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T to life Attached to the pictures there are captions to further represent Leonardo s life in an intriguing way Overall Byrd did a beautiful job depicting the life of Leonardo through his illustrations and text Great book This is for the kid who is interested in how things work and has patience It is a very long biography of Leonardo di Vinci I think it would be better for older children It took close to an hour to read Most children will not be interested I personally thought this was a great book a After a poor start one day kids weren t in the mood for a book with long pages I thought we would just return it to the library How happy I am that we started again esterday We read the first 13 in about 45 minutes What a WONDERFUL book about Leonardo DaVinciSo far it has given us a chance to talk about names and where they come from how society once treated illegitimate children art Italy and the destruction of war which destroyed a larger than life sculpture of a horse that was over 10 Christmas with Grandma Elsie (The Original Elsie Dinsmore Classics years in the making dissection arches and Oh and I forgot to mention wonderfully illustratedThis educational and beautifully illustrated book that is too long to be read in one sitting withoung children It has around 40 pages and we can really only read a few pages 4 8 per day I started reading this book for a triple super essay I was starting to compose on Renaissance Art Leonardo da Vinci being only a subtopic of that I finished this book devoting my whole essay to him As I read I absolutely fell in love as much as Doctor Who you ever can with a dead man s mind and soul He was so divinely uniue The magnificence of his life is not one that can be contained in words nor the wonder of his curiosity and imagination be confined into mere sentences but one can only tryAs I turned each page I smiled in awe and delight of a man who soearned to unravel the beauty of the world that was calling out to him Leonardo da Vinci sought to expose every mystery this great universe presented to him And even at the end of his great great life he was unsure if he was enough If he did enough The man who perhaps did than any other man uestioned his worth Da Vinci was the original mind behind countless ideas that support the world around us today There are far too many to name here but a few are clocks with minutes instead of just hours alarm clocks contact lenses bicycles steam powered pistons and the idea that the sky itself is not blue A beautiful dreamer a ground breaking wonder a magnificent inventor was Leonardo da Vinci I love this book and so do my children It focuses to start on an early memory of Leonardo s of being almost attacked by a huge bird of prey Next up his love of the natural world observing it and experimenting with it Insects snakes tadpoles spiders other wee things He made a dragon shield for his uncle when he was a boy that actually breathed out smoke It was so horrific ahem lifelike that his father ran screaming from the room Allegedly If ഹിമവാന്റെ മുകള്‍ത്തട്ടില്‍ Himavante Mukalthattil you can t tell I enjoy this book The only thing I would change about it was the style of drawing The illustrations have a cartoonish feel They are still attractive and the only reason it bothered me this much is that myounger son was looking for the Mona Lisa in the book and couldn t spot the scene as easily as usual because the illustration was cartoonish and less a faithful reproduction of his work It wasn t meant to be a reproduction book after all This book combined with Diane Stanley s beautifully illustrated Leonardo da Vinci makes a wonderful pair. Upplemental texts and uotes from Leonardo's writings highlight distinct periods and make the master's art jokes explorations and inventions wonderfully vivid and accessible A striking tribute to an irrepressible mind and to the potential within all who are curiou.

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Y enjoyed reading about Leonardo s life and his myriad interests and studies I marveled at the illustrations and we spent a long time reading this book But it is just way too long and it almost felt like a chore to get through by the time we finished it Needed to be significantly edited in order to be truly readable Good reference book perhaps SubjectLeonardo da Vinci 1452 1519 was a famous Italian intellectual who lived during the RenaissanceScope This comprehensive text covers everything a oung reader could ever want to know about Leonardo da Vinci Framed as a story about a man who thrived on the hard parts of things the book starts with his childhood and moves through his apprenticeship to Verocchio in Florence the painting of The Last Supper and creation of his famous notebooks during his time at the Court of Ludovico in Milan the painting of The Mona Lisa in Venice and Leonardo s return to Milan under the patronage of Giuliano de Medici Context is provided on every page in informational text boxes printed in small bold font while the text proper is of a story narrative The book concludes with Leonardo s death About the IllustrationsThe pictures in this book are richly detailed and there is much to study and analyze on each page The images help to explain and illuminate complex ideas and they include many uotations from Leonardo s writings These also appear in abundance on the end papers The illustrations not only evoke the time period they also make Leonardo da Vinci s work accessible to those who have no prior exposure to his art or ideasAuthor s NoteThe author s note at the end of the book is brief probably because there are so many detailed notes throughout the main text which provide historical context scientific information and brief sketches of key figures There is also a timeline at the back of the book which condenses the major events of Leonardo s life down to a page and a half and also includes relevant events that took place following Leonardo s death Finally a bibliography provides resources for learning about Leonardo with a special section for children s and YA titlesAdditional CommentsThis is just a phenomenal book which can easily appeal to a wide range of ages The text includes everything kids and oung teens need to know to be conversant about Leonardo da Vinci and undoubtedly the information provided in this book will make them eager to learn about many different things including art science math and history This is a book to own and spend time with and one to which kids can return again and again throughout their school ears Leonardo Beautiful Dreamer by Robert Byrd is a book depicting the entertaining life of Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo was a very talented man famous for being a painter sculpture musician engineer philosopher and even prankster Leonardo is a famous dreamer who used his scientific inuiry to bring brilliance to his beautiful designed artwork Byrd s purpose for this book was to follow the journey Leonardo had from the beginning of interests to how he took off in his talent Leonardo learned his way with architecture simply by living in the Renaissance period being influenced by the artwork and artists such as Bramante Byrd does a wonderful job depicting the fun creative brilliant spontaneous character of Leonardo Each page is different with watercolor illustrations central text uotes from Leonardo and highlights of main points represented in various ways There are several different illustrations within each page bringing the tex. Ous unpredictable brilliance of a visionary and a timeless dreamerRobert Byrd celebrates this passionate playful genius in a glowing picture book replete with the richness and imagination of Leonardo's own notebooks Twenty lavish spreads including side drawings

