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I loved this one Ash and Rose have been favourites for the entire series and I just knew their story would be so tragic But watching them fight for each other was beautiful I have loved every book in this series and this one tied it up nicely while the epilogue set up perfectly for the spin off series I can t wait for that one to release Definitely recommend this series and while they can be read in any order I would suggest waiting to read this one until the very end Swan shifter Rose knows that her mate died before they met but she is lonely and hopes that phoenix shifter Ash feels something for her as she does for him But when he turns her down for a date she tries elsewhere In the final book of this series we et to see both Ash s and Rose s past and find out what happened to the two of them We re also introduced to some nefarious warlocks When the danger returns it will take a family to defeat itI loved this final book in the Fire and Rescue Shifters It s well written and ties up everything we ve learned so far I highly recommend it and suggest you read the series in order as characters from the previous books are all involved All InRose Swanmay a Swan shifter and owner of the only pub The Full Moon for shifters in Brighton knew she didn t have a true mate Despite her attraction to her friend Ash she knew the Phoenix wasn t for her that s what she thought Whatever she thought of her life it was all a lie Ash the Phoenix Eternal shifter and Commander of the Alpha Fire Team Two decades ago he made one of the biggest sacrifice a shifter could ever do He destroyed everything in order to protect his one true mate He sta I received an ARC with no obligation to leave my honest reviewThe last book in the series didn t disappoint we finally Reine Mädchensache get about the Phoenix Ash and Rose and their back story as we have had a few hints from previous books Sure these books can be read as stand alones but for the last one I highly recommend starting from the beginning toet everyone s HEA sNot usually a fan of when books jump from past to present throughout but it worked well in this one as it help reveal how Ash and Rose Animal Babies got to this point a few things Iuessed at and a few surprises along the way which was Offenders and Detainees greatI loved Ash and thought he was fabulous in his reserved way but Rose was the one that impressed me the most With everything that happened she was the one who saved him and I loved that If a pair truly deserved their HEA it was Ash and RoseSoreat that all the members of Fire and Rescue plus their mates all played a part in this last one I felt it finished the series off wellThe epilogue jumps ahead over 20 years with all the kids and a spin off series is being started I don t mind when that happens but it does feel weird thinking of the original char. From ashes love will rise again Swan shifter Rose knows she doesn’t have a true mate She isn’t the one for Ash the Phoenix Eternal She knows he can never be than a friend no matter how his.

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NdPoor Rose 20 years of her life qasas-ul-quran gone by without her mate Why wasn t Ash still searching for Corbin rather than being the fire chief for the last ten yearsTwenty years wasted so these two are now in their 40 s and have lost so much time and the chance for children These shifters seem to age the same as humans which seems strange and we areiven a pregnancy to pacify usThough I really loved this story I was also a bit vexed at the plot Just seemed to be too easy and convenient at times What have the Warlocks been doing for the last twenty years not oing without the power of shifters I would think but no one has picked up on this Ice and Ash hunted them but knew they had not killed them all but only for the first ten yearsLoved oing to Shifting Sands Resort though we really don t spend any time thereLoved that the wendigo Ice had his mate in the ocelot Miriam and what Ash was able to do for herLoved having the Master Shark involvedThe epilogue was very intriguing but I hate jumping 23 years into the future and having the children not even born yet being the n What an awesome ending to this series Such a Dead-End Road Mysteries great book I loved it I burned away their desire to stop them from choosing youBecause I could not bear the thought that you might choose one of them in return I only want you Ash she whispered I will only ever want you Firefighter PhoenixI wish I couldive ten stars for this amazing finale of the Fire and Rescue Shifter Suad series by Zoe Chant Long have we waited for Ash and Rose s story but never could I have anticipated the heart thumping soul burning romantic adventure that was spread before me Tension and excitement rose on every page and just when I thought it couldn t Hear the Wolves get any betterIT DID And the beautifully aching love story that belongs to these mates shot me through the heart I feel no sadness at its end because now it s the children s turn with promises of a new series Fire and Rescue Shifters Wildfire Crew due in the fall The one I ve been itching for Ash has been a steadfast presence through the books and it s exciting to finally read his story And it was so sad Weet to see some of his life through flashbacks and it was hard to read because of the cruelty Rose is so incredibly brave and compassionate They were well matched and sweet together that their circumstances tore me up We Valors Measure get to see Ash and Rose s relationship but we alsoet to see a lot from the rest of the crew too The ending was full of action and oh so satisfying The epilogue shoots us forward to introduce some of the kids and and setup a spinoffseuel series It was cool to see the kids rown up and the setup itself is very intriguing I can t wait for from themFirefighter Phoenix was utterly enthralling and everything I wanted It was worth the wait I am itching fo. Claim her at lastbut the shadows of his past are stalking him again If anyone discovers what Rose means to him all his sacrifice will be for nothingRose is his mateShe just doesn’t rememberYe.

Acters as etting old lol Will Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan give it a try as I do like this Zoe s writing styleOverall a fantastic end to the series that wrapped everything up nicely for me Great and full of twists and turnsI wasn t sure about this story based on the foreshadowing in the previous story I wasn t sure that I would like where Zoe went with this I should have known better Zoe Chant has aood reason for anything that is suggestedI don t want to وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله give anything away so I will just say that this story is full of surprises It doeso back and forth in time which makes you think about the story The pace is very fast and the tone is hopeful but still angst ridden at times The storyline is both action and character oriented with lots of character development The characters are vivid and have believable reactions to the difficulties they face I can t wait to see what happens with the second series that follows called Wildfire Crew Enjoy this last one of the original Fire and Shifters series My Thoughts 5 out of 5 Unicorns I loved it I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me No one tells me what to think feel or write about any book I have bought this book because it is awesome and I own most of Zoe s booksThe cover is awesome and fits in with the seriesThis is the 7th book in the series and it is for adults only due to the steamy content and violence While not mandatory I highly recommend reading the whole series in order because this amazing world is so much better with everything togetherOkay this book made me cry several times I already loved both Ash and Rose from the previous books and I always wondered what happened I never would have Fiend guessed this story So much back story you feel like you never really knew either of them Tons of action and backuys Voice of Conscience galore you do not want to miss out on this story especially if you have read all the others Zoe Chant has this amazing ability to make each book have the perfect mix of action romance and intrigue I don t want to spoil anything so you really need to read thisI highly recommend to all Zoe Chant fans especially if you love this series and to any shifter fans especially if you love mythic shifters This was a phenomenal story I dislike stories that jump back and forward in time but this story needed to be told that wayThere are so many things to love about this story and one thing that vexed me no endA very emotional story full of painrief heartache and what also felt like betrayal by AshPoor Rose left for twenty years with the haunting PROBE MY ASS (A Reluctant Doctor/Patient Anal Sex erotica story) grief of a supposed lost mate It was cruel of Ash to do thatNot sure if I applaud Blaze sAsh s actions or want to hit him He wasted all that time and removed Rose s memories and it all turned out to be for noood reason It didn t change anything or save Rose in the Dark eyes and hard body make her burnEverything Rose knows is wrongTwenty years ago Ash destroyed everything to save his true love But he’s never been able to walk away from her He yearns to.

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