossible to sinknto this story and the characters though different from one another arecharacters They re Christianity at the Crossroads indistinct and not true to life The Other s Golds centered on four mistakes one for each character If The Romanovs interested I suggest reading Virginia s review for detailed spoilers about each mistake I m positive I would ve becomencreasingly enraged as I read deeper Cravings into a novel sognorant and flat out wrong on so many levels Ames wasted her time The Wedding Date in an MFA program when what she really needss an education Swan Song in lifeNOTE I received this as an Advance Reader Copy from Goodreadsn September 2019 A sharply drawn portrait of a lifelong friendship THE OTHER S GOLD follows four young women bearing past traumas and navigating unimagined futures With an uncanny eye for detail Elizabeth Ames charts the complex ever shifting topography of this chosen family and Learn Better illuminates the ways our closest friends sustain us over the course of our lives The bond formed between four young womenn college continues to grow as they become adults I had trouble relating to these women neither actively liking nor disliking them This had nothing to do with the writing which I found uite good and the characterizations were finely drawn It held my Harbor Me interest enough to keep reading butn the end I just couldn t sync up with the story Kudos for the original title The Other s Gold examines the relationships between 4 young women as they enter adulthood at a small private Northeastern college and develop their personalities and their El Señor del Carnaval (Jan Fabel, identities Though they are dissimilarn background heritage and goals they are determined to have each other s back no matter what This promise Processing Pain in Play is tested time and again as they pursue their dreams and romantic relationships and become parents This story had a lot of strengths for a debut novelMs Amess a talented author Her words are carefully chosen Her dialogue s nteresting and the storyline was smooth especially as the four characters transition throughout the book each woman sharing her perceptions motivations and actions As the blurb states that each has a secret to hide the others must decide The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever if they can stifle her negative reaction to support her friend as she works through her trauma None are perfect and each shows her weakest moment with her sisters This exposure leads to legal and ethical challenges and the others responsibilityn support of Patton on Leadership immoral behaviors These challenges cause each to evaluate what her obligations the others This story held my La Impostura Perversa interest throughout Unfortunately I didn t connect with any of the characters They were all pretty narcissistic particularly Lainey and Ji Sun Thus the author wanted to expose to us our own narcissistic behaviors Thiss portrayed with Zones of Instability insightful authenticity Its particularly accurate for Millennials as this story starts around 2002 or so My own observations among my peer group 20 years prior was fueled by extreme levels of jealousy I personally avoided these struggles with my peers and see this challenge fought valiantly by these women That said I still found them really annoying selfish and off putting I am not sure The Riven Shield (The Sun Sword, if I would have compromised my ethics to support what some actual had done I do not think I would remained silent especiallyn regard to Margaret s actions which deeply disturbed me view spoilerat age 27 she Once More With Feeling is caught kissing a 13 year old boy residing as a guest hide spoiler 45 starsThe Other s Golds the story of four young women s path to adulthood with ordinary ups and downs elevated through lyrical prose containing current political and social events seamlessly woven Orange World and Other Stories in making the reader feel like they could have been part of this lucky uartetAmes has a lovely way of writing presenting everyday life as a magical secret that she s willing to sharef you listen closely to her whispered taleShe balances so much family drama sisterhood sexual harassment feminist What Matters Most ideals disappointments triumphs and One can t help but falln love with the characters share n their celebrations and mourn their mistakes and loses This debut was top rate and I highly recommend t This ARC was provided by VikingPenguin Linnys Sweet Dream List in exchange for an honest review. Ccident the Accusation the Kiss and the Bite this complex yet compulsively readable debutnterrogates the way that growing up forces our friendships to evolve as the women discover what they and their loved ones are capable of and capable of forgiving.

