Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa: The Eight Human Talents Restore the Balance and Serenity within You with Kundalini Yoga

No joke this is the recommended book that I m supposed to be reading for my yoga college course Here s my problem with it I understand that the chakras are a tricky business and that it s oing to be kind of hard to explain them without sounding all neo crazy That s okay I suppose I d like as much hard science as possible but she s explaining something only partially backed by such My problem Constant mention of God That negates the entire study for me I m an atheist and yes I m alright with theists but how can I pick up a book that I paid 1500 for in ood faith for my college class to have it link everything to God I ve only otten through a matter of pages so far This is a personal thing and to me it makes me uncomfortable and frustrated To someone else it would not be an issue and certainly it s true that Kundalini Yoga has brought a reater level of happiness to many people But I will have a hard time etting through this book if I manage at all Most of the anecdotes I found very unbelievable Towards the second half of the book I wasn t really taking it in just skimming past them I did find the meditations and breathing exercises useful though and I enjoyed reading about the role each of the power centers plays in every day life I also liked reading about each chakra s shadow side This is probably the best overview of Kundalini yoga I ve read to date I would recommend it both as an introduction to the newbie and as a Babys First Christmas (Christmas Is For Kids) (Christmas Is For Kids) (Harlequin American Romances, 754) go deeper book for someone who wants to know It can be experienced and enjoyed on both levelsA disclaimer This is a very spiritual God ful book As an atheist this is something that I find I sometimes have to work really hard toet past you know The author has such a personal and profound relationship with a very specific kind of God and I neither have that nor aspire to it and in most cases that creates a barrier it makes it hard for me to really sink into the book because there is a part of me that just Ups, Kita Sudah Menikah? goes But that is not my worldview and I don t believe any of this and I can tet past that to the A friend of mine advised me to look into Kundalini Yoga Because there are no Kundalini Yoga teachers in my vicinity I explored the Internet and found Gurmukh who had been teaching Kundalini Yoga for about twenty years when writing the book I really liked reading the book Not so much because it Catwoman gave me new insights over because it reflected my own insights and did a wonderful job at integrating them It felt like coming home It didn t answer all the uestions I had and it didn tive me a straightforward answer to that one uestion that s on my mind for most of the day recently but it did Baby Legacy (So Many Babies give me some ways to explore and I amrateful for that Sat Nam I ve tried uite hard to live a positive life over the past few years and decided to read this book after having it in my house for a few months I found every page to be captivating and thought provoking It will easily be referenced at an almost biblical level This book ave me the comfort and insight I needed when I needed it It s daunting to practice self care but this book really reminds you of the importance and was never once too hokey or unbelievable Be sure to read every word A book to hold onto and re read until the information is fully absorbed and put into practice A ift for oneself The Eight Human Tale. Gurmukh an internationally renowned yoga teacher outlines the spiritual and physical practices of Kundalini Yoga which she has taught for the last thirty years With illustrated step by step instructions she teaches the basic principles of the ancient art of yoga and explains the eight chakras.

