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Ut when he s asked but actually threatened by a Senator Servius of Rome to guard him up until Roman games are set to take place for he fears for his life uintus has no choice but to say yes And there he meets Kaeso a young man taken from the lands of Iberia as a slave but who is feisty and defiant where no of the other slaves are He catches uintus attention immediately and with uintus ind and fair nature Kaeso starts to fall for uintus as well as he is not like other master s And Kaeso soon gets uintus to see the horribleness of slavery and how wrong it is and over time uintus outlook is changed because of Kaeson and his love for him Some of this story takes place in actual historical events like the crazy big volcanic eruption in 79AD in Pompeii and a few other places But mostly this is fictional events taking place in a real historical timeI also loved how this managed to feel so much like NR Walker but not at the same time We still get our wonderful happy ending and great amazing romance that I adored but also a little bit of realism of the time the gruesomeness of those days the almost casual attitude about slavery those horrible roman games that were fights to the death a lot of the time I love that even in this time we could get a happy ending even if it s fictional but I m sure there were many happy endings back then they just aren t talked about haha Also I love the casualness with mm and ff relationships back in ancient Rome and Greece It was just a non issue until religion was introduced into society on a massive scale sighThis was a great book even if it was slow at times it was still so enjoyable and the climax plus uintus and Kaeso s relationship is SO wroth the read Highly recommend ARC generously provided by the Alpha Book Club in exchange for an honest review Audio4 stars Story4 stars You see that glorious cover I see a cover like that and I think nonstop thrilling action I wasn t completely disappointed There were some thrilling action scenes but the sweet romance overshadowed them a bit Enough so that I started to wonder if there would be any action not related to the romance I don t want it to sound like I didn t enjoy the story because I did mostly I just would have loved it if it had been grittier 475 stars Sometimes hope is all a man can cling to Every time I read a NR Walker book I m reminded of how amazing of a writer she is Nova Praetorian is a historical romance set in the Roman time period Initially I wasn t sure since I m not the biggest historical reader but she slayed itI was rooting for uintus and Kaeso to have their HEA I m not going to spoil anything but I was biting my nails throughout wanting to what was going to happen Especially during that ending I had this feeling and I ept thinking please don t let that happen over and over again When it is just us I can be me I forget the collars around my neck and dare imagine I am free to be beside you This book had the perfect blend of everything fantastic MC s strong secondary characters unbelievable writing and the way the author wrote the book made it seem so real I m a forever fan of hers and can t wait for in the future Find me on Facebook Instagram Twitter Blog Well menand women lol this was FANTASTIC I read this in one sitting I literally could not stop I don t now how NR Walker does it each one of her books is so uniue and different and enthralling I loved this story think awesome like Gladiator 300 or Spartacus yup it was that great As a lover of history but certainly not its dedicated scholar I found Nova Praetorian incredibly authentic with a firm grounding in real historical events Even the dialogue felt suitably ancient and formal despite the characters speaking English which can be hard to pull off NR Walker has once again done her research and created a fully realized world where power and greed reign supreme and people can be stolen and owned by those with enough money to Black Stone keep them uintus and Kaeso take a an immediate dislike to one another but the animosity doesn t last long uintus who owns the ludus of Varus one of the best gladiatorial school in Rome realizes that beneath Kaeso s taunting and defiance lies the heart of a tiger Kaeso is brave and cunning and can best even uintus when it comes to his aim That s how he earns the nickname rabbit for he is fast on his feet and teases uintus with his reckless spirit I would have you come with meTo see the senatorTo all places uintus said To all places one reuires a dangerous rabbit Kaeso is a senator s slave the senator shares him with uintus for the duration of uintus contract so he becomes uintus slave as well But uintus won t take what isn t given freely While uintus attraction for Kaeso burns brightly he wants Kaeso to get down on hisnees willingly I loved the setting and both MCs The passion between the men is scorching and I am thrilled that NR Walker continues to write steamy stories However even though I really liked the story I found the first half to be rather slow going I On Liberty kept getting distracted I m not sure if that s me or the plot but I suspect it s a bit of both Nova Praetorian is a long book filled with political intrigue and complex characters The villain is not one dimension and neither are the people who serve himThere is a strong sense of family the one we make not the one we re given in the story and a focus on how bein. Ainer of guards instead of gladiatorsKaeso Agorix was taken from his homelands of Iberia and delivered to Rome as a slave Bought by a senator to be trained as a guard his fate is handed to the man who would train him Absent free will Kaesonows his life is no longer his own though he soon realises the gods have favoured him when he learns his new master has a ind heartuintus and.

