Greg B. Smith: Nothing But Money: How the Mob Infiltrated Wall Street

Just feels cky This The Fairytale Hairdresser and Father Christmas is a reasonably common trait of true crime books and I findt tedious I don t remember The Twenty-Third Man (Mrs. Bradley, it from Made Men so I m not suref The Handbag Book Of Girly Emergencies it s just that these pigdogs are exceptionally bad to the author possibly because the book was publishedn the midst of the financial crash about the glory days of the late 90s early aughts Who knows Overall I ll be happy to check out Greg B Smith s other books on OC but this one to me was an The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop icky sticky bust I just feel sleazy I think I need a shower A decent read I enjoyed reading about how all the main characters ended up actually coming together After thatt s just the usual someone gets spooked by the law turns Sweet Liberty informant and sinks everyone else Well written account of Mobnvolvement Smack in Wall Street This book tells of the Mobnfiltration and manipulation of Wall Street boiler rooms It was okay at best Night of the Living Dead Christian it seemed disjointed with the author going back and forth from telling about the various brokersnvolved The New World Order in the scams to the wiseguys runningt It was kind of all over the place without a consistent storylin. Rn scheme to extort millions of dollars from a bevy of unsuspecting stockbrokers and King Solomons Carpet investors alln the name of the MobThis s the uncut untold story of one of the most elaborate conspiracies to rock Wall Street’s rigid foundation a story centered around the Mafia murder and a load of mone.

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This s not really How the Mob Infiltrated Wall Street Page 187 states how Mafia ran pump and dump boiler rooms were already established Pump and dump had actually been around since the 1980s when a handful of gangsters made some money hyping bogus stock What makes this The Big Snuggle-Up interesting beside the at time tedious financialndustry maneuvers Too Close for Comfort (Jo Birmingham is a glimpsenside a still functioning Bonanno crime family post Donnie Brasco one of the rare books about mafia that didn t like Trauma it the stile of writings sarcastic and empty of style Guys that made millions fought for 12 000 or for 4500 I don t really know why I so disliked this book I liked the same author s Made Men rather well so I m not sure what was missing The Dark Lord Trilogy (Star Wars: The Dark Lord Trilogy, in this one There was sort of no central character or even a small set of characterst was all over the place A zillion characters a zillion events I didn t really see connecting Speech-making and Presentation Made Easy it took a LOT of work to make sense out of Thenformation about stock scams Happiness the Mindful Way is verynteresting but really hard to follow I couldn t tell f t s because I don t have much financial kn. Forced out of the work hard play hard world of Wall Street following the Crash of ’87 financial analyst Cary Cimino was determined to maintain his lifestyle of luxury and ease Under the guidance of dubious businessman Jeffrey Pokross Cimino embarked on an llegitimate underground career as

Owledge or because t s oversimplified for people who don t have much financial knowledge and therefore confusing I just couldn t tell and I wasn t really that motivated to figure t outWhat WAS vaguely nteresting The Bully is what I liken all NYC mob books the reappearance of characters aka people I read about elsewhere Here The Regiment it s Frank Lino Tommy Karate Joseph Massino some other guys Interesting to connect the dots between stock scams and street crimen LCN This book attempts to do The Kingdom (Fargo Adventure, it but I don t know thatt did Johnny Came Home it all that well because I was just so bored much of the time In context thought takes on a greater valueAnother problem I had with t was the obvious contempt the author displays for many of the players n this drama t s a little too obvious that he thinks Warrington The Complete Idiots Guide to Finance for Small Business is a spoiled brat Cary Ciminos a sleazy windbag and Robert Lino His Guarded Heart is a crazed psychopath Not that I m arguing any of those people are okay people I just findt boring to read a book where the author heaps abuse stated or unstated but expressed The Woman Who Walked Into the Sea in tone on the characters he s describing It. “financial adviser” to naïvenvestorsCimino’s small time operation soon spiraled nto a large scale crime ring when he and Pokross were reunited and met with Mafia wiseguy Robert Lino Together and with the support of organized crime families the three men devised a high risk high retu.

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Greg B Smith reporter for New York’s Daily News covers the federal courts in Brooklyn and Manhattan that serve as Ground Zero in the battle to end mafia influence in America An investigative reporter for nearly twenty years Smith has written for The Boston Globe The San Francisco Examiner The Seattle Post Intelligencer and other newspapers around the country He’s also a freuent guest on