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A mysterythrillerHoly boredom Look I went into this thinking it was the same genre as the other books from the author but it s a contemporary I on t know why others have categorized it otherwise but it Before Your Very Eyes definitelyidn t help me enjoy thisTwo parents can t agree about what to When We Were Animals do with their terminally ill child One wants to try treatment no matter what the other to let them go They go to court and the second half of the book shows you theifferent outcomeAn interesting format but the first half was much better than the second especially since my favorite character wasn t present any I Jumpstart the World didn t end up caring about the characters as much as I hoped which left me feeling heartless and apatheticNot for me NOW AVAILABLEThis was an incredibly hard book to read and an even harder book to review I have waited a feways to let my thoughts settle and have Kiss the Girls decided to try and write this review to help othersecide if it s something they would like to readI had read Ms Macintosh s thrillers and really loved them I knew what this book was about but it was thought provoking and heartbreaking than I had imagined As you know from the blurb two young parents isagree on the ecision of whether to continue life support to their young 3 year old son Dylan has a brain tumor which was partially resected now growing back It has amaged his brain beyond repair and he will never be able to walk talk communicate his needs and there is no hope for further improvementAs a reader I felt that the first half of the book was stronger We follow Pip and Max as they struggle to come to terms with the fact that their beloved son will never grow to be a normal child never be able to lead any semblance of a normal life Then they must make a ecision that no parent should ever have to make Their relationship and marriage are well outlined a Three point five rounded up four but I still have my A Day Away deep concerns about this book because this is not what I expected stars I know this writer is genius I know what she hasome to me when I was reading I let you go I talked gibberish for one week at least and lost my face expressions looked like a botox addict after her big twist punched me several times so this is not the surprising smartly written book I Memoir of a Misfit desired and wished to read I confessed as soon as I read this first half of the book I got so emotional and used all napkins toilet papers to clear the traces of my ugly cries I adored Max and Pip s 3P ed story POWERFUL POIGNANT PROFOUND how they try toecide their sick son s future should they let him go or should they resume fighting for his life After I read that the author faced through the same process in her real life with her husband I was flabbergasted for a long time My heart hurt for them My soul cried both for her and the characters she created based on her real life The opening at the court room and their painful visits to the intensive care for their two year old child were heart ripping hard to Looking for the Toffees digest parts of the book This wasifferent kind of thriller writing Because it is real it is about our worst nightmares WHAT IF something happens to our children WHAT IF it is too lately Raising Gods Girl diagnosed and there is nothing too to save your loved one What IF your partner in crime could turn into your worst enemy because you got big conflicts to The Gulag Handbook decide your child s life I was about to give five stars to this incredibly emotional story But then I started the second half of the book and story telling techniueefinitely changed into Paltrow s Sliding oor movie crossover Two Lila Bennetts book kind of two alternative universes At one of them the judge sides with the father at the other one ecides to side with the mother I was intrigued about the Will in the World different conseuences and their new paths they to follow But at those parts the author lost me Because June Fourth Elegies different realities slowed the paceown and too much Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes dramatic soap opera kind of revelations a littleisturbed me The ending The Confabulist didn t satisfy me I was waiting because the elements of the story are strong well rounded characters were also welleveloped strong and writing was solid In my opinion the author s big trauma affected her Der Illusionist decision about ending the story I respected herecision because this book might be a way to say goodbye to her child and make peace her bottled up Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue depressing feelings her emotional turmoil her suffering her cries broken heartI was planning to give three stars to this book But I hit my hand actually I bite my fingers too to stop myself and asked me what the hell I moing I know this is not the book I waited for but if it s best way for the author to share her feeling by ripping a wounded piece from her heart and pouring her insecurities without giving a second thought are the bravest things that not much people can manageSo for her tough move to write about something hurting than Achilles Tendon Pain and the amazing first half of the book I gave my four stars shut my mouth My emotional side overshadowed my intellectual brain and I know this was the right and best thing to Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, do Agree orisagree We turn back to the same Ask the Past dilemma of this book My reviews can also be seen at StarsAfter the End was a novel Clare Mackintosh had been wanting to write for than aecade Twelve years ago Clare and her husband had to make an extremely Riding Class (Saddle Club, difficultecision Ever since they have uestioned whether or not they made the right choiceI knew this was going to be uite Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, different from the author s previous novels but I was excited to read itI thought this was an excellent readParents often have to make toughecisions Occasionally they may have to make what seems like an impossible Different Class decision After the Endoes an ex. Love marriage parenthood and the road not taken After the End brings one unforgettable family from unimaginable loss to a surprising satisfying and redemptive ending and the life they are fated to find With the emotional power of Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper Mackintosh helps us to see that sometimes the end is just another beginning.

