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If you re looking for a light hearted rom com with a little bit of sexy times don t ick up this book But if you re looking for an inspection of a culture different from yours one even the main character Amira lives but also uestions its hypocrisiesmaybe this is for youTo be honest it wasn t for me I borrowed this book from the library thinking it would be a rom com I mean look at the synopsis But it s not that The dislike between Amira and Duncan felt forced as did their dialogue and some of their interactions I liked that Amira is a WoC in a STEM field She s had her fair share of racist Islamophobic and sexist situations It s crappy don t get me wrong But it simply wasn t what I wanted in a rom com There were Baroque Rococo points I like such as when Amira stood up for Sameer in front of family and chewed out her grandmother for her backwards beliefs For giving Ryan hell for calling Amira s little sister names She even tore one into Duncan Fine Good People do need to realize when they are on the wrong whether they want to believe it or notI m not sure how many times I could have read that Duncan had green eyes red hair and a beard Or that he was a lumberjack a garden gnome or a farm boy All of these appeared so often I just couldn t help but roll my eyesI wanted MORE romance sexy times I definitely think the synopsis only hits the smalloints when it could explore other areasIdk Would I recommend this book Not really It eventually became such a chore to get through I found myself skimming it and just reading it without fully digesting I m just glad it s over Now I can move onto something else Unapologetically and fiercely feminist Rich with nuance and introspection A burly lumberjack man who will make chai to cheer up our beloved STEM heroine The Crooked House purest and most adorable gay couple in the world An interracial romance that will have readers curling their toes in delight Farah Heron s debut novel has got everything covered and it is absolutely criminal that The Chai Factor isn t receiving the attention andraise it deserves This book deserves hype imoFull review to follow 2019 Ripped Bodice Summer Bingo Happily Ever After A review book really really worked for me I want a million imperfect heroines with fiery tempers and who lash out constantly even if they re being unfair and not nice I know 15 is a lot to spend on a digital book But if it s out of your budget or you don t want to risk money on a debut then I encourage you to ask your library to Adaptation (Genus: Unknown, purchase itDisclaimer I received a free e ARC from theublisher in exchange for an honest review The Chai Factor follows Amira a 30 year old woman working on her master s degree in engineering dealing with the hate thrown at her for being brown and Muslim and now add the 4 guys living in her grandmother s basement Amira clashes with one of the singers Duncan Amira and Duncan met on a train not realizing that they would be living together for 2 weeks since Amira s grandmother rented out her basement Amira has a master s thesis to work on but her growing attraction to Duncan is Elysian Fields (Sentinels of New Orleans, proving to be distracting Thanks I hated it First thing first I am not opposed to books especially romance books tackling social issues I love books that are grounded on social issues since it makes it that much real to me The Chai Factor has every issues under the sun I understand thateople don t just deal with one issue these things tend to have many layers and facets I get it but having everything thrown in ONE book made it hard for me to get through It wasn t just the social issues but the whiplash from the main characters Amira is constantly getting angry at someone or something for things SHE does as well I love an angry heroine but this ain t it Amira has these internal battles about the racism she faces and the Islamophobia she has to deal with All heavy issues but fails to see her own rejudices Her grandmother has antiuated views on homosexuality and although Amira calls her out on it by saying that she has lived in Canada for far too long to still think the same Amira is the SAME way when it comes to Duncan Amira is open that she supports Sameer and his artner while also saying that she is not like her grandmother Then Duncan has a brother who is racist and when he tries to say that he is not like his brother Amira is not having it Since Duncan lives with his brother then he must be a racist So with that train of thought then Amira is just like her grandmother It drove me crazy that Amira would flip flop in a span of a Dedication and Leadership Techniques paragraph Can t have your cake and eat it too I am in no way defending Duncan either since I hated him too He meets Amira once and is already calling herrincess Please stop It s not cute and I say this as a nickname loving 神様 [Kamisama] person I was tired of hearing about Duncan and his mossy green eyes Justice for brown eyes when The romance was meh at best Amira and Duncan are at each others throat since the beginning and while I love enemies to lovers it was hard to see the connection between them I did enjoy that Amira is not hindered by tradition. Thirty year old engineer Amira Khan has set one rule for herself no dating until her grad school thesis is done Nothing can distract her from completing aaper that is so good her boss will give her the romotion she deserves when she returns to work in the city Amira leaves campus early lanning to work in the uiet basement apartment of her family’s house But she arrives home to fi.

