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When I ead and eviewed A Blade so Black I was left with some mixed feelings While there were elements to the first book that I enjoyed there were some that I wanted to change too I took a chance on the seuel and A Dream so Dark pleasantly surprised me I eally enjoyed this one a lot than book one It s definitely worth continuing the seriesThis book continues ight where the second one left off In terms of plot it s a lot stronger I felt like the characters had a drive and a purpose and we could see the end goal firmly in sight Yes this is Wonderland so some magical and fantastical things happened but it all felt within eason of the world and flew some interesting twists into the storyWhich leads me on to the world building I felt like the world building was one of the strongest elements to book one However at some points I was still a little bit confused back in book 1 But this book only made the world building stronger There s still the whimsicality and magicalness that Wonderland has but every creature is explained We get to see powers and magic at work and it was all so detailed and thought through I loved the world and what we got to see of WonderlandBut now let s get to my favourite part of the book which was largely what the beginning consisted of And that was the elationship between Alice and her mother In the first book Alice s double life is kept secret and it leads to her lying to her mother a lot and sneaking out While I won t give away anything this book has a lot of her mother featured and I eally enjoyed all the heart to heart discussions they have I feel like often in YA fantasy parental figures are shoved to the side to allow the teenager to have all the freedom they want when going on uests and such But in this one you get to see the mother s involvement or attempt at involvement for what she does or doesn t know about Alice s adventures And there is truly love between them and I eally appreciated seeing thatWe do have to talk a bit about the epresentation As said in my eview of book 1 while I was excited to have a black Alice I was a bit disappointed in how it followed through on this But this time ound I am satisfied We get some small glimpses of black culture wigs mentioned bonnets worn and lotion needed after a good bath Not much but something And Alice and her mother have their way of speaking and vocabulary that they use which felt cultured throughout the novel To be honest I can t emember if the first book did this or not and I just didn t notice But I liked that element of the black epresentation in this oneI wasn t too keen on the omantic storylines What I did like about them was that it showed attraction that teenagers feel and often to than one person at a time I m sure younger you had a lot of crushes And as no one is exclusively committed to anyone it makes sense that there are butterfly flutters all ound And we do get some LGBT ep A bisexual character never explicitly labelled so could be pan and some characters who seem to be uestioning While there are those characters omance is never the main storyline or focus so it didn. Still eeling from her ecent battle and grounded until she graduates Alice must abandon her friends to complete her mission find The Heart and prevent the Red Lady's ise But the deeper she ventures into Wonderland the topsy turvy everything becomes It’s.

T eally matter that it wasn t intriguing to meI felt like the ending was pretty great and held a lot of suspense I liked where it left off and I am curious to know how Alice s story is going to unfold I enjoyed this one so I will definitely be continuing And as this was better than the first I am sure it is only going to improve I think McKinney s writing has become a lot structured and enjoyable to eadThis eview and others can originally be found on Olivia s Catastrophe I ead and adored the first book in The Nightmare Verse series A Blade So Black an urban fantasy etelling of Alice in Wonderland set in modern day Atlanta It was an original take with teen Alice Kingston training with Addison Hatta to battle Nightmares in the ealm called Wonderland Readers were given an interesting history of the three ueens and then a dangerous foe arrived the Black KnightA Dream So Dark brings eaders back to the action as Alice struggles to keep her two lives separate This uickly crumbles when the Black Knight arrives at her home with her feisty mom presentAlice must travel to the deepest places in Wonderland to find out who the Black Knight is and who it is that he s serving while also worrying about the fates of both Hatta and ChessThere s so much at stake and some shocking history evealed but this book moved at an uneven pace for me I love that we spent so much time in Wonderland and there were new characters and creatures introduced but none of it was fully ealized as it tried to compete with the sense of urgency to find and defeat the Black KnightThat sense of urgency fizzled out for me with a ushed ending We had been building to this major face off with fates hanging