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What a nightmare to be told your child is terminal with no hope of recovery How can you make ecisions when every cell in your body Goldilocks the Three Bears doesn t want to let your precious childie but regardless of the ecisions made your child will ie It s just a matter of when What makes a life worth living Who Socialist Realism decidesTheilemma of such a heartbreaking I Look Up To... Michelle Obama decision is one the author and her husband faced after their infant son had a massive brain hemorrhage It s obvious she s intimately familiar with the subject matter and the first half of the book is powerful andeeply resonatesUnlike what happened to the author the fictional couple in this novel Doctor Extraño don t agree on how to manage and treat their son s illness so the courts must intervene and make aecision to continue treatment or let him go The author id a magnificent job etailing the emotional and physical toll on everyone when a child is critically ill It made me think about my own beliefs and wonder what I would Never Tell do when there is not one right choice I liked how the author brought in the power of the press and social media along with the public s rush to judgment without knowing all the facts However I could haveone without the Dr s POV I Feminism is for Everybody didn t think it added anything relevant to the story as it was about her personal life not her medical judgement and it felt like filler The second half of the book is as the title suggests after After the judge makes aecision the author explores two Deterring Democracy different outcomes one in which the judge sides with the mother and one in which the judge sides with the father It was thought provoking to examine the ramifications and conseuences of eitherecision I m certain anyone who has made such a heart wrenching Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, decision has moments ofoubt and wondering what if I had them with my elderly parents and know they would be even stronger when it s your childFrom here the narrative alternates between two alternate realities I found it Hunters Heart difficult to follow at first because the characters were the same but I soon fell into the rhythm of the story telling Unfortunately as intriguing as the premise is to examine twoifferent outcomes the story became predictable chick lit and eye rolling unbelievable I would have preferred the story been as nuanced with emotional Menneskefluene (K2 depth in the last half as it was in the first half Another buddy read with Marialyce this was a solid 5 star book in the first halfowngraded to a 3Many thanks to the publisher and Edelweiss for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest reviewFor our Nazi Gold duo review please visit I received this as a paper arc from Goodreads back in spring but it s taken me until now to read it It s not an easy book Whether you re a parent or not you can t help but berawn in by this incredibly sad story of two parents Mr Majeika and the School Inspector dealing with their three year old son s brain cancer It will have you thinking what would youo in the same situation The book would make a fascinating book club Selected Poems discussion because the parentso not agree on what to o once traditional treatments fail I thought about what makes a life a life I will freely admit to being on the side of uality not uantity But if it were my child would I be able to make that same pledge to be that selfless Mackintosh takes a turn with the novel I idn t see coming Once we get to the court s ruling we begin to get two alternative storylines They alternate between Max and Pip between a yes and a no ruling And what I loved is that both sides have regrets at times think they made the wrong Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 decision Mackintosh knows of what she writes In 2006 she faced a similar situation when she and her husband had toecide the fate of their young son who had eveloped meningitis and had significant brain amage This is a poignant book But as Mackintosh herself says it s a story about hope not loss 5 starsHeart wrenching Thought provoking Emotion stirring This has earned a spot on my Favourites ListOne of the most emotional hard hitting and gut wrenching books I ve ever read Pip and Max face a The Train Robbers decision that is every parents worst nightmare Whether to continue treatment for their brainamaged critically ill two year old son or take him off life support to end his suffering How can one choose What happens when the parents No Reason To Die don t agree on theecisionI am emotionally exhausted after finishing this gripping thought provoking novel Never have I ever used so many Kleenex to wipe away tears while reading a book The author Clare Mackintosh Naked Risk (Shatterproof does an outstanding job pulling the reader into this unimaginable heart breaking situation I felt as if I were there in the hospital room with these characters The story is narrated through both Pip and Max s perspectives along with their sonsoctors perspective which were all brilliantly executed I put myself in each perspective and felt torn and gutted for what they were facing as parents and the Raking The Ashes doctor At times the story had me sobbing uncontrollably to the point that I had to put the bookown and take an emotional rest To say I was invested in this families journey is putting it lightly I was full out emotionally connected hanging on every word hold my breathe and clench my teeth in anticipation of what was to come choke back sobs in sadness I felt EVERYTHING alongside these charactersThis is a major change of pace novel for this author who writes thrillers What a feat for her to successfully transition into such a serious and emotional genre I m in awe of her talent and look forward to what she comes out with nextThank you to Edelweiss and my lovely local library for a copy of this unforgettable book Parenting is hard I think every parent might have experienced time in the upbringing of hisher child wher. From New York Times bestselling author Clare Mackintosh a eeply moving and page turning novel about an impossible choice and the two paths fate could take A beautifully written novel compelling and clever tender and true I can't stop thinking about it Liane MoriartyTailor made for book clubs and for fans of Jodi Picoult Publishers Weekl.

