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S a chapter or two missing or the author could not figure out where to take it it really ruined it for me In order to appreciate the greatness of this book you need to take the journey of books 1 5 I feel like my motions had gone on a roller coaster and I was A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries extremely happy with the way things came to annd These characters have been through so much and I was glad so many secrets came to light and the family came out stronger than before This series is full of angst fierce Lakeside Redemption emotions and well written I recommend this for those who like NA contemporary romances and don t mind strong language and adult situations This is NOT a sweet romance but one built of tough lives and tough love Personally I don t normally care for characters who show so much hatred for loved ones I don t believe in treating your loved ones in such a way but I was glad to see most behaviors were from misunderstandings that got cleared up I m definitely a fan of HEA and this book delivered I so need MoreI have been patiently waiting for thending of Declan and Tess Woman dear sweet Megyn I am left hanging I absolutely love these two togetherTess is strong and feisty She is dealing with In Pursuit of a Princess everything that has happened in her life But the one thing she can t deal with is her feelings for Dec Declan is dealing with the mess that he has made to keep Tess safe But what is all of this going to cost them Will theynd up happy Rollercoaster of a ride That is one reason I love Megyn s books There are intense full of Second Time Loving emotions and take you on a ride you won t forget I need from all of these characters Highly recommend A Must rea. I know that But I want her Love her Andverything she knows about me verything she’s made me makes me the guy who will stop at nothing to tame her.

Great story nding was a major letdown All the Gilroy Clan books have been amazing and this one was too Up until the Dark Awakening end Two books with of Declan and Tess and then it justnds It was a letdown to say the least Wonderful story horrible Hawks Way (Hawks Way ending It s like the author had to finish it uickly so she just threw a lamending on it So disappointed Fave so far Spoilers I definitely like Tesla and Declan s story the best so far Chemistry is still off the charts I feel like there was a legitimate reason he left her Whereas the other stories I felt like they were just too young and dumb and could have solved a lot of their problems just by talking to Family Men each other I think the author could have leftverything Jessica related out of the story though that part was pointless to me He could have just chosen to be alone and miserable forever rather than marry the chick that made all the women in their lives miserable and bypassed all the cheating also I would have liked a little closure on the miscarriage part I know they talked about it but I guess I just Creative Participation expected out of that There was uite a few grammaticalrrors wrong words Sabina Spielrein etc still a decent book with lots of angst and steamy s NO NO NOWhat thever loving hell just happened That s it that s all there is Omg how could you Cognitive Radio Networks end it this wayIt s deceivingly perfect but come on It s about time that these 2 pull their heads outta their butts I know that they get their happilyver after but a little detail would ve been great but believe me I ll take itDeclan has always just seemed so damaged but his love for Tess was always the one thing he could never de. Tess thinks I’m an asshle A liar That I can’t be trusted She’s right I’m all of those things and Worse I can’t be trusted I am a liar I am an.

Ny As far as Tess goes she has loved him dearly for far too long without being able to have him Totally recommend this ENTIRE series Well worth the wait and read Let me get this straight I spent my time on 2 books that do nothing but jump around real issues and no one can say anything real just deflect Then you give me like a page and a half of them talking and it Personnel Management in Government ends Your not making a 3rd book so that s that Ryan s story is next She didn tven say I love you back No Out of This World epilogue nothing I can t understand all the 5 stars inless there all ARC I never read reviews from ARCs because most just copy and past the blurb and put a gif or picture up Sorry for ranting If I m paying for a book I want a HEA This was like fixing a fight not fixing a relationship Meh This guy had like zero redeeming ualities By far my least favorite of the series I have just finished reading this book and I am flabbergasted WTF just happened There s a uick sorry from both Tess And Declan and then an abrupt The End I found the book uite hard going with the sadness of their past and I definitely needed a HEA As far as I am concerned their story hardlyvolved further than their previous book I feel cheated Come on Megyn give us a long HEA The Time It Never Rained epilogue I wish I d read the one and only review which pretty muchncapsulates what I have written Then I would not have read it and waited to see if anything was written about this heartbreaking story Books 5 6 in the Series are FREE on today 4162020 I was really The Child of the Soul and Other Stories enjoying the second part of Declan and Tess s story but thending too well it just stopped it was almost like there wa. Asshle What she doesn’t get is that it’s her She's the reason She brings out the best and the worst in me Makes me who I am I don’t deserve Tess.

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