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E This author s story once again sucked me into the Addie s life and I literally could not put the book down Bethany Jadin has the amazing skill of world building and I am a huge fan of her character development in this novel especially with the Stone Brothers This story was engaging from page one and I really connected with Addie as the main character She was a uirky down on her luck irl that turns it all around when she ets trapped in a blizzard with the 3 Stone Brothers I don t want to spoil anything but this is definitely a must read for fans of romanceThis book is a fast paced novel that is perfect to read if you need a break from your family members this holiday season Just beware that there is a cliffhanger at the end of this novel But the seuel is coming out soon so reading this book as soon as possible will et you ready for the seuel Mountain men mmnOK damn I think I need to Verdammt verliebt go to the mountains and find me some burly Mountain men damn theseuys had me all hot and bothered book two here I come Cute story Addie pissed me off in the beginning but she The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, got better Amount of sex 4 5How explicit is the sex scenes 4 5Story 45 5Overall 45 5Love itMountain Fever is the first book in The Stone Brothers Duet from author Bethany Jadin This story is incredibly spicy and the storyline captivated me from the very first page I could relate to Addie and loved that she is a strong willed woman After what happened Addie went on the vacation by herself There were some amusing scenes while she was trying to skiing But the real fun happened when she went for a hike by herself Remy Colt and Wes live in a cabin up on the mountain away from the town They discovered Addie just as a big winter storm hit and strands them in the cabin And let me tell you those men are so dang hot you will need a fan Now knowing this is a duet expect the story to end with a cliffhanger Even though I knew it was coming I still yelled when it came Theood news is that the second book Mountain Cure is due to release on December 31st A definite add to your TBR list Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Copy If you caught the man you were in the process of moving in with cheating on you with someone else in your own soon to be former apartment what you do That is exactly what happens to the main character in Bethany Jadin s steamy new work Mountain Fever Addie is appalled that should could have been so blind to what he soon to be ex was up to behind her back but has the strength of character to leave on the vacation that they had planned to Inverloch Volume 4 go on by herself It is there that she meets theorgeous Stone brothers Colt Remi and Wes are alpha males who are able to satisfy Addie in ways that she has never been before Though standoffish at the beginning these men will melt your heart and help Addie to et over her ex This book is kindle meltingly steamy with characters that are realistic and draw you into their story and leave you needing when it is done I cannot wait for book 2 to come out. E chemistry devilishly handsome men with dirty mouths firm hands and hard unprotected wood enough steam to melt the snow right off the mountains and a heart tugging emotional rollercoaster of a storylineMountain Fever is book one of this reverse harem seriesLove without limits #whychoose.

Even hotter chemistry between the brothers and their unexpected houseguest lead to the best snow day ever This book is than a steamy escape Not to say that it s not steamy IT IS But it s so much The story is ood the setting is vivid the characters are fantastic Their connection so very believable Their chemistry is off the charts hot Addie is a beautiful strong likable female The brothers are delicious Bearded mountain men are usually not my type I make an exception for these three Colt with his thoughtful nature Remi with his outer ruffness and insides like a melted marshmallow and playful happy tattooed Wes The brothers closeness and love for one another add to their attractiveness Their shared past the judgment cast on them and their isolation set them up to be the perfect attentive men that they are with Addie I loved their every moment together Warning it ends way before you want it to The ending is at a natural stopping point but it is a cliffhanger Luckily we are only weeks away from the second book I can t wait I want so much for these four Makes me wonder if two books will be enough This was my first story by the dynamic duo of Bethany Jadin and I CANNOT wait to read from them I definitely was sucked into the story from the beginning after Addie threw the dbag s shoes in down the storm drain haha I knew right then I was oing to love this storyI think the authors did a reat job at making this reasonable and not some farfetched fantasy I mean it kinda is who hasn t dreamed about being stuck in a cabin with 3 hot uys haha The The Horse in Celtic Culture guys were real and so was Addie s feelings which made it hard to put my iPad down during the holiday celebrations thats for sure I loved the little touches that they added like Daisy and Ann and the surprises for Addie There were some definitely swoon worthy moments and some awwwww moments But holy moly if you need a read to heat you up during these winter months this one takes the cake I had each brother kinda pegged and was off about 2 of them which was amazing in aood way I had a tough time picking my favorite and added all of them to my book bf list which is etting ridiculously long btw I loved how entle Remi could be but his time with Addie I thought was the hottest how mopey Wes was how Colt missed her while she was still there until she Every Boys Dream grabbed his hand and that all of them readone listens to audiobooks I wish these men existed in real life I wouldet on a waiting list to have a shot with them haha I am super eager for Book 2 in this duet I need to know how this story ends not a bad cliffy and need to see of the characters walls come down and they Starflight Zero give into their feelings Amazing job Bethany Jadin Already preordered Book 2 in the Duet and downloaded their other series to start reading Iet through the other books in my to read line up This story will be sure to warm you up on a cold blizzard nightI am normally not a huge fan of insta attractionlove stories but this author is making me change my tun. Sweetness and sass not to mention seriously tempting curves Soon the fire isn't the only thing heating up our cabin but once we've had her between us letting her o might not be so easy The Stone Brothers is a sizzling reverse harem series featuring a sweet and fiery romance with intens.

