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Apter in Ten s life and I want to know what s going to happen to veryone GimmeI ve got one last thing to say Archer 143 Everyone has a story and I will be the author of mine Back the bleep up there sweetheartHave you read your own book Seriously I am honestly asking Have you read your own book Cause if you had what the hell happened when these lines were written The vacuum tightens until I feel as if I m being The Toll-Gate expelled from a birth canal sliding into the welcome arms of Oh good lawd I trace a fingertipHe might be firm and muscledverywhere lse but he s soft as rose petals here and I shiver You must be kidding me He looks like the bad boy he likes to accuse Killian of being rough tough and totally buff I cannot begin to describe how bad this is I lean into his grip like a kitten being petted for the first time I literally have no starting point it absolutely sucked It was a dumpster fire It was a smoldering vomit cesspool It wasjust bad So incredibly badIn an ffort to give some semblance of structure to my undoubtedly unorganized rant I will limit myself to what made me want to murder this book most Tenley the imconsistencies and the absolute stupidity Tenley She s the kind of girl who in high school would shout out i M sO rAnDoM after Empire of the Saviours (Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord, ever sentence You knowxactly who I m talking about She s a special snowflake who s absolutely obsessed with numbers because she s Ten ley get it GET IT THIS IS SO CLEVER THAT I M LITERALLY DYING RIGHT NOW We are accountablecounteight nine Ten Click click My name is Tenley Lockwood Ten to my friends 5 5 10 A representative of two ual parts She also loves talking to herself Constantly Five minutes and fourteen seconds ago I died Whoa I m dead I must be My heart no longer beats and my lungs are deflated I can t breathe I need to breathe And it honestly feels like she didn t show up for the first book Killian His name is a ragged cry from the depths of my soul I d say we dated but dated is too mild a word Yes yes it was Considering you literally never went on a date with him The Inconsistencies I am in actual shock It feels like the author actually forgot what was in the first book Right off the bat let s talk about the title Book 1 completely revolved around lifeblood which flows through the veins of shells ssentially robots that dead people can possess If a shell loses too much lifeblood the spirit could die again Which led to several vampiric instances of shells sharing lifeblood to stay alive Very weird 1010 would not recommendBUT GENA COMPLETELY IGNORES HER OWN SYSTEM IN BOOK 2 Instead Good Thinking everyoneats manna all the time despite no one mentioning it in the first book Like lifeblood it s supposed to heal them and be the only thing their spirits need to survive BUT if that is really the only thing then why does Gena just use it as a flavor to regular food mana bread mana juice mana cookiesmana drugs One of them jabs a needle in my neck jolting me Death in Mumbai energizing me A concentrated dose of manna shexplains Tenley has super awesome powers which are never Baccarat : La lgende du cristal explained orvenly xplicitly stated They re just kinda there when convenientThey have this weird thing called Jellyair which gets mysteriously renamed as the Buckler until Showalter reverts to the original nameThe Generals in charge of the war act like ighth grade bullies based on the way they constantly needle and mock their subordinates And they are complete idiots None of the injuries Miss Lockwood sustained were life threatening How do I know She survived Everyone talks like they are 8 years old and on a sugar high Wah wah wah Way to ruin a mood We ll be on opposite sides of the war with far different goals And there s a useless love triangle between the bad boy Killian and good guy Archer You would think that by killing off Archer the triangle would die Wrong You are the best friend I ve March Violets (Bernie Gunther, ever had I miss looking at you talking to you laughing with you If I could sneak into your room and watch you sleep I would She knew Archer for maybe two weeks Two Weeks The Absolute Stupidity Whewwwthis rant is already far too ranty for my taste To summarize the whole mother fudging point of this book is that Tenley is supposedly a reincarnated head honcho of the warffort and she ll Zoete tranen end the warThe War Yes Between Troika and Myrad aka heaven and hell They are locked in anverlasting struggle becausebecausebecause reasons Myriadians you hate us for our Light and we despise you for your darkness The two cannot coexist We know this We all know this But why must we war because of it And that s it They re at war because they re at war That is literally the premise for the Water Music entire book seriesJust shoot me To all those who ask why did I read this one if I absolutely hated the first Angela s Booked and I have a reading challengevery year and this year we had a prompt called A book your friend doesn t recommend And she didn t recommend book 1 to meSo I read book solely out of spite so I could not recommend it to herThe ball is in your court Angela Revived enjoy YouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading. Chte dass sie Gefahr laufen die Welt um sich herum zu vergessen und genau das sollen Fantasyromane ja tun Genau wie dasrste Buch in der Immerwelt Serie lässt der zweite Teil die Leser Student Research Projects in Calculus eine Bandbreite an Emotionen durchleben Freude Schock Entsetzen Die Liste ist lang Alle die Tens Welt in ›Immerwelt der Anfang‹rkundet haben sollen sich bereit machen für in völlig neues Setting voller Überraschungen« Romantic Times Book Revie.