E they o not agree upon something with the child s other parent be it curfew Dear Office-Politics discipline when to have a cell phone etc But what happens when you are faced with the ultimateecision What happens when your child gets sick When your child has a terminal Thomas Harriott disease Do you prolong his life to only face the inevitable Do you allow him to pass away with comfort and care Howo you A Mistletoe Kiss decide How would youThis book explores what happens when a married couple Pip and Max who love each other and love their child Dylan but cannot agree on what too As they cannot Intimate Strangers decide the courts must step in and make aecision that is in their son s best interest The second half of the book explores what would happen if the judge Mr Majeika and the Lost Spell Book decides what will happen regarding Dylan s terminal illness If heecides in the Mother s favor what lies in store for their son and for each parent If the Judge runs in the Father s favor what lies in store for their son and each parent This was an interesting concept but also a repetitive oneAn interesting twist is that this book also focuses on the child s The Hidden Jewels doctor who is emotionally affected by Dylan s case as wellI enjoyed the first half of the book much than the second half As I mentioned the second half was repetitive at times butid show the sad ways that a child s Chaplin death can affect a couple Not only the child seath but what happens when two people cannot agree on something How it can wear on them their relationship and those in their lives Many couples and marriages Fair Game do not last after the loss of a child What will happen to this oneThis is a thought provoking book which may beifficult for some to read Even sadder is that the Author herself lost a child While reading this book I often wondered if this was an emotionally challenging book to write or if it was a cathartic experience This was a traveling sister readThank you to the publisher and Edelweiss who provided me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own Thank you to Putnam s Sons Penguin Publishing Group for providing an advance reader copy via EdelweissThe premise of this book lured me in immediately The story takes place in England where they have the National Health Service NHS The parents of almost three year old Dylan Adams who has a cancerous brain tumor are just told that the hospital recommends no further treatment just comfort palliative care The mother has accepted that The Creatures devastating assessment but the father insists on further medical intervention in the United States It must go to court for a judge toetermine the outcome As the story begins the parents are sitting separately with their legal teams in court awaiting the judge s So Sweet (Sugar Baby, decision A chasm between Pip and Max Adams has existed ever since they parted ways on Dylan s medical treatment plan However seconds before the judge renders his verdict they inch their way closerultimately holding handsThe author Clare Mackintosh prefaces the book with the revelation that she and her husband had to make this sameecision in 2006 when they withdrew life support from their critically ill son To this Life Before Death day they still uestion theirecision and this informs the themes explored in this bookThe book was written in uite a fascinating way It s narrated in Good Luck, Louisa! (Red Fox Ballet Book, dueling chapters from the perspectives of Pip Adams mother Max Adams father and Dr Leila Khalili Dylan s physician But when the judge reaches hisecision the book takes off in two Mr. Bridge different tangents that leave you momentarilyisconcerted uite unexpectedly both Akenfield decisions their medical outcomes and effects on their marriage are explored in the sameueling narratives from Pip and Max and occasionally Dr Leila Khalili At times I would get a bit thrown off as to which outcome I was reading but it just took seconds to adjust and get grounded again Both outcomes were brilliantly explored and left me in amazement at how life can play out The moral of the story is that no matter what The Case of the Philosophers Ring by Dr. John H. Watson decision you would make you would always be second guessing yourself if you made the right one Final thoughts Thought provoking poignant exuisitelymasterfully written marathon page turner I will be looking out for other books by this author based on this excellent read Highly recommended All five heartbreaking starsThis was such an emotional read So much so I actually thought of walking away after only the very first chapter I justidn t think I could endure the journey I left it for the night and in the morning took a Connecting with Horses deep breathe told myself buck up you re stronger than this I tapped my kindle to start chapter 2 and I m so very glad Iid You cannot feel grief without first feeling love and now my heart is filled with both Pip and Max need to face the hardest Several Strangers decision of their lives Their son Dylan has an incurable brain tumor With choices limited the physicians recommend palliative care to allow theirear son to pass with Lillian Toos Little Book Of Feng Shui dignity But another option found is a groundbreaking treatment half way across the world And it may give Dylan just a little time But at what cost Howo they make such a soul searching The Winter Warrior decision uality of life vs uantity At the end of theay will they be able to live with their ecision and its conseuences I can t have both lives I can only live this one Clare Mackintosh writes such an emotionally charged heart wrenching novel that will surely linger in your heart long after you ve read the last word As I closed my kindle late at night I sat uietly in the ark just reflecting I know this book will stay with me for a very long timeAn emotional buddy read with Susanne Thank you to Edelweiss GP Putnam s Sons and Clare Mackintosh for an ARC to read and review This is not. YMax and Pip are the strongest couple you know They're best friends lovers unshakable But then their son gets sick and the Toffees night noises doctors put the uestion of his survival into their hands For the first time Max and Pip can't agree They each want aifferent future for their sonWhat if they could have bothA gripping and propulsive exploration of.

Clare Mackintosh spent twelve years in the police force leaving in 2011 to write full time She lives in North Wales with her husband and their three childrenHer novels have all been Sunday Times top ten bestsellersClare is the patron of the Silver Star Society an Oxford based charity which supports the work carried out in the John Radcliffe Hospital's Silver Star unit providing special care