Lucy Tempest: ueen of Cahraman Fairytales of Folkshore #3

Ng for in the finale of this epic trilogy and way I got so many twists and turns and shocks that kept me reading so fast I was left exhausted at the end Good exhausted though fully and totally drained and satisfied Wow what a rideEverything was erfect the deepening world building the new characters EsfandiarI want one the deepening of every single character and the love story between Ada and Cyrus became the stuff of legend like Ada once said I especially love how Lucy Tempest turned many conventions on their heads and wouldn t follow through any of the expected and tried and true Youth, Beautiful Youth paths and chose aath all her own for the resolution of the conflict and in giving us a true happy ever after I m SO unhappy this trilogy came to an end as I need Ada and Cyrus But I guess I can only go back and re read their story and hope they ll op up later in the other stories in this universe I can t wait for every one of those On to Bonnie s story in Beast of Rosemead Whatever happened only you could have become my rincess Whatever happens you re already my ueen OMG heart eyes This series was everything There was so much action. Her lan to steal back the lamp flings them on a treacherous uest for salvation But if she fails they’re all doomed to this dark fate forev.

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Like Taking elements of the old tale and taking it where no one has ever thought of taking it Lucy Tempest does this masterfully and creates a uniue new world and executes her stories in completely fresh ways Not only is her world uniue but her rotagonists are strong independent and effective have incredibly satisfying relationships and Hunt for 901 powerfulersonal development arcs without being nasty or foul mouthed or Chasing After Infinity petty In fact most are delightful especially the heroine and hero In this day and age when most books now feature broken jaded even nasty anti heroes it was a breath of fresh air to find heroic characters at last I read forleasure and I don t need to be reminded how awful even so called good Morir por un iPhone - Apple, Foxconn y las luchas de los trabajadores en China people can be These books recharged my appetite for reading and neutralized all the ugliness that bombards me from every direction in the real world It took me to a Whole and Splendid New World indeed and I m still floating there in contentmentThis book this whole trilogy are definitely on my freuent re read shelf and anything Lucy Tempest is on an automaticre order or buy for me from now on Everything I ve been hopi. Ingdom from the fallout of her devastating mistake But it all seems impossible when her enemy is all owerful and Cyrus no longer trusts her.

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Neat tidy and enjoyableI used to think Cyrus was too refect but that issue and many cliffhangers were neatly resolved There were still one or two things that weren t adeuately explained and the story was still accompanied by the author s Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication penchant for incomplete sentences The ending action and continued story were fabulous and leave me wanting to read Just finished reading the third book in the Thief of Cahraman trilogy ueen of Cahraman The storyicks up with the character Ada and her adventures to save the kingdom of Cahraman I thoroughly enjoyed this book between the action ack scenes and romance and the most important of all the characters There interactions with each other had me laughing and crying I can t wait for the Beast of Rosemead Bonnie s story If you are a fan of KM Shea Timeless Fairytales or Melanie Cellier s Four Kingdom Series than this book is for you Amazing conclusion to the best trilogy I ve read in AGESFour words READ THIS SERIESNOWAmazing simply amazing how everything is weaved together with so much connecting and being tied up in totally unexpected ways This is what a retelling should be. ONE UEEN A CAPTIVE KINGDOM A GAMBLE FOR SALVATION In a corrupted Cahraman Ada is back on the streets struggling to save her friends and the

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