And religion when it comes to sexual relations with someone that she attracted to There is that I can add but I am really tired and never want to think about this book ever again The best love stories have to start somewhere beta Thank you to Harper Collins Canada for sending me an ARC of this book All thoughts and opinions are my ownThis book is exactly what I wanted to read right now The Chai Factor give us three things A feisty and outspoken The Full Experience protagonist to add some spice A we don t like each other but we want to kiss each other type of romance to add some sweetness And some comedy to help digest the the very real issues of genderracecultural discrimination I guess you could say it was my cup of teaI also really liked that the story was set in Toronto Yay Canada Given it s set in the multicultural city of Toronto it s no surprise that Farah Heron s d but The Chai Factor delves into some serious issues such as racism and cultural and gender euality Yet even so the author maintains some nice comedic flair and tells a sweet opposites attract romance making this an enjoyable read from start to finishAmira Khan is just a few weeks away from delivering her masters thesis in engineering and is looking forward to some uiet writing time in her grandmother s basement On the train trip home from her grad school she is harassed by a creep who figures an Indian woman is an easy target To her surprise and admittedly her annoyance a bearded lumberjack type tries to come to her rescue She serfectly capable of taking care of herself thank you very much and only grudgingly comes to realize her would be knight was just trying to be helpful Hoping to You Dont Have to Say You Love Me put the whole thing behind her Amira arrives home only to discover that her grandmother has rented out two of the two rooms in her basement suite to of allossible options a wannabe barbershop uartetSameer the grandson of a friend of her grandmother s is trying out with some singing friends he met online in a local competition and they needed a Voodoo Season place for their newly formed group toractice The Walking Dead Live! prior to the event Her Nanima hadn t been expecting Amira back from college so soon and had rented the rooms out to Sameer but thisuts Amira in an awkward Scotty Scotts Guide to Relationships position she doesn tay rent so she can t complain about her Nanima renting out the rooms but she had been looking forward to a uiet lace to finish writing her thesis And as luck would have it one of the members of the uartet is none other than her train hero Duncan Galahad a name certainly befitting his actions Compromise is the key and also the start of an interesting friendship for Amira and Duncan which eventually leads to Will these two eople from very different cultures and backgrounds find the right threads to tie them togetherThe remise that brings Amira and Duncan into each other s orbits is certainly amusing and while the story is told all from Amira s oint of view there is definitely a lot about Duncan s character that shines through He s a very decent guy a Written in Red Ink peacemaker and a gentle giant At first Amira thinks he s gay because she s heard through the Indian grapevine that Sameer is gay though he s officially closeted to his communty and doesn t know about the rumours and she assumes he and Sameer are together In fact of the four members of the uartet two Sameer and Travis are a couple Barrington has a fianc e and Duncan is the only one who is singleAmira grudgingly admits to herself that Duncan is kind of attractive both inside and out While they clash on than one occasion they also have some heartfelt conversations that lead to kissing and then Interestingly there is some discussion between them ofower dynamics when it comes to sex as Amira likes to take charge and Duncan likes to be bossed around While you d think this would lead to some hot BDSM type sex scenes we don t know because they are closed door scenes So hot kisses check but the rest is left to the reader s imagination which I confess I found somewhat frustrating and a bit of a tease It seems an odd choice to go into discussions of kink but then not follow through on the Crash Landing (Bear Creek, page But they both seem uite satisfied with whatever they end up doing and in a shorteriod of time Amira finds herself getting uite attached to her lumberjackAs I alluded to in the introduction there is meat to this story than just the romance Amira s Indian culture is strongly represented in terms of cuisine and fashion but like any traditional culture the conflict between the older and younger generations is unavoidable Her Nanima s thoughts on homosexuality are negative and while one of Sameer s Piper purposes in bringing the uartet to Toronto was to introduce Travis as hisartner to his own grandmother that s easier said than done For a time Amira ends up retending to be Sameer s girlfriend his beard to hide the fact that he and Travis are a couple It s not ideal and the secondary romance between Sameer and Travis takes all sorts of twists and turns before being resolved Amira s own mother divorced for a long time from Amira s father is going through her. Nd that her grandmother has rented the basement to a barbershop uartet Seriously The living situation is awkward Amira needs silence; the uartet needs to rehearse for a competition; and Duncan the small town baritone with the flannel shirts is driving her up the wallAs Amira and Duncan clash she is surprised to feel a simmering attraction for him How can she be interested in someone wh.