Edit 9216 At least the cover is prettyGood golly gosh there s another one Better than book 1 but not nough to get a higher rating I am a big fan of Gena s but this series isn t my favorite of hers Ten and her obsession with numbers still drives me crazy I think I keep reading this series because of Killian And now that I m invested I need to see how it nds so bring on book 3 LIFEBLOOD is the second book in the Everlife series by Gena Showalter I would highly suggest reading this series in order as the first book kind of nds on a bit of a cliffie Some answers are present in this book but mostly Showalter raises uestions and puts Ten our heroine in some very disastrous situations One of my favorite parts of the first book was Ten She 2 starsReview to comeBetter than book one still pretty rough Can t believe it took me so long to read this because it was fabulous Full review to comeEdited to add reviewHaving falling in love with the first book in the Everlife series I knew the second had a lot to live up to and with middle book syndrome being so dominant in this genre I won t lie I was a bit nervous going into this I really shouldn t have been nervous This book hooked me once again from the very first chapter It didn t take me long to once again be pulled back into the uniue world that Showalter created and once again be immersed in it all and fall back in love with the characters I knew this book would be different with A Heart of Stone everything that happened in the first there was no way it couldn t be but I wasn txpecting to like all the changes I thought it would be hard with key characters from the first missing but you know what Showalter pulled it off beautifully without it hurting the story line or drive of the plot at all In fact I think it ven helped itSo much happens and yet so much stays the same Ten still has an amazing group of friends to support her and still so much to learn about herself and of course the war is still raging without an nd insight This was such a fun Language and Linguistics entertaining seuel and I lapped it up It was hard to resist and hard to put down I can t wait to see howxplosive the Divertimento ending will be in the last book ARC copy provided by the publisher inxchange for an honest review There are so many issues with this book I m not Love Is a Fairy Tale even sure where to start I guess the first thing I can say is I really don t understand all the four and five star ratings did weven read the same bookMy biggest complaint about this book is the pacing It s horrendous Absolutely horrendous You get no sense of time from the story you are just slammed with Promise at Dawn event aftervent at a break neck pace The way it reads it s like it happens in just hours but she xplains at one point that Ten has been in her ver life for months As a reader there is no sense of time Bangkok Wakes to Rain elapsing to allow growth and development of the characters or relationships orven the world they live in it s just The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery eventvent Darkmere eventspoilerI think the worstxample of this is when Ten s grandmother dies Ten is absolutely devastated and thrown into mourning but as the reader I was sitting there thinking give me a break you met her all of five days ago there is no way you would be that broken over her death Because of the pace of the book there was no time to develop any attachment to the characters yet we are supposed to believe that Ten certainly didspoiler overThe next killer for this book is the complete lack of consistency In the first book Mana is described as a food for spirits that only needs to be Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? eaten once a day yet Ten gets to herver life and there is constant Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den eating going on There are Mana restaurants Mana chips the apartments have kitchens and she mentions than once about her cupboards being bare None of it lining up with thearlier descriptions of ManaEvents after the missions are another Scraps Of The Untainted Sky example after her first mission she is told she has to go to a debriefing because there is Always a debriefing yet she never had to go to another debriefing in the book After her second mission she is told to go see a healer and told that she is Always supposed to see a healer aftervery mission but she didn t see a healer after her first mission Troika is supposed to be a realm of structure and stability but there is no consistency thereThen of course there is all the YA tropes to deal with Ten has just barely The Eric Carle Gift Set entered her second life so let s send her on a dangerous mission and let her lead because she is the protagonist Oh and let s send her on another mission and another Let s forget about all the people who actually havexperience the teenager gets center stageThere is still a ton of Zero happening which morphed into an Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century eually annoying Lockdown And frankly I don t like Killian as a love interest I hate when romances take the bad boy who has done horrible things you know like convincing a multitude of women that he loved them when he was really only trying to get them to sign with his realm and once they sign he abadons them and moves on to the next target and suddenly he just changesverything because the new girl he met is the One I hat. Tenley ist gestorben und hat sich in letzter Sekunde für ihr Zweitleben Fashion Design Course entschieden Jetzt ist sieine Troika und lernt Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, eine völlig neue Welt kennen Doch sosehr sie sich freut liebe Familienmitglieder wiederzusehen viel Zeit zum Eingewöhnen bleibt ihr nicht Denn als hohes Mitglied der königlichen Garde soll Ten andere Menschen für Troika gewinnen und schon bei ihremrsten Auftrag muss sie dabei gegen ihre geheime Liebe aus dem Reic.