This lavishly illustrated picture book biography of Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci paints a well rounded portrait of the painter inventor and philosopher who dabbled in everything from astronomy to weaponry It is also timely with the tremendous success of Dan Brown s novel The Da Vinci Code Doubleday 2003 Leonardo has never been a fascinating figureBorn in the Italian countryside Leonardo had a curious eye and artistic hand from the start These two ualities emerged in each endeavor he undertook from painting and sculpting to writing observations and drawings in his notebooks to playing practical jokes and creating uirky mechanical toys for the aristocracyByrd s authority of and passion for his subject is evident in his thorough research and detailed drawings Each themed two page spread covers a period of Leonardo s life and is headed with a caption that brings all the pieces together Small sections of uotes and additional information box in the main narrative on each pageThe wonderful illustrations have a comics styling to them Each page is dominated by a large color drawing set off by smaller sepia toned maps reproductions and pictures The end papers are filed with uotes in what looks like da Vinci s own handAn author s note annotated timeline and extensive bibliography are appended Recommended for public school and library collections serving students in grades 4 8 great cross curriculum potential Byrd writes this book in a way that truly captives the audience and leaves them in amazement about Leonardo Da Vinci s life In this book Leonardo s life is told from when he was first just a boy who was fascinated by the beauty of nature from a oung age to developing into a Leonardo Beautiful Dreamer is a beautifully written and illustrated biography for children on Leonardo Divinci The illustrations are so intricate and colorful it makes reading the book even fun This book is a great biography for Downhill Slide young and middle readers There is a lot of content but I think it would entertain uite a fewounger readers I love all the little uotes and passages by the pictures from Leonardo s notes or extra little information This book also provides a good look at history during the time of the Renaissance There are so many great components to this biography I would definitely share this to my classroom of third grade students or beyond Learning about Leonardo and his curiosity to figure out the reasoning behind things at such a Capital Cities/Abc, The Early Years, 1954 1986 young age can inspire children to indulge into their own curiosities The pictures are beautiful andoung readers could pick up this book to solely view the artwork of this book This would also be a good family book because the parent can read while the child studies the pictures and gets a full view of the life of Leonardo Divinci Wow This book was seriously long for a picture book It took us about two weeks of reading a couple of pages each night to slog our way through it The positives There s a ton of great information wonderful illustrations and a comprehensive look at Leonardo s life as well as of some of his contemporaries The page on mirror writing was very cool The negatives It s soooo long with an overwhelming amount of information and at times the font is too small and fancy to be very legible I know I m getting old but I had to get really close to figure out what many of the small uotes said To exacerbate the problem the font on the page of mirror writing notes was eually small and backward I got a headache reading that page aloneOverall we reall. Famous in his time as a painter prankster and philosopher Leonardo da Vinci was also a musician sculptor and engineer for dukes popes and kings What remains of his work from futuristic designs and scientific inuiry to artwork of ethereal beauty reveals the ambiti.

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Robert Byrd has been delighting children of all ages with his whimsical fantasy filled children's books for over 30 years As author and illustrator he has the rare talent to see his fanciful visions through to the minutest detail Whether enlightening audiences to the many talents of Leonardo DaVinci or taking us into a wonderous world filled with foxes and bears in military attire Bob as he'