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RyCoverhttpwwwfictiondbcomauthorjeannReviewThis is my comfort read bookI just love this book to bits And for those of you who wish to know why1 Witty dialog2 You can put yourself in the h s place and xperience what she does3 The beginning situation the Hh is unconventional4 The reasons they give for the HEA are interesting In the beginning I found this to be pretty interesting H thinks he is in love with his best friend s wife and h best friend s sister intervenes They have known Last Chance Bride each other for years and have never gotten along The the constant back and forth bickering finally wore me down The book s focus was so much on their battles that the romance part did not come through for me The childish arguments and constantly nitpicking and trying to always top the other s insults did not make for an HEA to me I ll give it a three just because I loved it when I was younger But if I read it for the first time now I would ve given it a twoI still liked the story But the writing was awful I read the book in swedish so I don t know if it was just the translation or the authors writing And since it s from the nineties I can t comment on the outdated swedish languageI guess I hadn t read that many books with good writing at the time Now that s a different story Oh dear A really cute premise the heroine and her brother s best friend hero have been at odds since childhood The story opens with the heroine driving the hero home from her brother s wedding rehearsal because he has a migraine She floods thengine and they Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy end up having a drink waiting for thengine to right itself The alcohol and pain medication takes its toll on the hero and the heroine finds out that he is in love with her brother s bride She stays with hi. Ed into a temporary Lawman Lover (Outlaws, engagement with Doug a man she loathed Other people might find the situation humorous but Samantha was determined not to be bested by her oldnem.

I stuck with this book because I thought the premise was cute Two bickering childhood frenemies he s her older brother s best friend she s the bratty child who ruined his fun pretend to be in love to cover up the fact that the hero is madly in love with his best friend s wife aka heroine s new sis in lawAn aside This is what I like about Jeanne Allan s books She conjures up regular couples with a twist However after halfway through the book I felt like screaming from the mountaintops in City Girl in Training exasperation Here s why 1 The heroine is a brat using her wobbling chin to get her way hurling spiteful words only to apologize for them later on and so hell bent on seeing him in a bad light 2 The guy s a push over I like the little ways he showed that he cared folding napkins changing sheets for her bed and breakfast guests reading her various facialxpressions like a book taking photographs But his sulkiness when he doesn t get the spwe chial hug of recognition got annoying uickly 3 Suabbling over past fights and slights can be cute because it backlights the Hh s mindset but up to a certain point Overdone the plot gets bogged down and I wish they d just moved forward already 4 Only one drama ueen allowed per book I thought his anger was overblown when he misconstrued her seduction scene as her revenge plot 5 Doing the caveman abduction is only for Neanderthal women What troubles me most is that IF their familiarity with Mystery at Kittiwake Bay each other has already bred contemptven before they marry their love may not be Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files enough to sustain them through the years It ll reuire a major overhaul of both theirgos and personalities to make an HEA possible Otherwise what The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, exacerbated them before as frenemies willxacerbate them a thousandfold as marr. Samantha preferred being nemies Samantha adored her brother David and wanted nothing to spoil his marriage to Lynda So when his best friend Doug asked Sam what advic.

Iage partners So while I was reading this book I kept waiting for my romance which I didn t really get what I got was a book which was a total bicker fest which didn t stop at all The heroine has had a fighting relationship with the hero ver since her An Italian Education eighteen year old college brother brought his friend home the heroine then twelve took a dislike to him and despite the fact that she is 24 now it still continues She just returned after two years away her brother is getting married and before the marriage she realises that the hero has a thing for the bride So they put on a charade and throughout the book the hero makes moonyes towards the sis in law and bam suddenly the heroine is in love with him and tries to seduce he blows up on her and then they have a talk and HEA it just didn t ring true to me Funny and cute Some sweet moments The Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code endless bickering wasndless It never stopped This would have been a much better book if they could have actually stopped fighting for one freaking moment Well that was adorable one Samantha wants her brother happy That s why when her brother s best friend Doug admitted that he s in love with her brother s fianc Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, e Sam determined to save her brother s soon to be marriage She bullied Doug to bengaged with her At first she thought her action would make Doug suffered and paid him good after years he pulled pranks to her But she was dead wrong Doug gladly announced her as his fianc Daddy Wanted e Now Samantha s the one who got bullied and apparently her heart s in danger too I kind of liked this one Light romance with intense heat By heat I mean Sam and Doug s argument It s like there was no day passed without them arguing It was cute at first but somehow it become irritating I was h Summa. E she'd give a bachelor who was head over heels in love with his best friend's wife her reply was prompt Find somebodylse Somebody singleThat's how she got maneuver.

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Barbara Blackman was under the pseudonym Jeanne Allan the author of 25 romance novels for Harleuin On the cover of her first novel Peter's Sister her surname was misspelled as Allen