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This book has some solid points about minimizing distractions but wasn t what I was expecting egarding leadership This book focused on leading yourself so you can be a better leader of othersMany points the author made were backed up with Liar, Liar research and stories yet some points lacked much or even any supportingesearch For example the author states The lesson that life goes on without us has a huge positive impact on our emotional stability and health yet provides nothing for the Essays One reader to u I won this book in a giveaway which was amazing thank you to the publisher It s funny because sometimes I put books like this on my list and never get around to it find different books but I m glad that I was sent this one and it kind ofelates to the book in a way when he talks about slowing down I thought the book was eally helpful simple to understand I liked the lay out of kind of step by step ordeal that is easy to follow and practice I saw eviews people did not like how he is somewhat causal in his writing but I enjoyed it It felt like we were having a conversation not getting a sermon on how to be better I also think that people not in leadership positions can be helped from this book anyone eally I m a nurse and I still found this book helpful and not hyperfocused on leadership depending what leadership means to This book is such a valuable esource not just for leaders but for anyone longing to make a difference in the world DAVE RAMSEYClay helps you move beyond the distractions to a moment by moment awareness that will help you egulate the way you think act and feel IAN MORGAN CRONIn this book Clay provides leaders with practical ways to turn down the noise personally and organizationally ANDY STANLEYMaximize your influence by turning down the noiseWhile many leaders have learned to tune out distractions that keep them from being productive they emain deaf to their inner desires and emotions In How to Lead in a World of Distraction Cla.

Ou I ecommend this book for people trying to self improve I m not truly eligious he mentioned god a handful of times towards the end he s a pastor but didn t feel that he was pushy with it In the ending he brought it up but if you aren t eligious or are not Christian you can just throw in what you believe or don t believe in So glad I got to ead this book This is a tremendous book which I highly ecommend every leader and maybe even every person to ead This book gives incredible advice on you and me can create a better you and me including focusing on our emotions simplifying life and focusing on the whylong term success is critical even if it means failure in the short un Some uotesA life of distraction is a shallow life a life lived without self awareness It s a life lived in constant anticipation of the next thing that will keep you from slowing down to listen to what s happening withinThe answer is to turn down the noise You cannot be emotionally oblivious and emotional healthy at the same time Emotional health begins with becoming emotionally aware and this euires listening to what s happening on the insideThe greatest danger of being controlled by negative emotions is that you e missing out on allowing God who incidentally created all emotions to have control Clay s book How to Lead in a World of Di. Y Scroggins teaches leaders four simple habits that create space for emotional evaluation and exploration These helpful practices will empower leaders to eplace the chaos of their busy days with emotional competence and awareness that leads to a calmer fulfilling life You'll learn how to incorporate four noise cancelling habits into your daily life finding simplicity speaking to yourself getting uiet and pressing pause that will make you mindful and aware of the vital inner desires that need your attention Transforming the toxic cocktail of emotional distraction starts with emotional awareness being able to identify and understa.

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Straction has a modern approach to the distractions that plague our leadership Clay s own voice comes through loud and clear sharing his passion to see current day leaders pay closer attention to what they allow to consume their time The wisdom from Clay s thoughts are often only lessons learned by experience and this book offers insights for leaders to adopt earlier in their growth His four main habits of simplicity speaking to yourself getting uiet and pressing pause are overlooked by todays leaders as they allow their leadership to be attacked by the distraction s leaders are not attending to Yes as leaders we must be emotionally healthy enough to turn down the noise low enough and long enough to allow space for curiosity Dr Troy Robertson Leadership Coach I eally was not sure about this book as I started but WOW it ocked my boat SO many great testimonies that were eal and aw I loved the focus of the book and the language that it was written in Life is filled with so many distractions and that is why we need a book life that which brings us in the ight direction and brings light to areas of our life that often is very dark WOW this book was good and can strongly ecommend this book to anyone that wants to edirect back to the calling that they were created to fulfil AMAZING book that I must ead again soon. Nd your emotions which ultimately leads to emotional healing and transformed leadership And it all starts hereHow to Lead in a World of DistractionTeaches leaders four simple habits that create space for emotional evaluation and exploration Empowers leaders to eplace the emotional chaos in their increasingly busy days with an emotional awareness that will lead to a calmer fulfilling lifeEncourages leaders to fully embrace tangible steps each day until emotional distractions the numbing nature of entertainment and social media and the urgency of the daily grind are permanently eplaced by calm effective and gratifying leadership.

Clay Scroggins is lead pastor of North Point Community Church NPCC where he provides visionary and directional leadership for the local church staff and congregation in Alpharetta Georgia As the original and largest campus of North Point Ministries ranked by Outreach Magazine in 2014 as the largest church in America NPCC averages over 12000 people in attendanceClay works for Andy Stanley