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Well that was about as hot as you can find in a book Like with the last two books I ve read recently this is a bit different from my norm I ve read a few reverse harem books that I liked well enough Not bad but not overly memorable either Mountain Fever is different It s a well written story and one I ll remember for a long time All the characters are likable and there s no real power struggle when things start etting heated Sure each brother is eager to be with Addie but it never The Multi-Orgasmic Man goes beyond arumble here and thereI loved itThis ended on a cliffhanger so I m off to read the next oneFull review can be found at Mountain Fever by Elaina Jadin and Bethany Jadin is one of the first romances I ve read in a long time I ve been in a romance funk and this one ot me out of it First off this is a reverse harem romance with one woman and three men I was temporarily confused because I thought the cover makes it look like there are four men but there s only three This is the first book in the Stone Brothers seriesI am a sucker for a forced proximitysnowed in together story This one features Addie who s recently heartbroken On the mend from her cheating ex she takes a trip to a posh mountain resort While exploring she heads off the trail and ets herself into a bit of a scrape and into the arms of the three Stone brothers Colt Remi and Wes Hello Stone brothers Truth be told I The Great Passage got the three of them confused a lot even though they have different personalities because they re allrumpy reclusive mountain men but hot not like Duck Dynasty or something I also The Beast House / After Midnight got them confused during the sex scenes but let s be real there are threeuys so who s keeping track This is a surprisingly emotional story that I really connected with I became invested in the characters relationships with each other There were a couple moments when I side eyed Addie s actions a bit but for the most part I really liked herPlease note there is a cliffhanger ending but if you Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1) get the boxed set you can dive right into the second book right away This is my first time reading this author I typically read PRN and UF reverse harem very rarely do I read contemporary reverse harem romance And the reason being most of those books have weirdly placed BDSM like all o Mountain Fever is the exact book I needed right as winter set in with itsray skies and cold temperatures Imagine sexy bearded woodsmen in thermals Yep no I Walk in Dread gray skies I was immediately transported up to Dante s Peak with a beautiful mountain view deep snow clear blue skies and a snowy fantasy dream come true Addie hurting from the betrayal of her boyfriend heads to a mountain ski resort to enjoy their planned romanticetaway alone One mishap leads to the next and barely escaping disaster Addie is rescued and finds herself in the Stone Brothers family cabin during a surprise blizzard Colt Remi and Wes Stone are talented craftsmen hidden up in the mountains trying to escape their family reputation A warm fireplace hot chocolate and. A mountain rescue a wicked blizzard and three rugged hot as sin brothers who all want her An accident sends Addie tumbling into our lives shattering our uiet isolation We're none too pleased about having an uninvited The Life You Save guest especially since this storm'soing to last a while But she's ot.

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