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Olid story not just gender challenged characters homosexuality gender dysphoria 5 Reductase deficiency etc and rumours about asexual reproductionImo the first book in the seri RELEASE DAYReview also found at Book of the Unnamed Midwife The Book of Etta This is book three in The Road to Nowhere series published by 47North Release date is April 23 2019 I m a huge fangirl of this series and of Let s see what I can grow into see how long it takes me to reach the light The first three chapters were not an easy read First Flora s pretty horrible childhood and then Ommun and Alma I am not a fan of her This book was fighting an phill battle to make me like it from the startReading this back to back with Book of Etta would probably have work well I struggled to place everybody as it was a while since I read Etta and the author made no effort to explain thingsAfter picking this p and putting it down again for 3 weeks and not even making it halfway I declare defeat I do not like any of the characters I don t care what happens next I don t like the plot it just doesn t work for me I can t put my finger on why it doesn t Maybe it s me The first two books got 5 stars each from me Perhaps I expected too much I don t know was the plot too aimless The characters all remained very one dimensional as well How can the first book be so great and this one notDNF at 43% chapter 18I received this free e copy from 47North via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review thank you And sorry 25 starsMeg Elison s sci fi dystopian trilogy began with The Book of the Unnamed Midwife A fever has spread killing the majority of woman and children and making childbirth deadly In the aftermath the world is a dangerous place to be a woman Men roam in packs searching for surviving females a valuable commodity in post apocalyptic America An nnamed woman travels from California dressing as a man and Babys Watch / A Hero of Her Own using different names she describes her journey in a notebook She s searching for a safe community where she can teach others what she knows about medicine preventing pregnancy and assisting in birth Her greatest hope is that both a woman and infant will survive childbirthIn The Book of Etta Etta is raised in the town of Nowhere Women are still in danger of becoming slaves or dying in childbirth In Nowhere mothers and midwives are sacred and so is the book of thennamed midwife Etta dresses as a man and goes by the name Eddy to scavenge surrounding areas for Desire Island - The Niece useful objects from the past while dodging slave traders When Nowhere and the people she loves become the focus of a dangerous and powerful man Etta risks everything to create an epicprising and maintain her freedomThe Book of Flora picks Sweet Valentine up where book two left off The surviving residents of Nowhere have found shelter in thenderground Mormon city called Ommun The people from Nowhere clash with the leader of Ommun on almost everything and the main This book is a worthy successor to the previous two that began with The Book of the Unnamed Midwife but it DOES reuire some managed expectations Such asThe book is not plotted traditionally Rather it reads from the past and present in eual measure and really focuses on the full gamut of gender issues And I don t mean just men and women but all states of transformation and gender identityAnd it does it in the bleak and dismal post apocalyptic world that Elison killed The Rancher and the City Girl us within the first of the trilogyLet s backp Most women are treated like breeding machines as sub human in this world where very few babies are born and women become rare In the previous book we explored a pretty cool revolution and the reality of Horse Women or men who are cut to become women surrogates for the rest of the brutish ManThis one continues a further exploration of those ideas and develops them carefully We get friendships and survival and even a fair portion of humor The bleak world still exists of course but there are some interesting cultural modifications and stranger possibly biological odditiesWhat would our world become if there were no women Well we read this from the PoV s of alternative gendered people who might in another world still be considered women. Ades in bodies An anathema in a world that prizes procreation above all else she is an outsider everywhere she goes including the thriving all female city of ShyNow navigating a blighted landscape Flora her friends and a sullen young slave she adopts as her own child leave their oppressive pasts behind to find their place in the world They seek.

This instalment of the series seemed less concerned with the story and focussed on sexuality Not the act of having sex although that was there also but all the variations on gender This would have been fine as part of the story but Elison seemed to be really shoving it in your face You would get a bit of story and then pages of how this character was a girl but not a girl etc And it was so anti heterosexual male This story seemed to want to say that if you weren t feminine then your sole purpose in life was to rape and enslave those who are I don t know how such a good story as The Book of the Unnamed Midwife morphed into this I should have just read it as a stand alone The reason it gets only four stars is that there is not a lot of plot in this book and past storylines are ignored or not given a satisfactory conclusion With that said I still thoroughly enjoyed this third book in a trilogy that has been one of my favorite little gems seriously people should at the very least give the first book in this series a chance Meg Elison is such a good writer July 2019Y all need to stop sleeping on this dystopian gem of a seriesHow could anyone who loves books not fall in love with a series that throughout all the harshness of a post apocalyptic world is itself in love with the reading writing and safekeeping of booksDecember 2018in which she fangirlsThis was insanely good I was already a huge fan of Meg Elison s first two books in this phenomenal Road to Nowhere series and having my reuest for an early reader s copy approved made me so happy Not that this is a happy go lucky kind of series I wouldn t want it to be it s dark and sometimes darn brutal but the characters she created feel so real in their struggle for a kind of normalcy for self acceptance even and self love and so hopelessly raw in the way they reach for and take care of each other What I loved about these interconnected books was their Ice Wolves (Elementals, underlying sense of balance as to who the villain is in whose story Are you just taking your own petty pain and spreading it around rather than finding a way to love and be loved You really have become a man one of the characters asks at some point It s something that to me other hyped books in this new canon of feminist dystopianpost apocalyptic narratives had missed the mark on I was blown away by these women s stories and I won t forget them any time soon It s not an easy read you won t always like ornderstand these characters decisions but it s thought provoking and challenges your own views on the nature of things This is the work that women do We keep the fire of civilization burning by collecting and protecting stories It s what we ve always done The entire Alexandria episode left me speechless It felt like a gift from the writer to her characters and readers alike That moment was beyond beautifulBecause I flew through the first two books without taking notes to be able to comment on all those character parallels I plan on re reading them at the beginning of 2019 to be able to catch on all those striking nuances in this new found gender identity dynamic Needless to say this third book made me appreciate The Book of Etta even and placed Road to Nowhere in my all time favourite series listI will read anything Meg Elison writes in the futureThanks to NetGalley 47North Publishing for the opportunity to read a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review The Book of Flora RELEASED APRIL 23 2019On December 7 2018A new favourite author Note I received a copy curtesy of Netgalley and 47North in exchange for an honest reviewThe third and final book picks Some Like It Hotter up where The Book of Etta leaves off in the community of Ommun thenderground mormon city Present and past alternate the story going back and forth between an older Flora writing in her diary on the island of Bambritch and flashbacks of Flora s past journeysIt was nice to reconnect with this series although I didn t enjoy this last installment as much as i did the other two For me the focus on gender issues gets too much space in this book and the actual story much less Okay I More Than a Convenient Bride (Texas Cattlemans Club: After the Storm understand that you want to promote gender euality but it would be nice to have a In this Philip K Dick Award–winning series one woman’snknowable destiny depends on a bold new step in human evolutionIn the wake of the apocalypse Flora has come of age in a highly gendered post plague society where females have become a precious coveted hunted and endangered commodity But Flora does not participate in the economy that tr.

