Anna Ottum: My Small Space

Ul tips but is not relatable or really aware of the average living experience for young people Suggesting that affordable places for decor are Crate Barrel and Urban Outfitters is out of touch The spaces and photos are pleasant and have some inspration but the spaces are not realistic either Most young adults aren t living in beautiful old lofts with french doors herringbone vintage woodfloors and molding and paneling It s all very boho chic which spoiler alert that s all urban outfitter is It made me want to go back to college to customize my dorm room but for me right now it doesn t seem totally relatable even the parts about living with your roommatesig o While there were some low cost ideas for making a space your own I think it s a cool thing for me to look back at if I do have a chunk of cash to use on their suggested functional decor. Inking about living solo see what it's like to finally be in control of all of the decision making With tips on making floor plans picking out color palettes hanging wall art choosing a rug and this lookbook will help you feel right at home wherever that may be.

Like many others I thought that this would be helpful for decorating small spaces I didn t realise that it s about decorating not on a budget or with innovative ideas but using retail outlets and I suspect their designers It might have ideas for the university student leaving home for the first time if the parents are kicking in a decent sized budget for the decor but if you are simply looking for creative and innovative ideas for decorating a small space I would recommend looking elsewhere This is a beautiful book with lots of stunning images and helpful hints I was annoyed that I thought this book would be about designing my small living place in style but ended up being about college dorm rooms finding an estate agent and random columns of advice that don t seem relevant to style The recommendations in the book are also by no means affo. My Small Space is the ultimate guide to moving out on your own whether that's in a campus dorm an apartment with four of your friends a two bedroom with your buddy or your very own studio With photography of all kinds of spaces smart design tips interviews with.

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Rdable to the average person starting out in terms of designing their space so all in all I think this is a complete missHowever some of the visuals are stunning and there are a few recommendations that are helpful and insightful but given the premise and title of the book I would have expected it to be full of such insights I thought it was a decorating book but really this is a primer for anyone going out on their own for the 1st time whether moving out or going off to school on your own or with roommatesSo not uite apropos for me at this The first sentence in the Acknowledgements at the end of the book These photos began as a collaboration with the team at Urban Outfitters Home tells you what you should have known at the beginning This book is good for the student going away to college who has never lived on their own and had a few helpf. Renters and this book proves that size doesn't matter when you have great styleLearn how to decorate around immovable furniture in a dorm and what to pack and leave behind from home Get creative in a cramped apartrment that you share with others If you're th.