Charley Crestland: One Hot Night Let it Rise #1

Meets Cy Things get hot and heavy and it has nothing to do with the weather Warning This book is for the mature reader as it contains Adult content. Ve ou wanting And I can guarantee there is to come Literally Come get our panties wet in New Orleans This is meant for eighteen and older readers Hot steamy and sexy Adult conte.

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Marco s life is on the rebound having lost everything Driving through New Orleans he is on an assignment and decides to stop at a local bar where he. E potential to change his entire life When he meets the sexy bar owner Cy he is mesmerized and ready for One Hot Night But will it lead to This is a novella series Book 1 will lea.

One Hot Night A Let it Rise Novella Series Book 1 by Charley Crestland is my first read from this author This is a Novella and is a very uick read. Marco a man lost in career and life While on assignment for work takes a chance driving through New Orleans during a hot humid June day One simple choice to stop for a beer has th.

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