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Ough not superficial does not seem very extensive In the realm of Buddhism she is not an experienced teacher or scholar She makes a few references to things that some yoga teachers have said but her nowledge does not seem particularly broad The book is basically structured like a casual talk interspersed with photos and descriptions of ashtanga asanas Now so far as that goes it is not bad but it is the Shadow of the Vampire kind of thing I would rather watch or listen to than read aboutTheey uestion for me is whether the book began to answer my uestions and add to my nowledge of the intersections of yoga and Buddhism In that regard I must tip my cap to Cyndi Lee and thank her She does begin to touch on some things but not nearly to the extent that the title suggests She may have done some damage to her cause with this overly ambitious title which implies that she will explain the hows and whys of the linkage of yoga exercise and Buddhist thinking In fact she goes on primarily about yoga and makes the occasional reference to Buddhism However some of her comments are illuminating and helped me to understand why I often experience something similar when I meditate and when I do yogaYoga connects us to the earth to the universe to our own physical experience thru breathing and movement Things are always in flux and life moves to the same rhythms that our breath does Unlike other forms of exercise yoga is built around the breath and this begins to connect us to our minds and to nature as well When the mind and body are in synch then we are in tune with all life and we are in a position to grow spiritually as well as become healthier Yoga grew out of the Hindu altho Lee says it is separate from Hinduism Sankhya philosophy which came along around 200 CE and proposed a dual level of existence purusha which basically means spirit and prakriti matter I am a little unclear where the mind fits into it but yoga means union and it is an effort to join the two body and mind matter and spirit I am also a little uncertain as to where the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali comes into the picture since that was another huge point of origin for yoga Lee s book is a good starting point for further explorations and she has a nice yoga center too I respect her willingness to take on such a big subject and attempt to popularize it. Ddition to advanced and rigorous regimens Written in the same personal comfortable and charismatic style that Cyndi Lee has brought to her classes Yoga Body Buddha Mind is a comprehensive how to guide for spiritual well being and the ultimate enlightening experienc.

Be than 283 pages but couldn t we be doing something productive than that I m really liking this Of all the yoga books I ve read this one really simply combines the ideas that I learned from my favorite teacher Chris about how the body mind and spirit are truly connected and can be expressed through Good book for both thoughts and practice Not too long ago I watched a 2017 Yoga Alliance talk with Cyndi Lee and found her a compelling speaker which spurred me to read this book As it turned out the book was available as I was dealing with a reaction to an antibiotic administered due to a bee sting Trying to make the best of a frustrating situation I found Cyndi s writing both her style and her words uite calming and comfortingThe first half of the book is now peppered with numerous small sticky tabs marking stories and explorations that resonated or that I want to incorporate into the yoga practices I guide Perhaps due to having heard Cyndi speak I could hear her voice throughout the book soothing guiding thoughtful and welcoming This book helped me to calm my anxiety about the antibiotic reaction and follow up tests it helped me to remember that I could use my breath to talk to my nervous system In essence I was able to take my yoga off the mat Just typing these past few sentences started a flow of slow inhales and calming exhales Reflecting on the book and having this response is a testament to both Cyndi s teachings and a reminder to me of the benefits of being open to my breath and its possibilities rather than following my all too rampant imagination As a semi serious practitioner of both yoga and Buddhism I have for some time wondered about the connections between the two I feel that there is some connection but it is hard to now what it is Neither my Buddhism classes or my yoga classes make any reference to the other and they almost seem to be competing philosophies at times Unfortunately the book although not bad was a bit of a disappointmentThis was an enjoyable somewhat rambling discussion that seemed like a relaxed lecture than a serious monograph As someone who is a highly regarded yoga teacher and who runs a successful yoga center one of the most popular in New York from what I can tell she clearly Human Aspects of Software Engineering knows about yoga But hernowledge as expressed in this book alth. T famous yoga instructors This easy to use guide shows readers of all yoga levels how to combine the basic tenets of Buddhism and meditation with yoga practice Her book offers simple meditation programs and exercise seuences that can be done just about anywhere in

I have a few of Lee s books at home well her Yoga in a box and her Yoga in 15306090 minutes which might not count and i had started this book years ago but once I started reading it again I remembered why I liked her so much She really explain the main tenets of yoga asanas standing sitting strength balance restoration and ties them to the tenets of Buddhist philosophy in our daily life the importance of being present and of using your breath to do so Her language and stories are relatable her message simple and it s accompanied by yoga flow seuences to illustrate her message Really enjoyed it and it inspired me to literally get on my mat and do some yoga at home I enjoyed reading this book Over the years I have studied both subjects and appreciate the way the the author finds common ground in both ancient philosophies It is a good read for anyone who is interested in being introspective in hisher life As I have been consistently practicing yoga for the past year I have been increasingly yearning to delve deeper into the meaning and purpose of the asanas This book has helped me pair both the physicality of yoga along with the philosophy a wonderful book if you re ready take your practice to the next level and truly immerse yourself into the true meaning of your yoga practice I may have just not been ready to read this but there s really nothing compelling me to pick it back up The title itself is trite and I m personally tired of this theme in book titles lately If anyone wants to read it let s trade One of my all time favorite yoga books A go to for anytime I need spiritual and physical inspiration I honestly used this book as a prop to get my father to come with me to a recent Philly brain conference yoga seminar I may get a copy sooner or later as a few of my friends have spoken of hearing about it before It is helpful but the lack of index was aggravating to meThis is a manual of an ancient practice You may want to read it for detail The images help explain what is happening if the text fails to convey the meaning not unlike anything else I ve learned in a foreign language Not just Chinese also Japanese also Russian Also French They must all follow the same paradigmThe reason I didn t give it stars I am missing the index The time waste of flipping pages Sure it may not. In Yoga Body Buddha Mind the first book to give readers the best of both inextricably linked practices Cyndi Lee  author of the bestselling series OM Yoga in a Box  shares her twenty years of experience as a practicing Tibetan Buddhist and one of the country's mos.

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Cyndi Lee is the first female Western yoga teacher to fully integrate yoga asana and Tibetan Buddhism in her practice and teaching  In 1998 she founded the OM yoga Center in NYC which became a mecca for yogis worldwide  One of the most influential teachers in the US Cyndi is known for her dynamic and contemplative classes creative safe and sane seuencing smart and soulful teachings a