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St Australia He s carefree and also acts as a medical supervisor at a movie set for everyone He spends half f his days at sets and thus needs a locum for his practice When his current locum leaves for maternity leave he finds himself a new locumThe new locum is Rachel his ex wife Beneath the Jolly Roger of 48 hours They were 19 and 18 yrsld when they fell in love and got married in Las Vegas They meet now after fifteen years and the same day he finds Merzbook: The Pleasuredome of Noise out that he has a 14 yrld son Declan As soon as Declan enters his life and clinic Declan accepts him with unselfish love Joe has always been alone and has learnt to live like that without clear dealings with emotions and relationshipsRachel too accepts him easily and they do not share too many venomous words for which I was grateful It felt so nice to read the way people might deal with love and without the drive to hurt the person who hurt you Mature way And Rachel has definitely grown up from her younger 18 year ld self She genuinely tried to look for Joe when she learnt about her pregnancy and even later n She forgives him and accepts that she loves him She has also been really said nice things about him to Declan and Declan has accepted that Joe needed time to figure himself Pig outJoe grows up in the book and its not all about sexA really nice book 3 Stars When Rachel s 14 yrld son Declan is accepted into a school for gifted children she jumps at a temporary GP post in a private practice near the school Knowing Scipio Rising (Scipio Africanus only that the post is for six months to cover a maternity leave Rachel is shocked to discovern her first day that the practice is. She has a wonderful son an independent life and the gorgeous Joe Silvermark is the last thing n her mind On her first day in a new practice Rachael finds.

Was released in 2005 What a boring book I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS BOOK even if you re bored stranded n an island r n COVID19 lockdown They Also Serve or whatever boredom compels you to consider itThe hero is such a douche bag He is supposed to be a doctor but shows not interestr inclination for his career He is also a sloth andca weakling He runs walks away rather than dealing with s it as it happens A husband wife team wrote this book I don t know which Conversations From The Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop: 8 Keys To Rediscovering Lost Dreams And Finding Your Life's Calling of the two are projecting this underwhelming pathetic herof the story As I mention earlier he is a 2 bit doctor who also moon lights No Time for Sergeants on a movie setgo figure He demonstrates the temperamentf an unmotivated 13 year ld aimless goaless teenagerSpoilerWhen he first meets his son after 14 years this douche bag does not even reach ut to the boy does not even have a parental instinct to acknowledge his child instead he goes to his surgery and closes the door INSTEAD f acknowledging his paternal bligation r reaching ut Large Catechism of Martin Luther or trying to bond with his childI find this hero shockingly astounding so unlike the heroesf Hareleuin who are exemplary honour bound and Junior Jolt of the highest moral fibre This hero falls SO much shoryf the usual Mills and Boon Hareleuin stock I am loathe to believe that Hareleuin actually passed this story for print It is a ghastly read Perhaps the Hareleuin editor read the manuscript 12 awake in the wee hours Ceux de la posie vcue of the morningr this was the 1st manuscript f a new editorGosh this is a poor read TERRIBLE in fact Absolute disappointment 35 starsA nearly perfect storyJoe is a doctor who wns a medical practice at Gold Coa. The father f her child Dr Rachael Cusack never expected to see her ne and nly true love again He broke her heart and unknowingly left her pregnant Now.

Owned by her ex husband Rachel hasn t spoken to Joe since their 48 hour Vegas marriage and then annulment when she was barely 18 Just ne look into each tireless: other s eyes is enough to shake both their worlds and then in walks Declan And while Joe hadn t a clue he d had a son Declan seemed to know all about Joe and immediately claimed him as his fatherThis is an emotional reunion storyf two starcrossed teens Rachel came from an affluent family and Joe was from a broken home and had pulled himself Teach Them Spanish!, Grade 1 off the streets Together they were soulmates and their instant bonding scared Joe Rachel got too close She was everything he ever wanted and he thought he could have a life with her until his past caught up with him two days into their marriage and he d realized he had nothing toffer her He was brutal in breaking their marriage and then he d left Rachel never got Toque de Veludo over Joe and now with justne look it was bvious Joe hadn t ever gotten ver Rachel eitherI love the idea Kaleidoscope of soulmates and forever love Ms Clark manages to create two wonderful characters who deserve their HEA This even paced romance gives us Joe and Rach whose chemistry hasn t diminished an iotaver time and whose bond is The Four Racketeers only stronger from their live s experiences I enjoyed their journey to HEA Dr Cisco s Secret SonThis story started 15 years ago when H leaves h to get an annulment after a hasty marriage They meet up when she became his locum replacement But he didn t know that he fathered a son all those years ago He has trust issues that are gone deep Will she help him Will their son helpr hinder Can he learn to lov. Herself face to face with the father f her child Joe didn't want commitment never mind children How can she even begin to explain about Declan their son.

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Lucy Clark was born in England in the Lake District but at the age of two her parents decided to move to Australia and thankfully took her with them Lucy loves the sunburst country the land of sweeping plains with its rugged mountain ranges and droughts and flooding rains She recalls only happiness during her childhood even when her two older sisters and older brother used to tease and mani