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Od no matter how small it has a huge effect on other people in ways that are almost impossible to uantify p68Death is not unimportant or important but FEAR is very importantAny moment of life is a dead moment when you are not at your highest freuencyTo die is an artGreat are those who have learned to die with smiles on their faces p100If you sit still God will come to you In fact everything will p119The people who really love you will eventually realize that you need to be your most authentic self Try to remember that anyone who doesn t love you when you are being the best person you know how to be might be someone who is not really your friend p123Learn to Langlais correct pour les Nuls give up blame so you can find your own truth and live it p124We are powerless over every other person on the planet and we only have power over our own lives No matter how problematic the people in your life are you are always the solution p125If you deny parts of who you are and why you are here on earth it will inevitably manifest itself as disease in the body p128Addiction is the separation of you and your soul The separation is so painful you could die from the pain So you fill that space with an addiction until you are shown a way to bring your body and your soul as one p133Take whatever you do andive it meaning That is the essence of yoga itself p178Our struggles are always our rowth opportunities Usually when people describe life altering events from which they learned and rew and progressed there is some element of commitment and keeping up What yoga provides is a safe nurturing environment to allow yourselves to experience struggle to feel pain and to learn from it Each exercise we do can become a metaphor for a larger life experience that we will undoubtedly o through on the outside Yoga makes us flexible but not just in our bodies A flexible spine creates a flexible mind p179 She is an inspirational instructor and I enjoy reading about the chakras but some of the anecdotes are extreme referencing crippling dependancies and people battling serious demons and thus distract from the points And admittedly I couldn t finish the book She was telling yet another tall tale sounding anecdote that was discussing someone with flipper like appendages and it was the last straw I just can t take the book seriously Better to attend her classes and then the dose of crazy is tempered with the rest of everything else and the actual yoga This is a book about Kundalini Yoga which is an ancient Sanskrit practice The 8 Human Talents refer to the energy chakras in our body which each represent certain energies and intentions and feelings etc I would love to believe in it 100% I truly would We re all looking for ways to feel better I do take it all with a rain of salt I tried many of the yoga exercises in this book specifically designed to help with whatever physical andor mental ailments are discussed in certain chapters And son of a un those poses and breathing techniues made a difference So much so that I now regularly attend Kundalini Yoga classes in my neighborhood Negative aspect of that doing those rather strange poses and techniues Breath of Fire anyonein front of strangers fills me with dread and anxiety Hmmsomething I need to work on I believe Gurmukh would suggest that to be possible Perhaps I ll start doing it at HOM. You need is a belief in the possibility of change and a commitment of as little as three minutes a dayFrom teachers and waiters to Hollywood celebrities Gurmukh has helped thousands of people find happiness through the healing movements and meditations of Kundalini Yoga and she can help you to.

Nts is part story and part instruction manual for the practice of Kundalini yoga I ve only ever practiced hatha yoga and this is very different from what I ve learned I ve tried a couple poses and this is definitely oing to take some practiceIf I learned anything from this book it is to breathe deeply One of Gurmukh s main points is that by connecting with the breath we reconnect with ourselvesAlso don t be afraid to try even if you fail If we can make one step towards happiness towards healing towards change miracles begin to happen The Kundalini Yoga and Meditation in this book are a way of making those small steps towards happiness If you will try even one thing from this book one breathing exercise one stretch one meditation know that somewhere I am cheering right out loud for you because I know that making that first step is the hardest thing to do introduction xxiiSome of Gurmukh s stories were saccharine sweet but I enjoyed most of them We are powerless over every other person on the planet and we only have power over our own lives No matter how problematic the people in your life are you are always the solution pg 125I ll have to et back to you on if these exercises deliver on the myriad of promises that Gurmukh makes So far I ve discovered that my lower back needs to be strengthened and I should work on my neck flexibilityShe ties all of her suggested poses to different chakras and energies found within the body If that concept is too far out for you you may be better served with a different introduction to Kundalini yogaRecommended for beginners to moderately experienced practitioners Misery is a choice we can always count on Misery is not elusive it s always there for us pxxiiWe call Kundalini Yoga the Yoga of Awareness because it teaches you how to become aware of the energies you contain and then it teaches you how to shift ears when you need toTo be successful in life you have to learn to change your Bourdieus Secret Admirer in the Caucasus gears to meet the circumstances around you If you are not in control of your own transmission life will be a disaster for you no matter who you are You have to learn to control your own energy pxxviYoga is similar to what keeps most animals fit One only has to watch the stretching exercises that a cat does and then see her magnificent body in action as she chases a bird to understand that the systematic stretching and relaxation of our muscles can keep us fit for life pxxxvAs long as we deny that we have anything in common with the person we are resenting it will be impossible to accept him or her If instead we try to imagine what another person is feeling we find the iron chains of resentment automatically begin to loosen p17Generally people associate creativity with artists in actuality creativity is everyone s birthright It is the act of living here and now finding out what makes you happy and then pursuing that path or way It involves discovering what it is youenuinely love to do and allowing it to manifest in your lifeYour creativity like every one of your human talents is a direct Something in Return gift from God p30If you define abundance in terms of feeling there is plenty you will be rich every day of your life p38Aeneration of babies who are welcomed to the planet by their parents will lead this earth to peacep39When we commit to something anything that is basically Byzantium go. Which are the energy centers of our bodies and the source of the eight human talentsKundalini Yoga is areat way to Contacts Desired get your body and mind into shape In The Eight Human Talents Gurmukhives you all the tools you need to increase your creativity intuition compassion health and prosperity All.

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Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa is a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and a pioneer in the field of pre natal yoga She is the co founder and director of the Golden Bridge Yoga Center in Los Angeles