G beholden to another crushes a person s soul In a way uintus is a slave too a slave to the senator s blackmailing and political ambitions Even though uintus has always been ind to his slaves he comes to realize that The worth of a person was not decided by a collar For sometimes those who bore the burden of slavery were worth the entire world The last few chapters are very exciting I never fully guessed all the twists secrets and alliancesThe ending as is Walker s trademark is a true HEA uintus chases his rabbit for all the days It s easy when the rabbit wants to be caught Re read 13032019 I had to re read this because at least this one has a somewhat happy ending Fuck horrible and cruel endings Yeah I m still pissed about my previous read as you can tell However I probably should ve have read it so soon It wasn t all that long ago since I read this one and I remember uite a lot about it and it it s not good enough to enjoy a re read when you remember that much It was still an okay read but I got bored at times and distracted Overall I still don t like the ending of this one but at least it s a happy ending for the couple Though I must say the ending didn t bother me as much this time around as it did the first time Perhaps it s because of the brutal ending of my previous read that I suddenly was alright with the ending here But now it s not the ending that I struggled with this time I struggled with the lack of depth I m tired don t listen to meNew rating 253 I think it s my mood that is at fault here stars Whatever you need from me tonight it is yours uintus drew back on the bed and pulled Kaeso with him so they lay down nestled in each other s arms Just to hold you uintus whispered For tonight that is all I ask Kaeso clung to him and burrowed in like he always did and planted a iss on uintus chest I would lie here until the gods called you home uintus Maybe it was the worry maybe it was how hard he had trained all day or perhaps it was the warmth and refuge of uintus embrace and the beat of his heart against Kaeso s ear but sleep came easily Though he couldn t be certain whether it was real or a dream though he swore he felt the press of uintus lips to his head and a solemn and fervent vow whispered I vow it no god or mortal man will take you from my arms Not Bad I m Liking It First read reviewThe book centers around one of the best lanistas in Rome he trains the best gladiators bound for the arenas of Rome uintus Furius Varus 24 and Kaeso pronounced Ky so Rabbit Agorix 20 Kaeso becomes a slave after he was taken from his home He is then bought and is set to be trained to become a guard for Senator Servius Augendus His trainer uintus The senator had given The senator had given uintus a not so much of a choice and becomes contracted as a trainer of guards instead of gladiators a not so much of a choice and becomes contracted as a trainer of guards instead of gladiators This is the start of a journey of love and healing of blood and sweat and of right and wrong and of course betrayals everything is not as it seems Can the pair overcome the fact that the odds are against them that Kaeso is a slave and uintus his masterThis book was actually not so bad I m sorta impressed I liked the historical setting and the words even though I was at lost sometimes but the characters were interesting and I love loyalty and this book had lots of that The feeling of family of love that s the center of this book And of course doing the right thing The ending however left me a bit mixed I sorta like it but then I don t view spoilerThey are now free and chose to go to Iberia whereas I had sorta expected them to get a higher position and inda not exactly rule but have tons of power where they can do good in Rome hide spoiler 35 stars I m a English Humour for Beginners known fan of NR Walker her writing her characterization the romance she pours into her story It works well for me I don t mind reading historical and I was curious what NR Walker could deliver with such a settingAnd when I finished the book there was nothing wrong with it that came to mind great characters a profound relationship built between uintus and Kaesus a pretty good level of steam a sense of brotherhood some nice reflexions about slavery and freedom a gripping set of intriguesHowever RL had been very troubling when I read this one and prevented me to fully engaged So don t mind me if you like this author or if the blurb sounds good to you it s worth trying This was my first NR Walker in like 2 years I think I really do not remember how I stopped reading her books because I remember really liking her writing and with my ladies in the TPAM group adoring her it s of a mystery that I d not read her work in so long her books are all over my favorite threads Lol Nonetheless I guess all I m saying I m back on the wagon so to speak These type of books put the history in historical romance because it wasn t about the usual dukes and viscounts and what have you but about the Roman Empire in it s prime I absolutely enjoyed everything about itThe writing was great and the dialogue impeccable It wasn t modern by any stretch and I respect theind of dedication that must have gone into it from beginning to the end Our MCs and secondary characters were well fleshed out and even the villains pulled on your emotions Kaeso and uintus despite all the social and political dif. Kaeso forge a bond that far exceeds the collar at Kaeso’s neck and together they discover the senator’s move for promotion has an ulterior motive Thrown into a world of politics and conspiracy of eeping enemies close they move against time to save Rome before traitors and the gods themselves see to their endAnd in doing so see the dawn of the nova praetorian the new guard rise.