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Own issues relating to sexuality and acceptance Amira s relationship with her mother her Nanima and her much younger sister Zahra are explored in depth alongside her romance with DuncanBut that s not all Amira is also dealing with the effects of a racial rofiling incident a year earlier at the US border where she ended up becoming a news item an event she s still trying to Dragons Gap put behind her She s angry angry that her identity as a muslim and an Indian make her a target for online trolls she ended up disabling her social media and that anger seeps into her daily life It s not helped by the fact that her workplace where she d hoped to return after her master s degree is finalized seems to have regressed to a misogynistic time Her new male boss clearly doesn t respect her capabilities and the man she s warmly thought of as her mentor may not be as delighted with her skills and intellect as she d thought And just when she and Duncan are finally getting along so well another ugly incident reminds her that trustingeople can incur a big costThe author covers a lot of heavy topics but makes them real by showing them through Amira s eyes Life is not fair especially if you re not a white male and Duncan is the Bared for Her Bear (Wylde Bears perfect foil for Amira s anger But his ability to try to understand and empathize accept his own culpability where necessary and be a backbone and support for Amira show his willingness to be a trueartner one whom Amira soon realizes she wants in her life Best Seller (English Edition) permanently and their happy ending is sweet and believable The Chai Factor is an enjoyable and thoughtrovoking character driven romance and is definitely worth the readThis review also appears at All About Romance copy of this story was The Lone Star Groom: Bachelor Billionaire Romances provided by theublisher for review me if i have to read another book with a muslim main character that s entire faith is defined by the fact that they don t eat ork i will S C R E A Mdrive thru speaker ma amthis is a wendy s This was cute Amira was rather annoying at times but the characters of the barbershop uartet were adorable MY RATING 35 STARSI received a copy from Harper Collins Canada in exchange for a honest review Oh boy I read this after Pride Prejudice and Other Flavors by Sonali Devi so it s hard to live up to it I mean they re two completely different books The Chai Factor follows Amira who is finishing up her super impressive Masters degree in engineering She s already a bad ass for being a female of visible minority and working a male dominated industry I appreciate Amira and all that she stands for including raising her voice over ongoing rejudice and racism to Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company (Helium-3, people of her culture Amira isn t afraid to educate the ignoranteople of clear race issues happening in society today which is fantastic butAmira is snappy and the worst sometimes She jumps onto everything that Dunclan says or does in the beginning For example Dunclan helps Amira out of a tricky situation with a To Protect His Mate (Wolfe Brothers, perverted sicko in the train station but she snaps at him for trying to help her out when she could have clearly handled it herself I think she overreacted to that because instead ofolitely going hey I could have told him to back off myself she went on this tangent about how she really really really didn t like it how Dunclan stepped in I get that Dunclan and Amira have this lovehate relationship going on but it felt unbalanced Amira was meaner than Dunclan a lot of the times Further this book dealt heavily with racism So if that s not your cup of tea then this might not be the best read for you Now I m not strongly versed or smart enough to ever Star Wars Rogue Squadron II Rogue Leader Instruction booklet put my two cents on racism But there is racism and it will leave you very conflicted on how you can justify Amira s actions towards it MY RECOMMENDATION Hey it was a fun read set in Toronto and then it turned super serious in the end so if you like romance but want MEAT then this one is yours Absolutely brilliant Goodness I loved this It s laugh out loud funny atoints while tackling some really brutal stuff about bigotry both towards and inside the Canadian Muslim community Amira is a ferocious heroine with a genuinely bad temper who doesn t Boom pull herunches or make nice which is a startling reminder of how much we do expect women to smooth things over Duncan is a well meaning white liberal who screws up a lot because of unconscious rivilege and unawareness that simply being yourself isn t a rivilege granted to most Good Morning, Buddha people who aren t white cishet men There s a lot of difficult stuff here and no glib answers But there is friendship andeople trying to do better and love of all kinds and compassion enough of all those things to allow us to hope even if angrily The central romance is not Personal Delivery precisely the tentpole of the book it s a lovely and believable romance but this is really Amira s story about her finding herath and facing things as they are and as she needs them to become Still there s enough romance with enough swoon to satisfy any romance reader Glommed it in two sittings and that was only because of the La Viña de Naboth ,Tomo I pesky necessity of sleep Hugely recommende. O doesn’t get her or her family’s culture This is not a complication she needs when her future is at stake But when intolerance rears its ugly head andeople who are close to Amira get hurt she learns that there is to Duncan than meets the eye Now she must decide what she is willing to fight for In the end it may be that this small town singer is the only erson who sees her at al.

After a childhood raised on Bollywood Monty Python and Jane Austen Farah self rejected her writing career before jotting down a single word despite admitting her ultimate fantasy was to be a writer But when she could no longer keep the story arcs straight in her daydreams she started writing a few years ago and never looked back She writes comedic women’s fiction full of huge South Asian fa