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The commonplace is sometimes the most extraordinary place we could ever be Threads by William Henry Searle is a beautiful collection of prose and poetry divided into seasons He looks back at episodes in his life time with his family friends beloved animals in places that range from his father s scrap metal ards to the jungles of Borneo an Oregon river and the Swiss Alps Time spent with his wife Amy during a brief respite from bipolar feeling the kicks of the daughter not realising she would come into the world still born and reconnecting with his father and brotherHe describes the connections between family and landscape and how the need for answers dwindles when we stay with living things the trees the sky the rain the rocks the very ground beneath Running Your Best your feet that supports not onlyou but those The Fall Of White City (Victorian Chicago Mystery Series Book 1) you love and those who loveou in turn and I m time Please Dont Tickle The Tiger you will be rooted into a rooted place Settled He describes how experiences can become inconseuential if we don t hold onto our memories And throughout there is that analogy of threads these can be knotted through disconnection mended through reunion broken through death Made stronger through meaningful connectionsI loved this subtle sensitive and touching ode to nature and familyPublished 21st FebruaryThanks Ellie from Windmill Books for arc A meditative and rewarding but sometimes strenuous readSearle writes beautifully and he isn t afraid to stride into the weather and the wilds He covers many things his wife s pregnancy a tree a sparrow an island of mysterious animal calls his father s scrapard There are some moments of pure literary astonishment like the dolphin that raids the senses But there are also many laborious and opaue turns of phrase that I had to wade through Perhaps Searle will prune his style over time I hope to see of his work in the future Opening lines The curling of my wife s salt flecked hair in the south west wind the glimmer of relief in her eyes The commonplace is sometimes the most extraordinary place we could ever be Not only is this sentence both so simply put and incredibly powerful at the same time but it also nicely sums up the message of this book At any one given moment in time whether that be at the top of Snowdon or in a scrap MTIV yard with our parents we are connected to nature and those connections are spellbinding It is as if these single moments last a lifetime and can changeour entire perception of the world Threads in broken into 4 seasons each full of elouently written poems and prose that are all devastatingly beautiful The imagery has a natural flow so neatly mimicking what it is describing Searle brings beauty into the everyday life in a way that is so personal et doesn t feel invasive at all Instead the language is welcoming delicately written and thoughtf. Touching and on occasion profoundly moving The connections and affinities that fill this book enliven enlighten and delight STEPHEN FRY A lyrical journey through life love and nature Weaving together personal stories Threads deals with the meanings of intimacy vulnerability and our affinities with people and places both wild and tame It is a deep.

The belief that these things are not necessary for poetry in any way He doesn t seem to be an effortless poet however Some passages seem forced much seems to be made into poetic musings when it didn t need to be in short it felt rather like he tried too hard most of the time that every single moment had to lift him up and provide a higher meaning had to be filled with otherworldly colours and impressions The result was that I struggled to keep my focus when reading and I constantly had to go back and read sentences again It took me a week to read this rather short 187 pages in the proof book mainly because I didn t look forward much to sitting down and reading I personally prefer simpler writingThen again if our entire book is flowery and poetic and Laurus your reader is sometimes into thisou re bound to hit the right spot at some point and Searle did do that for me a handful of times The best part for me was the fourth and final one Winter His writing seemed to come a bit into its stride it felt a little easier on the eyes and mind There are some touching moments throughout and some that genuinely made me want to read on but overall it wasn t the best reading experience I might ve DNFed it if it weren t gifted to me I think it s good manners to finish something Silk and Steel you were gifted but that might just be me Rating somewhere between 25 and 3 stars I would love to write a glowing review for this book After all it does have a shiny cover in real life which is pretty gor geous Unfortunately that won t be happening When I read nonfiction I have to connect with the writing in some way or another On second thoughts I guess that comes with all the books we read Searle writes personal stories about everyday life and the impact it has on us This one is described as a lyrical journey through life love and nature I was really looking forward to it However asou may have gathered I struggled with this one The language is flowery and fluffy I skim read a lot of it The book is divided in seasons and includes pictures too Searle writes about his wife s miscarriage her bipolar and a friend s injury His focus is on capturing what s real and reducing our reliance on technology trying to make sure we don t lose what s natural to us I wish I didn t find it such a hard slog to get throughIf it still sounds up our street this is out on February 21st My copy is a proof Rating anywhere between 25 3 This is a wonderful little book filled with vulnerability and aching portraits of landscapes and the people within them Beautiful poetic writing perhaps as uneven as any book of words teased out into imagery riven through with the ache of sadness of the daughter who was still born during the course of writing the bookAt times slow reading at times luminous this is some gorgeous writin. Swiss AlpsIn thoughtful elegant prose Searle celebrates the uiet conversations that nourish us and the everyday patterns of connection that give meaning to our human existenceAn exceptionally rich celebration of the natural world by turns rapturous and melancholy and often – in strikingly original ways – both at the same time SIR ANDREW MOTIO.

UlThe word Threads is the title of the book mentioned multiple times throughout and I believe could have multiple images to different people I like to imagine a piece of thread hanging loosely off a piece of clothing It is proudly independent from the rest et it is still connected to them creating one giant piece of fabric This is fundamental structure each story is independent Rumunia. Koniec złotej epoki yet when threaded together and read as a whole creates this narrative of companionship with the natural world and how it connects people to others and the environment We are all connected by threads these threads being love and intimacy for example that we as a human race need to work on strengthening I found it hard to put my feelings into words how beautifully written this book is because I ve never read anything like it I therefore would like to thank Ellie at Penguin Random House for sending me this advanced copy and enlightening me to this whole new world of literature I tried to persevere with this book but I had to put it aside after a while I agree with other reviews on the language being flowery I don t personally like the word and don t believe it is necessarily a bad thing and think actually it is a natural writing style of this author BUT it is hard to read and follow when nearly every sentenceword is a metaphor a symbol a strong emotion I felt I needed a rest from it or a break It hitsou in places than others but reuires a constant concentration and processing of all the complexities that are within metaphors and languagr used uite exhausting to read I am afraid I am glad I tried it as it is unsual in structure and language and think the writer is a great feeler and a storyteller I might try it again after a while Threads was recommended to me by a friend with similar interests in nature This book moved me incredibly the descriptive passages of connections with family and to the natural environment is thoroughly absorbing William captures these relationships beautifully in his uniue and profound use of language A magical read thank Simply Irresistible (Girl Friends you to Penguin Random House for my uncorrected proof copyI always find it difficult to write not so favourable reviews especially if I am gifted a copy of the book but honesty must always prevail I struggled a lot with this one Its premise is right up my street nature writing memoir the threads that bind us all together This book is essentially a collection of small moments memories throughout the author s life that in some way are meaningful to the way he perceives the world and those around him I knew from the first few pages that it might not turn out to be a favourite Searle is also a poet and this is clear from his writing style the writing is very flowery and jam packed with metaphors and adjectives though I am very much of. Exploration of the encounters that lend uiet networks of grace to our busy livesWilliam Henry Searle casts an eye back to episodes spent in close and tender relationships with members of his family childhood friends animals and loved ones in places that range from his father’s scrap metalards to the jungles of Borneo an Oregon river and the.

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