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Ok with cheese it s not a bad book My chief complaint is that they eat a lot of mangoes in this bookhere s a uote Pulling out a mango he took a big greedy bite And they never eel them Obviously the author has never eaten a mango And that bugs me because I love mangos andgeesh do a little research But I guess mangos were exotic in the 80s and most readers didn t know you had to Boneshaker (BA 43-500, peel themSo anyway think Romancing the Stone and that s about the gist of this book It just didn t do it for me The storylinelodded along and I couldn t like either of the main characters There didn t seem to be a A Star Is Born plausible reason why I should root for them Vain shallow brash females don t engage me and neither do narcissistic immature males I finished it because I wanted to see how it would end but I would never reread or recommend it The end was actually the bestart 35 STARSI came across the audio version on Overdrive and couldn t resist It is old school Nora everyone smokes like a freight train but I still found it entertaining Audio Anna Fields is a good narrator I wasn t in love but didn t dislike her style either Hot IceDNFNora Roberts is an incredible author who has written numerous amazing books Unfortunately this is not one of them The CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition plot islodding and replete with cliched villains and TSTL moments The heroine is The Ornament (Ornament, pretentious and annoying with her constant recording of how much the hero owes her down to the last cent The hero a supposedly charming rogue is nothing than a wastrel flitting from heist to heist spending his ill gotten gains on undeserving women The story never fully captured my attention and it was easy tout the book aside I really could not care less if either the hero the heroine or both were killed Fans and newbies should look elsewhe. Den fortune It is a business roposition ure and simpleBut the race to find the treasure from Manhattan to Madagascar is only art of the game For their fierce and dangerous attraction to each other soon threatens to overwhelm them unless their merciless and shadowy rivals kill them fir.

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Wow has Nora Roberts ever gotten better in the last twenty years I used to love her two word title books which were always her mysteryromance books I could barely make it through my 2006 re read of Hot Ice It was so repetitive all the characters smoked a lot and they were just dumb What thief just gives out his name and travels with his own apers when being Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM pursued by a Mafia God A romance wrapped in a treasure hunt story between Whitney a bored socialite and Douglas a thiefDouglas meets Whitney when he enters her car in an effort to slip by hisursuers and the two end up Challenged to Win pairing up for a crazy adventure togetherTrying to stay a step ahead of men with guns the two embark on a trip across the world where Douglas is convinced he will find the location of long lost treasure with the help of the letters he stole Trouble is he needs Whitney s money and language expertise to get there so he can t ditch her at the first chance as he would have likedDuring their long trip the two end up falling for one another but their worlds and dreams for the future are vastly different view spoilerEventually Douglas who wanted to become rich than anything else finds himself content toart with the jewels an This was gifted to me from a neighbor before she Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons passed away so reading it added an extra layer of enjoyment I will read anything Nora Roberts writes Re readneeded some laughterit was once againerfect for my mood Well this had to be one of the enjoyable reads by this author for meWould be thief for hire Douglas Lord has just finished a job lifting important apers that date back to Marie Antoinette and the lost french jewels that lead to a fortune in treasure After almost turning over the apers he finds out he is to be double crossed dumped in the near. From  New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes a seductive novel of red hot assion and cold hard cash as a Manhattan socialite living at jet set speed crosses a desperate man on the run and finds herself trapped in a deadly game that may have no winners or losers or surviv.

Est river so he decides to keep them for himself Douglas has to get to it before Dimitri his goons get him first Whitney MacAllisterManhattan socialite heiress lives at a fast jet set ace but is so bored with her life and where its not goingWhitney s character was a surprise for me far from being spoiled air headed as one might thinkShe is returning from a trip when her Mercedes and herself is hi jacked by wounded Douglas Lord who is now trying to escape Dimitri s goons Well nothing like some adventure to spice up her hum drum life Whitney is not a girl who takes orders well nor does she take crap from anyone So Doug is in for another adventure and with this woman They are thrust into a Into the Planet partnership and find they must stay one step ahead of death itself from merciless killers who eliminate anyone in the way These two characters had me laughing out loud throughout this story I dont know which was funny the banter between them or the situations that they got into and even funnier how they got out of them Non stop action intrigue with a very interestinglot that keeps you moving right along with the characters A lot of Remington Steele and Romancing The Stone that goes on in this story A fun and fast readthe only reason it didnt get a 5 star was I would have liked a little romance between Doug and Whitney but III excuse them as they were rather busy Definitely not one of Nora Roberts best books and the only one I ve ever given less than 3 stars This is a story about an unrepentant thief who steals Dusk (Rosales Saga, priceless documents leading to a spectacular treasure from his mo I usually like Nora s books but I ve struggled so much to get through this one It wasn t interesting the romance was cheesy Overall 2 star rating is generous of me CHEESYAnd if you re. Ors Reckless Whitney MacAllisterossesses all the wealth and beauty every woman dreams of Streetwise Douglas Lord has the good looks and uick wits to be a success at his chosen rofession larceny She has the cash and the connections He has the stolen documents leading to a fabulous hid.

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