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Ast page having the wolf walking away but with woodcutters and their upraised axes coming along behind but there s nothing in the text to suggest the wolf gets gotBeatrix Potter words the story beautifully and Oxenbury s illustrations are brilliant I need to see if Potter did any other retellings and if there s another publication of this pairing I really want it A five due to Helen Oxenbury s illustrations It is the Little Red Riding Hood story with a darker true to the original With a few softer spots Most likely for the collector of fairy tales Little Red stories or collectors of Oxenbury First sentence Once upon a time there was a village child who was so pretty so pretty as never was seen Her mother was fair silly about her and her granny was sillier still Premiseplot Beatrix Potter s retelling of the folk tale is newly illustrated by Helen Oxenbury Don t xpect a happy Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue ending for granny or Little Red My thoughts This story is dark dark very dark I won t say it s unrealistic Sadly it is Not about wolvesating and cross dressing but in people going missing or being murdered The world can be dangerous and dark not all wolves appear as wolves I appreciated the language specially in the beginning before the darkness descendsText45Illustrations45Total810. Her passBrilliantly brought to life with artwork by one of the world's greatest illustrators Helen Oxenbury this is the perfect gift for Beatrix Potter fans big and smal.

Beautiful illustrations a dark version of the story Usually I love Helen Oxenbury and Beatrix Potter but I did not appreciate this retelling and should have previewed before reading aloud to my 3 year old Of course t The book was okay I didn t like the nding but the foreword does warn you that s it s a gruesome Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) ending I love the illustrations though They are so well done and love the color palette The book recommends this to children ages 3 to 7 years old but I don t know I don t think I would read this to preschoolers Some of the language is old school and it s a bit wordy in my opinion It s a story so oldveryone knows the Gone (Gone, endingI m not sure if I vever actually read the book before by anyone however my mum as well as my grandparents are huge fans of Beatrix Potters works as I m sure many other people areWhenever I hear Red Riding Hood in any kind of context my mind always flashes to two different films Red Riding Hood starring Amanda Seyfried and Hoodwinked Red Riding Hood was such a dark twist on the tale involving curses and werewolves and Hoodwinked tells the story from multiple view points with wrong outlooks on generic good and bad charactersI like this story because while it stayed the same mostly the last sentence is the most morbid I read Once upon a time there was a village child who was so pretty so pretty as never was seen So begins Beatrix Potter's retelling of Red Riding Hood A darkly delicious adapt.

His through an audiobook so hearing that sentence through the narrator s voice and Threads Of The Shroud expression felt so final and creepily cheery I like how no woodcutter comes to the rescue and it justnds with and so that was the All Seated on the Ground end of Red Riding Hood It doesn t go into detail and say the wolf gobbled her up and such because anyone can deduce that hearing the line what big teeth you have is onlyver going to come to one answer and one overall conclusion So I like the writing However it isn t anything special or new but that isn t what I was looking for so Not a big fan of this version although I love most of Beatrix Potter s other stories Illustrations were great Nice dark version of the story Love the nding I absolutely love the author and absolutely love the illustrator of this book All should be warned that this is the darker telling of this classic tale If that s your style then this is definitely the book for you it s beautiful Unfortunately my children would not react well to this version so I was unable to share it with them This is the Charles Perrault original with the nding that doesn t turn into a happy Wiring ever afterxcept for the wolf who has had a fine meal of granny and girl Interestingly Helen Oxenbury s illustrations ven cast doubt on that with the Ation of the classic tale filled with trademark Potter wit and flourishes little Red Riding Hood sets off to Granny's house with a very hungry wolf in towBut nobody saw.

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Helen Beatrix Potter was an English author illustrator mycologist and conservationist who is best known for her children's books which featured animal characters such as Peter RabbitBorn into a wealthy household Potter was educated by governesses and grew up isolated from other children She had numerous pets and through holidays in Scotland and the Lake District developed a love of landsc