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Side can merge victorious as Elliot tries to wrestle control of his life back from these people whose backstory is anything but clear The story worked well and while it was not one of Edwards better psychological thrillers it certainly kept my attention With twists and some great reveals throughout I could not help but find myself interested to see how things would progress A mix of shorter and detailed chapters kept the story flowing and allowed the reader to wonder what awaited them Strong characters and some interesting banter left me wondering if Edwards has some stories of his own about unwanted visitors The horror of in law overload is real for anyone who has Zoete tranen encountered less than amicable family by marriage before but Edwards adds something to thexperience to make it a little intense Kudos Mr Edwards for another wonderful novel While not as chilling as some of your work I Water Music enjoyed it for its uick delivery I cannot wait to see whatlse you have in store for your fansLovehate the review An Revived ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge It didn t take long for the warning bells to start going off for me as I listened to this For those of us who remember the robot from Lost in Space calling out Danger Danger well that s all I could think as well And that s well before the in laws show up at Elliot s house And once they do it s like watching a slow motion car wreck I was glued to myarphones wondering what would happen next I kept wanting to warn Elliot to scream for him to take action I loved the joke of the house s address on Cuckoo Lane since cuckoos are known for stealing the nests of other birds Edwards totally nails a delicious creep factor to this book There s an underlying tension throughout which just ratchets up as the book progresses This book is wildly Student Research Projects in Calculus entertaining in a horror film kind of way It reminded me of the film Pacific Heights And yes it becomes unbelievable as it progresses I guessed thending arly on but that didn t dampen the ntertainment factor The narrator James Langton did a fabulous job In fact his performance was so good it made me wonder if I would have Love for Imperfect Things enjoyed the book as much if I had read it instead of listening to it This is my first book by Mark Edwards but it won t be my last I also intend to suss out what other books Langton has narrated A winning combination I have read several of Mark Edwards books and I have to say they just get better and better Just reading the blurb gave me goosebumps and I couldn t wait to plunge into this storyElliott and Gemma meet when he opens his garden to the public theirs is a whirlwind romance and after 2 months they marry in Las Vegas When Gemma s parents say they are returning from living in France but have no where to live Elliott offers them a temporary place to stay Where s the harm in being charitableGemma s parents Jeff and Izzy arrive with their sick daughter Chloe but after a few weeks they are not making plans to move out and are taking over the house and Elliot s life with dangerous conseuencesThis book had me hooked from the start with its twists that kept me guessing The in laws were very clever they kept on the right side of the lawThey were despicable with their messiness rudeness and both so manipulative they made my blood boil and I was planning on how I would get rid of themLoved the twist at thend A must read book but be warned once you have read one Mark Edwards book you will be hookedThank you to Netgalley for my copy in A Heart of Stone exchange for a review The This one will give it 35 reviewfirstlynjoyed the start of this read it s of the books I Taking Instruction (Taboo, enjoy from mark Edward s the twists but alot of it was far fetched why the in laws was in the house he owned but didnt change the locks while they were out as got new bedthe murders of his neighbours how can there be no trace ofvidence DNA tcfor me a story needs to be realistic but do like the parts of the storylinelike these books than the ghostly ones. Life it becomes clear that they have no intention of moving out To protect Gemma and their marriage Elliot delves into the Robinsons’ past But is he prepared for the truthFrom the two million copy bestselling author comes a tale about the chilling conseuences of welcoming strangers into your ho.

The In Laws From HellHere to Stay is a psychological thriller about a newlywed couple whose marriage spirals into the depths of hell after their in laws move in Elliot has led a conservative life He runs an ducational non profit and spends his spare time restoring his beautiful Victorian house on Cuckoo Lane After a near death Divertimento experience he decides tombrace life and proposes to his girlfriend of 3 months Gemma Shortly after they wed Gemma s parents move in along with Gemma s younger sister Chloe They are only supposed to stay a few weeks but clearly have no intention of Love Is a Fairy Tale ever leaving Eliot soon realizes Gemma and her family are not who they initially seem Elliott is a 38 year old scientist that lives a regimented life with Charlie his cat One day during a public viewing of his garden he meets the lovely Gemma and they seem to hit off Within two months they are married and she is living in his very well to do home Not long after it seems her parents and younger sister are relocating from France and are coming to stay for just a few days until they can find a place of their own A few days turns to into a few weeks turns into an absolute nightmare If I could describe this book in one word it would be Preposterous If Elliott is a scientist then he may have been blessed with brains but he was clearly not blessed with any common sense or a backbone for that matter How he let this situationscalate to the level he did is beyond ridiculous And the in laws they are a nasty bunch but they were almost comical in their depiction My reading Promise at Dawn experience is best described as roll myyes skim roll my yes skim which isn t a very satisfying xperience In my opinion it took far too long to tell this story and I had already figured out the twist so getting to the Bangkok Wakes to Rain end was a chore at best This is my 2nd book by this author and I think it is safe to say he isn t for me I am happy to see that so many do love his work and I do wish him continued success in the future Thank you to NetGalley and Publishing UK for providing me with a digital ARC inxchange for my honest review A old Victorian house lovingly restored by Elliott is now home to him and his new bride Gemma Life is beautiful Ah time for Elliott to meet the in laws They had been living in France and are currently without a place to call home Mom Pop and Sis are invited to stay for the nonce while they find a place of their own This segues all too uickly into a nightmare The family visitors turn into something akin to suatters rude nasty and possibly dangerous Did I mention the home is located on Cuckoo Lane Have a care as to whom you invite into your home Better yet cut your losses and don t The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery extend the invitation at all OMG What a Book Mark Edwards Best BookCompulsive gripping tense heart pounding dark twisted story that will shock to the root A beautiful home A loving wife And in laws to die forGemma Robinson comes into Elliot s life like a whirlwind and they marry and settle into his home When she asks him if her parents can come to stay for a couple of weeks he is keen to oblige he just doesn t uite know what he s signing up forThe Robinsons arrive with Gemma s sister Chloe a mysterious young woman who refuses to speak or leave her room Elliot starts to suspect that the Robinsons are hiding a dark secret And then there are the scars on his wife s body that she won t talk about As Elliot s in laws become comfortable in his homencroaching on all aspects of his life it becomes clear that they have no intention of moving out To protect Gemma and their marriage Elliot delves into the Robinsons past But is he prepared for the truthFrom the two million copy bestselling author comes a tale about the chilling conseuences of welcoming strangers into your homeThis is a book I will recommend to Darkmere everyone this is so compelling so gripping tense in my head I kept guessing how this book was too unfold but I kept changing my mindWho is guilty how this going tond what is going to happen to our main characterA Gemma Robinson comes into Elliot’s life like a whirlwind and they marry and settle into his home When she asks him if her parents can come to stay for a couple of weeks he is keen to oblige – he just doesn’t uite know what he’s signing up forThe Robinsons arrive with Gemma’s sister Chloe.