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So all we have is a hard world to swallow This is a very hardcore dystopiaThere is blood and horror But the books are NOT about that N0t primarily Look elsewhere for that Instead if you want a genuine thought experiment about an Marrying Well utterly transformed world without women or where women are turned into slaves as a matter of course and then getsed Tavern Wench up and we can SEE the beginnings of the end of the human race then look no further This book is great for this Ok yeah no It almost breaks my heart because it goes against my very nature but I can t take it anyThe writing style hasn t suddenly deteriorated or anything but I don t care about ANY of the characters here I don t care about Flora s bad childhood I don t care about the state of the world all these years after the end which we experienced in book 1 I don t care about the other characters I don t care about the introduced ideas about sexuality and reproduction I don t care if there is a chance to rebuild some form of civilisationWe are still on Earth many years after the Unnamed Midwife has become the iconic role model for so many woman in this post apocalyptic world Women are still either the owners of male slaves hives hunted by brutal men whose women as sex slaves or are in hiding living a nomadic life Most still can t conceive at all while those that can often die just like their babies But here at least we finally hear some theories about the plagueOverall Earth is fucked Humanity has degraded all genders are completely out of their minds One group is pointing the finger at another for being discriminating or brutal or whatever else while they themselves are the same kind of monsterIn this third installment of the series we meet Etta and And the Winner - Weds! unfortunately also Alice again and therefore get to see the aftermath of what happened in Estiel But there are also new charactersFluid sexuality seems the way to go in this world We had been introduced tentatively to this in the second book Here the idea is fully explored and the author hasite a lot to make the reader think about regarding gender identity That part I liked mostly as it is a very important topic However just like her characters with some of their theories regarding the plague the author also veered off a bit too far with this idea so it became a bit too wacky for my liking in the endMaybe I m also just tired of this world and the lack of any actual progress I like dystopias I like end of the world scenarios and I don t mind gritty scenes at all if they are done right which can be seen by the fact that I rated the previous books 5 stars However sadly there was something about this third volume that made me having to drag myself through this gritty version of North America from Florda Florida to Shy Chicago and all the way back to San Francisco Midwife s Bay Maybe because we had been on trips twice before I know the series is called Road to Nowhere but that Manhattan Heat usually doesn t work in stories and never getting anywhere definitely didn t work for me hereLike I said I just couldn t bring myself to care I was annoyed often This could also have something to do with the fact that some of the worst characters from book 2 came back and were even prominent here than before Alma Ised to have sooo many estions and was hyped to finally get answers but not any sighsDNF at around 75% Nevertheless I hope others can enjoy this than I did The Book of Flora is the 3rd volume in The Road to Nowhere trilogy a dystopia set in the aftermath of a disease that wiped out 98% of the human population As the name suggest this book centres around Flora one of the characters I enjoyed in the 2nd instalment As such I was excited to start reading about her adventures Meg Elison s writing is beautiful as ever however the book soon became a dictionary of sexual challenges and orientations While I appreciated a moderate amount of diversity in the other two books this time it seemed that it took over any plot To be honest I wished the author stopped after the 2nd volume although I gave this one 3 The Book of the Unnamed Midwife 5The Book of Etta 4 I received a copy curtesy of Netgalley and 47North in exchange for an honest review. Refuge aboard a ship where gender is fluid where the dynamic is neasy and where rumors flow of a bold new reproductive strategyWhen the promise of a miraculous hope for humanity’s future tears Flora’s makeshift family asunder she must choose protect the safe haven she’s built or risk everything to defy oppression whatever its provenance.

Meg Elison is a science fiction author and feminist essayist Her series The Road to Nowhere won the 2014 Philip K Dick award She was a James A Tiptree Award Honoree in 2018 In 2020 she is publishing her first collection called “Big Girl” with PM Press and her first young adult novel “Find Layla” with Skyscape Meg has been published in McSweeney’s Fantasy & Science Fiction Fangoria Un