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I m finding Envy (Empty Coffin, it difficult to figure out what I want to sayn this review because I thought this was just an okay read I think Carnal Captive (Carnal Incorporated if I would have connected with the four main characters this could have been a meaningful read liket was for other readers I just feel like whatever points the author was trying to get across just flew right over my head or something Lainey Ji Sun Alice and Margaret are all assigned to the same suite during their freshman year Bad Boys On Board (Watson Brothers, in college They become fast friends and the story will follow them thru their school years as well as what life hasn store for them after college The book ncludes four parts with each part dealing with a mistake made by one of the women The titles of the mistakes are the Accident the Accusation the Kiss and the Bite I ll give the author credit even though I knew the titles ahead of time I still was caught off guard with the direction the last two parts went n Even though I didn t really enjoy much of what happened Tied Up in the second half of the book I guess I can award points for creativity My mainssue with the book Picture This (Marsden is the four women actually felt like a cliuen the sense that I felt like an outsider and therefore never truly understood them completely I ve read many other books about friendships and this s one of the few times I actually uestioned why the characters were friends with one another I just didn t 100% buy t and I guess that s why the story as a whole didn t really work for me There s nothing I hated about the book but there also The Unsuitable Secretary (Ladies Unlaced, isn t anything I really loved either So I guess this goesn the okay but nothing special category I won a free copy of this book Queen of Air and Darkness (The Dark Artifices, in a giveaway but was under no obligation to post a review All views expressed are my honest opinion 25 stars rounding up Two reasons 1It s a debut 2 I don t think what I disliked about this was the author s faultThiss another book that I have been anxiously awaiting for most of the year Four girls who become friends their first day of college and that friendship transcends throughout the rest of Moving is Murder (A Mom Zone Mystery, it and continues on Hell yeah sign me up There couldn t have been a perfect book description for me I also really dug the layout The books split up Going Home (Nugget, into four sections that surround an event that all four girls deal with differently Again I thought this sounded really cool The first two sections cover college and the last two cover after So now that I ve given you enoughnformation regarding the layout and what Knot In My Backyard it s loosely about I guess I should tell you why I gavet the rating I did I think Ms Ames has a real talent Her writing took me a little while to get used to I had to pay closer attention at the beginning but seemed to adapt just fine once I got further Broken Wings into the book and she tackled some toughssues with a voice that was spot on There are some trigger warnings for sexual harassmentassault childhood sexual abuse miscarriagefertility Beloved (Salvation, issues and postpartum depression I will be honest and say that the onessue I Chow Down (Melanie Travis, identified with was not traumatic to read aboutn here to me personally but because I had no Baltimore Chronicles Volume 2 ideat was coming and just didn t think Terror of the Mountain Man (Mountain Man, it would be something coveredn the book as much as t was If I had known I might have skipped the book altogether Despite how well and accurately portrayed t wasI am also disappointed because I was expecting this book to really move me and t didn t I desperately wanted t to but I felt disconnected to the characters I don t uite understand what made them such fast and everlasting friends Maybe that s the whole point Maybe we as readers were like everyone else that surrounded them Background players who could even read their thoughts but never were close enough to understand their bond and feel what they felt as closely as they did I wonder Final Fondue (A Five-Ingredient Mystery if each section that corresponded with that character s event would have been better served coming solely from that person s perspective It s possible then I could have gotten closer and connected I will almost certainly read the author s next work however I will be sure to adjust my expectations down a bit and not hold so closen my mind the book summary Maybe that will serve me better Ms. Holmes of Baker Street in the futureThank you to Edelweiss Viking and Elizabeth Ames for the opportunity to read this book and provide an honest reviewReview Date 9219Publication Date 82719 This book was all kinds of crazyn the best ways possible Four women who become a close unit of friends Tough Girls Dont Dance in college each make one terrible mistaken this beautifully writte. Assigned to the same suite during their freshman year at uincy Hawthorne College Lainey Ji Sun Alice and Margaret uickly become Love Are You Listening inseparable But they soon find their bonds forgedn joy and fused by fear must weather threats that come at them from nsti.

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