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In this collection of tales Robert Zoltan presents the poet swordsman Dareon Vin and the Indari warrior known as Blue This unlikely pair though they are dissimilar in temperament and physiue nevertheless team up for a series of fantastic adventures in which they not only ange through the length and breadth of the world of Plemora but also venture into other dimensions They leap from one hairbreadth scape to another confronting sorcerers beasts seductive women demons gods barbarians and I first encountered these stories singly but here they are showcased together decorated with Zoltan s arresting illustrations and interspersed with samples of Dareon s poetry Arranged in this way the stories eveal a subtle but meaningful progression As the two heroes go from one exploit to the next they learn first to tolerate each other Thrilling Sword and Sorcery Adventure in the Golden Age Tradition One Night in Merth that most westerly city tottering on the edge of the Succulent Sea a desperate young poet swordsman and an ingenuous young tribal warrior.

Eccentricities They also discover about themselves and the bond between them gradually strengthens as they learn to work together and value each other s particular gifts This was like eading fantasy adventures of old but with oomph to it meat on the bones with the characters and some nice twists and turns thrown in to keep you on your toesDareon and Blue fulfil certain characteristics that you expect Dareon the poet the omantic Blue the strong silent type mysterious Opposite ends of the spectrum It is there interaction with each other that is a hoot There is growth both learn from each other and while certain traits will emain it doesn t become bothersome or detrimental to the narrative One of my favourites is with Blue meeting a lady and the exploration of their backgrounds which wonderfully played outThere are some gre. Meet by chance or fate or luck Their unlikely friendship sets them on a course of adventures across the wild mysterious continent of Plemora where they face monsters magicians maledictions and things nameless and far stra.

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At adventures that while there is action and swordfights doesn t ely on them to drive the story It is the characters the situation the problem that drive the story Which works well for exploring these characters and the various other people they meet on their way As I said there is a couple of twists and turns which I won t spoil which give a little extra to the adventure without it becoming just another adventureHowever a couple of the stories do follow a pattern of sorts and sometimes I was waiting just for the monster to show up there was a fly monster which was Lovecraftian and a snake lady and how different they were and how Dareon and Blue were going to get out of this one And one adventure only happened because Dareon became cliched in character and the subseuent adventure suffered form itOverall I did enjoy this boo. Nger A novel length collection of Heroic Fantasy Sword and Sorcery Adventures in the tradition of the Golden Age Fritz Leiber Jack Vance Michael Moorcock Robert E Howard and CL Moore Written and Illustrated by Robert Zolta.

Robert Zoltan is a Los Angeles based author of literary and speculative fiction and author of the Rogues of Merth Series He was a semi finalist in the 2019 Writers of the Future Award contest His work has been praised by Rich Horton Editor of The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Locus Magazine Cirsova Magazine Heroic Fantasy uarterly Black Gate Magazine and Tangent Online Review