Esther J. Autumn: The Duelist and Her Lover

Reads like a sampler for an upcoming book I read this almost a month ago and on t remember many Whalerider details Io recall thinking it was an okay read but underdeveloped It needs It s available on Kindle Unlimite. W stiff companion Agnes offers endless possibilities for teasing she impresses Kay with every step As they rush from the pan and into the fire will Kay's heart be able to resist and fly away as she always has Trigger warning for needlessowing up a wound in the middl.

Summary The Duelist and Her Lover

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This is like an outline than an actual story There are no Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex details and everything is just uickly rushed through Promising but very shortThe Duelist and her Lover is an interesting but very short storyThere is. Always steady and reliable Agnes was prepared for anything that threatened her idyllic if somewhat boring life She couldn't have possibly prepared for Kay Rushing in to break up a sworduel turned to slaughter Agnes ends up rescuing a young woman Kay As she helps

Some budding chemistry between the two leads and the author seems to be setting the stage for an adventure I would really like to read Unfortunately though this is currently just a standalone short story that. Ide Kay and patch up her wounds they form an unexpected bond Only will Kay's mysterious past get in the way of their tentative relationship Capable of wiggling her way out of any situation the aredevil Kay has weathered most of life's storms on her own While her ne.

Esther is a young writer from Europe She has a great interest in stories exploring the deep and complicated relationship women can have with one another and as such a lot of her stories focus on lesbian relationships