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What a wild storyI totally loved this I am a sucker for gladiator romances in any shape and form But this was truly stellarIt s an amazing romance a bit sugary sweet like most of NR Walker s romances but definitely reaching deep into the characters soulsHowever it is also a great ancient thriller with a double edged conspiracy which I totally didn t expect since I don t read romances for the intricate plots usuallyuintus Furius Varus what a name is the most swoonworthy hero ever He s a lanista so he owns and runs a school for gladiators The gladiators are slaves that he buys to train them to fight in the arena BUT unlike other Roman domini uintus treats his slaves with respect and earns their respect in return Which makes him super likable and a true leaderuintus is hired by the aspiring Senator Servius Augendus to train the senator s guards and household slaves The politican fears that someone is out for his life as he is trying to rise in the ranks of powerThrough a shady arrangement Servius manages to bind uintus to his household until further notice reuesting him to act as his personal bodyguard while he continues training the senator s slavesOne of the slaves is a stubborn guy from Iberia freshly caught by Roman invaders and not yet broken in Servius leaves the headstrong Kaeso to uintus expecting him to tame the young Iberian And even though uintus vows not to take what is not freely given he gets close to Kaeso and is fascinated by his view of the world and his outsider s opinion on Roman society that uintus took for granted his whole life And I guess by his hot muscled body too A gay man is a gay man in any era I absolutely loved these two Their main obstacle was the fact that Kaeso belonged to Servius and could therefore not stay with uintus after the assignment was overLuckily this book erupts in a huge climax towards the end a little pun is intended And what powerful moments we had in this book view spoiler A dishonourable death for a traitor Then uintus pointed to the rising cloud of ferocity spewing out of Vesuvius See this The goddess Discordia comes for you She will drag you to Tartarus where you will spend eternity begging for mercy And with those final words uintus watched the light dim in Tiberus eyes until he lived no hide spoiler I love historical romance and this book was absolutely fabulous From gladiators and guards to senators and domini I dived into ancient world of training and fighting politics and blackmail passion and love between two men whose life was poised on the edge of a dagger One thing this book showed wonderfully is the diversity of characters Side by side we are shown two men with a total opposite attitude towards servitude and slavery The difference is astounding and it proves that the old saying You catch flies with honey than vinegar holds true no matter what time and age you live in I liked uintus He is Dominus to his own ludus He is well respected loyal and ind master He leads a simple life and has no desire for riches than he already has but Fate intervenes and puts him on the path of unwilling greatness and the love that will last forever Kaeso is a captured Iberian purchased by a Senator to be a slave He is defiant and brave yet smart enough to survive He is the driving force behind uintus change of view his compass and I loved him for it While the physical attraction is immediate between them the relationship happens gradually with them becoming friends first even confidants till the time they finally succumb to the urge to have each other in all ways This book had a betrayal plot that twisted and turned new facts pointing in different directions and making uintus and Kaeso doubt people around them not nowing who was ally and who was a traitor The outcome was easy to figure out but the execution was marvelous The blood and gore of battles satisfied a hidden grizzly in me I loved how fierce and courageous Kaeso was how cool under pressure uintus was a true leader and how they both fought even when death seemed imminent The love words between them flowed and tasted so good and sweet that they turned me into a total marshmallow The ending was very satisfying so happy it made me feel light on my feet It shows that honorable decent men get to be happy that men are worth both their words and their deeds That in times of hardship it matters who stands by your side and that both uintus and Kaeso chose wisely I loved this book and highly recommend it 45 stars rounded upWhew this took me 6 days to finish but it was marvelous I think part of it was just life getting in the way but another part of it was this just felt slow plot wise I loved uintus and Kaeso from the beginning they were interesting engaging characters and their romance was just happy sigh amazing and their chemistry lit up the pages for meIt was the plot that made this slow going for me for a long while in this book It was setting up a LOT of stuff and a lot of the book is just this slow build up to the events of the climax which were truly exciting and riveting And while there were many interesting parts leading up to the climax some of it dragged just a little It took perhaps a little too long to get to the climax to the reveal of what the senator was really up to and all that uintus is the master at a Linus or whatever it s called but it s a place where gladiators are trained Uintus Furius Varus is one of the best lanistas in Rome Tall and strong in build fearsome in manner and sharp of wit he trains the best gladiators bound for the arenas of Rome When Senator Servius Augendus seeks personal guards he attends the Ludus Varus for purchase of the very best He puts to uintus an offer he cannot refuse and uintus finds himself in Neapolis contracted as a tr.

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A VoyeurNR Walker is an Australian author who loves her genre of gay romance She loves writing and spends far too much time doing it but wouldn't have it any other wayShe is many things; a mother a wife a sister a writer She has pretty pretty boys who she gives them life with wordsShe likes it when they do dirty dirty thingsbut likes it even when they fall in love She used to think having people in her head talking to her was weird until one day she happened across other writers who told her it was normalShe’s been writing ever since