in the balance and then the climax unfolds in basically a paragraphOverall this book just didn t hold up to the first in the series and I doubt I ll continue on with the series I still ecommend checked out the series for eaders who enjoy YA fantasy and modern etellingsThanks to Imprint and Edelweiss for providing me with a DRC in exchange for my honest eview A Dream So Dark is scheduled for elease on September 24 2019For eviews visit wwwrootsandreadswordpresscom about y all back off Read the above link and leave me be I haven t ead this book yet but it s not going to be out for another 6 12 months which means MOST people haven t ead it yet and yet somehow 57% of the eviews are all 1 starStories that center around straight white males people who make up 25 30% of America and 5 10% of the world don t get subjected to these kinds of pearl clutching censorship campaigns to the same degree as books like this that center around about anybody else people who make up 70 75% of America and 90 95% of the worldso I m giving this book an empty uninformed meaningless except to be political ating of 5 stars to counteract the empty uninformed meaningless except to be political atings of 1 starIN THE HOPES that my empty uninformed meaningless except to be political 5 star ating GETS DELETED at the same time the empty uninformed meaningless except to be political 1 star atings do This better be the seuel Not until she’s at her wits end that she ealizes Wonderland is trying to save herThere’s a new player on the board; a poet capable of using Nightmares to not only influence the living but aise the dead This Poet is looking to claim the Black ueen’s

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O A Blade So Black hard stare all I ask for is battles and Addison Hatta Alice is awesomely authentic but if Ms McKinney ever felt like penning a spin off featuring Alice s mom I am here for it That Fucking Awesome Cover Gimme this now 2019 and The Fountain Pen Diva demands MORE BIPoC on my book covers and in the books I ead Jesus Can you hear me It s Sam again No euest is too small or too impossible So I am praying for an advanced copy thxkbye Well of course this seuel s happening Tell us something we don t know insert Sherlock Holmes esponding how a pig s orgasm lasts up to thirty minutesBut seriously I m super overjoyed that this book has finally graced our shelvesAnd with a cover so bloody beautiful seeing it in person was amazing Though I didn t get it as an ARC like I did for ABSB all good things come to those who wait ehAnd yes I couldn t help but notice the heart on this one Just like the first book had a spadedoes that mean McKinney s got plans for four books one for each suit Apparently so given that she s already announced A Crown So Cursed plus a preuel novel So it looks like the four suits will happen thank GodAs for this book it takes a lot of leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor The first book for all its action packed fun loaded the very vast majority of its big emotional moments towards its nasty cliffhanger ending from which A Dream So Dark picks up pretty effectively Chess is still some kind of creepy evenant Alice s mom is grounding her till the end of time for worrying the hell out of herbut the Nightmares are still coming and Alice is going to need to get back to Wonderland to take the fight to the Black Knight and all those threatening the delicate balance of thingsIt s a uest in which many of her usual allies Court Hatta the Tweedlanovs Xelon etc all wind up severely waylaid But luckily at the Eastern Gateway Alice makes a few new friends like Haruka and Romi who is basically a Japanese woman version of the Caterpillar updated to smoke a vape wait I think I emember once seeing McKinney herself say that she smokes a hookah the way the original Caterpillar does But I digress All these fighters are going to inevitably wind up together as a new and improved suad to save Wonderland and the mundane world both of that you can guaranteeAnd one thing that I particularly enjoyed about this book was that McKinney eally stepped up her game on LGBT ep especially bi ep Though I pegged Alice as bi from the moment the first book s cover was evealed that dual wielding symbolism hello McKinney kept it suuuuuuuuper low key This book though Alice finds herself getting butterflies in her stomach not only for Hatta but for Haruka too And Hatta is bi as well though does that eally surprise anyoneBest of all this book doesn t end on a diabolical cliffhanger the way its predecessor did of an And the Adventure Continues ending which was a great idea in case this ended up being the end of the oad But luckily no it s not As I mentioned before McKinney s got at least two Nightmare Verse books lined up I can t bloody wait to see how much she surprises us. Ower and Alice's budding abilities as their ownDreams have never been so dark in Wonderland and if there is any hope of defeating this mystery poet’s magic Alice must confront the worst in herself in the people she loves and in the very nature of fear itse.