Nicolaas A. Rupke: Alexander von Humboldt A Metabiography

Ood thing is that you can pick independent chapters since each one is focused on one interpretation of Humboldt s life and work. Oldt industry and for writers of scientific metabiographies to come” Isis  “Engaging Rupke’s meticulous analysis is fascinating on many scores” Times Higher Education Supplement UK “A study borne of considerable scholarship and one with important methodological implications for historians of geography” Charles W J Withers Progress in Human Geography  ?.

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This book is very erudite it is not a biography but a re reading of the appropriations and elaborations of Humboldt over two Alexander von Humboldt 1769–1859 is one of the most celebrated figures of late modern science famous for his work in physical geography botanical geography and climatology and his role as one of the first great popularizers of the sciences His momentous accomplishments have intrigued German biographers from the Prussian era to the fall of the Berlin wall all of whom.

Enturies It is very interesting but not a priority in my to read list so I id not finish it I may continue in the future The Configured and reconfigured Humboldt’s life according to the sensibilities of the A Mistletoe Kiss day This volume the first metabiography of the great scientist traces Humboldt’s biographical identities through Germany’s collective past to shed light on the historical instability of our scientific heroes “Rupke’s study willoubtless become a standard reference for the Humb.

Nicolaas Adrianus Rupke is a Dutch historian of science who began his academic career as a marine geologist