E that story line because men like that don t change but it gets romanticized in books and movies and so some women Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga end up living their lives thinking they can change a guy who is a complete jerk or that if she were just specialnough if she were the One he would change for her It s bs and it s been played out so much it would genuinely be refreshing for a good guy to get the girlI read this one because I was curious about what Ten would do as a conduit if it weren t for that curiosity I probably wouldn t have picked it up at all Now that I ve read it I won t be reading another of this series and I don t recommend you pick up this book unless you are utterly in love with YA tropes zero character and world develoent and getting slammed Cincinnati and Other Plays endlessly withvents that are trying desperately to drive the plot alongOne of Five stars Don t waste your time reading this That Speak Out! ending though Those last few wordsLoved Lifeblood it followed on very nicely from FirstlifeTen s Everlife is just beginning in this book her Firstlife havingnded and she now faces loving and protecting Killian as well as being loyal to her chosen people in Trokia The choices she has to face the love she finds in friends the betrayal and the losses are all immense in Gena Showalter s 2nd bookAbsolutely loved the first book the 2nd book for me was so different and I Like You the Best even better in some ways The book is well writtenasy to follow and has left me with a thirst for book 3 aptly named EverlifeHighly recommended Lifeblood by Gena ShowalterThis seuel follows Ten as she has made her decision on where she wants to go after her life is The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles ended This causes problems for her and the boy she is falling for Killian Killian will also have to choose lose the war or the girlCHARACTERS These characters are some of my favrouitesver They are so memerobale and amazingROMANCE The love between Killian and Ten is gorgeous and well written They are soulmates and I love them with all my heartPLOT The plot is super super uniueENDING view spoiler hide spoiler I ve tried really hard to find flaws in Gena s stories something I didn t like or didn t understand I honestly did because I want to be a good critiue and not just read and automatically love her books I ve tried and failed Gena gets me she s the perfect author for me The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico everything she writes I love She is such a tremendous writer and I am so honored to have read anarly copy of this bookLifeblood was an Lone Star Standoff emotional roller coaster I laughed rejoiced stressed cried raged I went through all themotions a human being possibly can I was not prepared I definitely was not xpecting to feel this much while reading it I was genuinely stressed at times like knots in my stomach stressed and didn t want to stop reading for a minute I also cried a lot some might say I m a sensitive person which is true but it s a well known fact that Gena likes to make her readers suffer she spared no one and when I say no one I mean no one is safe from her she keeps surprising me That said I absolutely loved this book Lifeblood was one of my most anticipated book of 2017 I loved Firstlife and wanted to adore this one and once again Gena did not disappoint This series is important to her and it shows you can actually feel all the hard work she put into it all the hours spent researching and trying to find the perfect plot I ve never written a book but I m assuming it s not asy it can be frustrating difficult and long but in the More Punishment For His Cheating Wife end I bet all of that is worth it Gena I m telling you it was worth it with Lifeblood I don t want to give anything away but Lifeblood starts right where Firstlifended so you won t be too lost or confused You re pulled into the story right from the start there are no dull moments Decision everything fits together perfectlyvery little detail is important numbers are too the poems are still amazing and so clever you will fall in love with this series The View from Alameda Island even The writing isverything this series is so uniue and delivers a beautiful and powerful message Ten grows a lot in this book I really like her and I love her When Fox Is a Thousand evolution in Lifeblood She learns a lot from her new home and it was interesting to watch her learn how to forgive herself and others how to become a better person with her hardships and flaws Of course her decision to be with Troika will have conseuencesspecially for her relationship with Killian but you ll have to read the book to find out Killian is an important part of the story as well I don t want to say too much but for all the romantics out there don t fret Gena will not let you down That s all I ll sayI loved loved loved the characters in this book you ll see old ones and new ones You ll miss some love some and hate some Like I said 100 Innovations of the Industrial Revolution emotional roller coaster Lifeblood was notverything I wanted it to be or Taken The Anthology everything I wasxpecting it to be but it was amazing nonetheless Gena is not afraid to write things her way she wants to please her readers for sure but she s the author and she leads the dance we just have to trust and follow her I can t wait to read Everlife I am so ready for the next ch. H Myriad antreten Ausgerechnet ihre wahre Liebe kann Tens Ende bedeuten Es sei denn sie beide finden Schematic Design einen Weg das Schicksal selbst zu bestimmen »Der fesselnde in sich abgeschlossene Serienauftakt wird die Herzen der Fantasy Leserrobern besonders Fans von Sarah J Maas‘ ›Das Reich der sieben Höfe‹ und Susan Dennards ›Schwestern der Wahrheit‹« School Library Journal »Showalters Erzählweise zieht Leser so tief in die Geschi.

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