Ook that keeps you guessing makes your heart beat twice as fast makes you feel tired for lack of sleep as I had to get to the Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? endThat is when you know the book is goodLoved this book chilling and brilliant Loved all the characters good and badKeep guessingFive stars We re the Robinsons we re survivors Holy shitzies fellow readers WHAT A ROLLER COASTER RIDEI m a long time fan of Mark Edwards but he truly outdid himself with this gem of a story I started reading it about 6 hours ago and I m already finished I couldn t put my Kindle down The characters All beautifully fleshed outspecially Elliotas a reader I could feel his pain frustration anger and despair In his shoes I d feel the Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den exact same way I found myself cheering him on throughout the novel The Robinson familyall so intensely vile some of the best antagonists I ve read this year This book gave me ANXIETY y all But in the best possible way This isn t really a twisty novelthe whodunit is pretty obvious from the get go despite a few strategically placed red herrings Right up to it s final moment however it s deliciously satisfying I highly recommend this to virtuallyveryoneespecially if you re looking for a high octane uick and rewarding summer read 45 Scraps Of The Untainted Sky explosive stars rounded down Well smack my arse and call me Charlie This book is amazingI listened to it on Audible this week andnjoyed The Eric Carle Gift Set every minute I read a lot of thrillers and I am so impressed when an author comes up with something originalnough to wow me This was Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century excellent Mark Edwards is back with another of his spine tingling thrillers that keeps the reader wondering throughout Elliot Fosternjoys a uiet life teaching under privileged children the joys of science When he crosses paths with Gemma Robinson one day it is both fate and love at first sight Their whirlwind romance soon sees them married and Fashion Design Course enjoying a lovely life together However Gemma s appearance is soon followed by the return of her family from France including two parents and a young adult sister all of whom remain very tight lipped about what has been going on What begins as a helpful gesture to aid the in laws soon goes sour as Elliot learns that there is no plan to leave his home Even troubling is that Gemma appears to have some skeletons in her closet that Elliot is only now becoming aware When odd things begin to occur around the house Elliot can only wonder if his three houseguests might have some role in it all More worrisome is that they seem to have taken up permanent residence and are dodging any hopes of leaving the home Elliot will have to pull some strings to get the assistance he needs while also trying to determine if this chancencounter with Gemma was just that or part of a larger plan to con him Edwards paints uite the picture in this thrilling piece that reads uickly and is full of twists Recommended to those who Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, enjoy the writing of Mark Edwards as well as the reader who finds pleasure in something with a slight psychological nature to itThere is something about Mark Edwards and his writing that I find intriguing no matter the topic He is able to push a story along with a slight psychological twist and keep the reader wondering through until the verynd In this piece it is Elliot Foster who plays the central role though he is by no means the one generating much of the drama Elliot has come to accept that life will be uiet for him living along and with only his small group of friends However when Gemma arrives it is as though a switch is turned on inside of him and he feels like a new man This newness is tested throughout the novel with challenges that he could not have thought would Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga ever be a part of his life He struggles to come to terms with it all but soon discovers that he must fight for all he holds dear or face sure ruin of both his own life and that of his new wife Other characters play interesting roles in the larger story including a trio of in laws who seem as conniving as they are secretive The standoff has begun and only one. A mysterious young woman who refuses to speak or leave her room Elliot starts to suspect that the Robinsons are hiding a dark secret And then there are the scars on his wife’s body that she won’t talk about As Elliot’s in laws become comfortable in his homencroaching on all aspects of his.

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